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What Are the Best Korean Romance Movies?

There are several good Korean romance movies that portray love stories that revolve around the characters. If you’re looking for some of the best Korean romance movies, here are some recommendations: Moon Chae Won, Yoo Yeon Seok, Chul-min, and Jung-hwa. All of them have been nominated for various awards. These films feature excellent acting by these leading ladies, and they are all great.

Moon Chae Won

You may have heard of the hottest star in South Korea, Moon Chae Won, or you might have just seen one of her latest films. Whatever the case may be, there is no denying her talent as an actress, and her roles in romance movies have been as enchanting as her television roles. If you’re looking for a quick fix for a romantic rut, watch some of her most popular films.

She first gained fame in the 2007 teen drama “Mackerel Run.” Next, she starred in the critically acclaimed “Painter of the Wind” and was named one of the top five Korean dramas of 2009. In 2011, she starred in the wildly successful war drama “War of the Arrows” and was nominated for the Best Actress award at the SBS Drama Awards the following year. Her role in “Brilliant Legacy” has received many accolades, including Best Actress and Best Female Star awards.

Another one of her upcoming projects is “Things Have Fallen Off,” based on the popular webtoon series of the same name. This movie will explore the story of a woman who reminisces about her ex-lover, and is reminiscent of the American film About Time. While this film won’t win an Oscar for best actress, it will surely become a must-see for fans of Moon Chae Won.

Yoo Yeon Seok

If you love watching K-Dramas and Korean romance movies, you’ve probably noticed Yoo Yeon Seok. The award-winning actor has starred in a number of these films. But what are his favorite roles in these films? The following is a brief synopsis of his most recent Korean romance movies. Whether you’re looking for a new love story or want to find out what makes a good love story, Yoo Yeon Seok has a great range to choose from.

In Reply 1994, Yoo Yeon Seok stars alongside Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung-kyun, Min Do-hee, and Shin Won-ho. It follows the lives of six university students in the city of Sinchon in 1994. In this drama, Yoo Yeon Seok plays a pediatric surgeon and is the designated drummer for the band Mido and Falasol. His dream is to become a priest, and he meets actress Shin Hyun-been, who plays a pathologist.

Yoo Yeon Seok’s career has been steadily growing since his tvN debut in 2006. He has since starred in several dramas, including Welcome to Waikiki 2 and Find Me in Your Memory. He’s currently filming “Understanding of Love,” a romantic comedy set in a college campus. Yoo Yeon Seok is a versatile actor who can play a variety of roles and is a popular choice for women looking for love.


When you’re searching for the best romantic movies in Korea, you’ve probably come across a few titles. But you may be wondering, which are the best? First of all, let’s talk about ‘Always.’ This story revolves around a self-isolated ex-boxer and a blind telemarketer. Despite their differences, they still manage to pull off a heartwarming movie, with the use of strong Korean melodrama.

In this romantic drama, a man and a woman fall in love, and the two begin to date. Initially, the man (So Ye jin) doesn’t recognize Chul-min, but he does, and they fall in love. They end up meeting at a toll booth, where Chul-min catches her attention. The two begin to date and develop an attraction, which continues to grow throughout the film. Chul-min also tries to hide his identity, but eventually gets a clue from the dog (who is the main character).

A Moment to Remember is one of the most acclaimed Korean romantic dramas. It centers on a woman suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Choi resolves to be by her side as she suffers. Although the concept of memory loss is overused in K-romances, the movie does a superb job of executing it. It also boasts strong acting and stunning cinematography. In spite of the film’s familiarity, A Moment to Remember is a must-see for those who love Korean films.


Jung-hwa and Chul-min are both visually impaired people. Chul-min has been working as a parking lot attendant. Jung-hwa, who has been blind for most of his life, reaches out to Chul-min and they begin a romance. But like any other love story, the two must overcome their personal difficulties before they can make their relationship work. The characters are played by So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo.

Another film starring the two is titled The Beautiful Woman. The story revolves around the life of two people who are thrown into a megatsunami disaster in Busan. Hwang Jeong-min plays a poor lawyer who is trying to run for political office. Jung-hwa plays his ex-wife Yoo Jin. Jung-hwa has won many awards for her role. She also won the Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress award for the film.

Another classic Jung-hwa film, Il Mare, features two characters who fall in love. The film is a cult classic among fans of Korean romances. The two lead characters, Sung-hyun and Eun-joo, have a “time-transcending” love story. It was a major hit at the box office and spawned many remakes, including one starring Keanu Reeves. The film also received numerous awards, including Best Comedy and Best Drama.

Il Mare

This dazzling korean romance movie opens with the voiceover actress Eun-joo, a failed architect, moving into the seaside house Il Mare. She places a Christmas card in the mailbox, and asks the future owner to forward it to her new address. When the house’s new owner receives the card, it’s 1997. The architect, Sung-hyun, assumes that the voice-over actress is a joke, but when she finds it a year too late, she writes back to her and tells her to “remember the current year”. The next tenant, Eun-joo, starts an awkward epistoary romance.

In an effort to bring their love back, the architect receives letters from the voice actor – who appears to be from a past life. Soon, the architect begins to experience a deep sense of love and longing. It’s a story about time-travelling love and the struggle to reconnect with the past. The film also inspired a popular American remake of the movie, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

“IL Mare” is a 2000 korean romance movie directed by Lee Hyun Seung. The film stars Jeon Ji Hyun. Han Seong Hyun, an accomplished architect, moves into his father’s seafront house. He calls it “Il Mare” and asks for mail to be forwarded to his new address. He also apologizes for the dog paw prints on the door.

Wish You

If you’re looking for a heartwarming Korean romance movie, you’ve come to the right place. “Wish You” stars Ji-woo and Hae-in, two young lovers who find each other after being separated by their parents. Although they can’t save themselves, their love story is still endearing and the ending is a tearjerker. Wish You is definitely worth a watch.

This 2004 Korean romance movie is full of charm and emotion. It follows two young lovers, a former boxer and a blind co-worker. The main characters fall in love every day. They marry, thinking they’ll have a happy ever after, but they soon realize that their amnesia increases after marriage. Their love ultimately triumphs despite the difficulties in their lives, including the impending loss of their parents.

Another film set in the future, “Wish You” follows a young man and a woman who become romantically involved. The story follows two people who are mysteriously connected across time and space. The performances of the two main actors are superb. The film is both absorbing and emotionally charged. Its cinematography and music are stunning. If you’re looking for a new Korean romance movie, check out “Wish You” and “The Reservoir Game” for some great and entertaining dramas.

Cruel Intentions

If you’re looking for a great romantic film, you should consider a Korean one. Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy” was a groundbreaking work, which made it one of the best Korean romance movies of all time. In the film, a young man named Oh Dae-su spends 15 years in the same room as a group of people who’ve ruined his life. After his release, he’s determined to hunt down those responsible for ruining his life, and falls in love with a young woman who has changed his life. This movie is a classic, and even Spike Lee’s remake was watered down a bit.

It is based on the novel by Choderlos de Laclos, and is a very loose adaptation of the novel. There’s plenty of vulgar dialogue, erotic situations, and borderline psychosis. However, the cast is excellent, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Kathryn in the original, reprises her role. The movie even features a musical number, themed to the 90’s disco era, and the return of the teenage son of Sebastian.