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Saint Leo University Core Values

Listed below are the core values of Saint Leo University. These values include collaboration, inclusion, and non-elitism. In addition, they emphasize a genuine interdependence among people and their community. Read on to learn about the University’s core values and how they can help you be the best you can be. And don’t forget to share them with others! You’ll be glad you did. The values of Saint Leo University are reflected in the student body.


The University of Saint Leo is known for its focus on developing the intellect, personality, and character of its students. This university upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the general standard for its students. In keeping with this value, the university teaches students to respect and protect one another. It also stresses the importance of tolerance and fairness among all stakeholders. In this way, it allows students to develop their own individuality and develop as a person.

The community at Saint Leo is highly student-centered, emphasizing the value of a love of learning. It expects its members to reflect on their values and listen to the opinions of others with respect. In addition, they must be hospitable and serve the community. Saint Leo’s community is guided by six core values. They are the foundation for the University’s ethos and are part of the Catholic Benedictine tradition.

The university fosters a diverse community. The university’s curriculum combines social responsibility with academics, ensuring students are well-rounded individuals. Faculty members use a variety of approaches to infuse these values throughout their courses. Some professors even use these principles to develop online assignments and reflection questions. These values are easily transferable to the field of emergency management. So, what are the core values of Saint Leo?

At Saint Leo University, students develop friendships in classrooms, residence halls, and athletic teams. They participate in 19 NCAA Division II sports. Other opportunities to meet new people include performing arts and singing in a church choir. The University Ministry also offers Catholic services to students and offers support for the University’s mission. All students are encouraged to apply the University’s core values as they develop their own unique character and life.

Personal development

Students attending Saint Leo University are encouraged to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. The University promotes free inquiry, intellectual freedom, and individuality. Its core values include respect, personal development, responsibility, and integrity. These principles are the foundation for the school’s philosophy and mission. Students are encouraged to become good leaders who will serve their communities and the world in which they live. The university’s mission is to help students develop as good citizens.

Students are encouraged to develop their minds, bodies, and soul through personal development. The university strives to foster diversity and promote tolerance among all stakeholders. Students are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions, which align with the university’s mission and goals. Saint Leo students graduate with an awareness of their individual rights. The University’s core values reflect the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The university’s Honors Program seeks to admit students with outstanding academic records who demonstrate commitment to the school’s core values. Admission to the Honors Program is competitive, so applying does not guarantee admission. A 3.5 GPA is required for admission. A supplemental application is also required. All students are encouraged to apply to Saint Leo, but acceptance is not a guarantee. The University has a fifteen-to-one faculty-to-student ratio. In addition, half of the university’s undergraduate classes are less than 20 students, while forty-seven percent are 20-49.

The university has a proud history of welcoming students of all faiths and backgrounds. Located 30 miles north of Tampa, Saint Leo educates more than 2,400 students each year. As a private university, Saint Leo combines values-based education with student-centered environments. Personal development is a core value at Saint Leo. The university encourages students to explore and embrace their unique spirituality.

Respect for individual talents

The core values of Saint Leo University include respect for individual talent, tolerance, and leniency among stakeholders. The university also emphasizes the development of one’s spirit and mind in a positive environment. All of these values are in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The school is a place where all students and faculty are free to express themselves and engage in the pursuit of excellence. In a culture where differences are celebrated, Saint Leo is one of the best universities to learn in.

The Saint Leo University staff is unusually diverse, consisting of 58.2% females and 42.1% members of ethnic minorities. However, there is not much diversity in political affiliation, with 71.0% Democrats on staff. Staff members at Saint Leo enjoy working with a diverse group and stay with the organization on average for 4.9 years. Saint Leo University pays an average salary of $42,333 per year.

Commitment to community

Commitment to community is a major part of the mission of Saint Leo University, and it is a fundamental component of the university’s values. The university is committed to fostering a climate of learning, respect, and community in the campus, while ensuring that its students live up to its values and become active citizens. The university promotes inclusiveness, diversity, and equality, valuing people as individuals and fostering the character of the community.

This week, the university announced the appointment of a new president. Edward Dadez was previously the school’s provost and board of trustees president. He replaces Jeffrey Senese, who resigned from his post last month. In a ceremony held at the school’s Marion Bowman Activities Center, the new president was sworn in after a Mass celebrated by Abbot Isaac Camacho. A formal investiture ceremony followed.

In addition to the naming ceremony, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in service projects throughout the campus. In April, Saint Leo students will be invited to participate in a Make-A-Wish reveal for a child with cancer during halftime of the men’s basketball game. In addition, Saint Leo has been recognized as one of the top fundraisers in the state for the St. Jude Up Til Dawn project.

Saint Leo employees are highly diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender. However, the university does not have the most politically diverse staff – over 80% are members of the Democratic Party. Overall, Saint Leo employees stay with the organization on average for 4.9 years and earn $42,333 a year. In addition to their diverse backgrounds, Saint Leo employees have a high rate of retention.