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What is Freaking Romance?

What is freaking romance? This Webcomic was created by Snailords in 2018 and follows a young girl named Zylith as she moves into an apartment that is supposedly haunted. The young man seems to be a ghost, but Zylith becomes less sure as he begins to see her cat and harass her. You can follow the webcomic here! We hope you enjoy it!

spectral stranger from another dimension is haunted by you

It isn’t hard to imagine the horror of a Spectral stranger from another dimension haunting your bedroom. The film’s eerie tone and atmosphere will have you in a state of fright for most of the running time, but there are several moments where the horror turns a little naughty. The first is a time when Vic Tandy, a British engineer working in a medical supply company research lab, gets a strange feeling of impending doom and starts pacing. In his peripheral vision, he sees a gray apparition, but whirls around to find it gone.

Verose is in love with Zylith

Verose is Zylith’s best friend. A biological female, she knows the meaning of the word “violence” and loves the paranormal. Zelan Lycas, a popular singer from another dimension, was Zylith’s first love and thought he had feelings for her, but it turned out he was wrong. He is still in love with Verose, but he cannot get her to commit.

Verose, however, is not gay, but she is ambiguously gay. She is also in love with her roommate, Zylith. Zylith wears an animal-eared headband. She wears cat ears most of the time, but it’s unclear whether she is gay or straight. Verose, however, does not run away when Zelan sees her kissing someone else. The misunderstanding between them is resolved ten minutes later.

In episode 8, Zelan accidentally calls Verose and asks him to give Mr. Purrfect to him. When Zelan threatens to take Mr. Purrfect away from Zylith, Zelan accidentally calls Verose and says, “We have to call you back.”

Freaking Romance is a Webcomic by Snailords, released in October 2018 and with over 2.6 million fans worldwide, Verose is in love with Zelan. They have crossed worlds and are falling for each other. Despite the supernatural elements, this Webcomic is a fun addition to the teen romance genre. And you can’t help but laugh at Verose’s fangirl ways.

Zylith is in another dimension

The theme of this webcomic contest is “Zylith is in another dimension of romance.” The premise is simple: a young woman whose dream apartment is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger is desperate to find a partner. The trouble is that her parents have kicked her out of the house, and her father needs to die in the worst way possible. She’s desperate to be an artist, and deserves the freedom to make her own decisions.

In an alternate universe, Zylith and Verose have a love triangle, and Verose is a transhuman who lives in an alternate dimension. Verose are gay, and Verose is ambiguously gay. While Verose and Zelan are not romantically involved, they are in love with each other. Both are beautiful, and Zylith wears an animal-eared headband most of the time.

A Webcomic based on the manga series “Freaking Romance” is a love story with supernatural elements. A young woman named Zylith moves into a haunted apartment. While living there, she meets an elusive handsome young man who becomes less certain of his identity. Zylith becomes suspicious of the young man’s true identity, as he is able to see her cat. Eventually, Zelan pursues Zylith, but Verose becomes convinced that the man is a ghost.

The two meet each other in a dream. Zylith sees Mr. Purrfect, who is the owner of Mr. Purrfect. He records her voicemail, and Zylith accidentally calls him. He then tries to take back the cat. Zelan then makes contact with Zylith, but accidentally calls a telemarketer. In the ensuing chaos, Zelan tries to seduce her.

Zylith wears an animal-eared headband

The story follows a pair of vampires, Verose and Zelan. Verose and Zelan are ambiguously gay, though both are in love with the same character – Zylith. Verose has pink and blue eyes while Zelan has vivid green ones. Verose is the landlord of Zylith’s apartment, and Verose wears an animal-eared headband most of the time.

The series is set in a futuristic setting, where time has been changed. In the first episode, the twins are separated by three years. In the second, they meet again, but Aushi suspects that Zylith is responsible for the disappearance of Misty. The other half of the duo, Zelan, spends more time without a shirt than he does with one. In a final episode, both Zelan and Zylith emerge naked and barefoot, which makes them seem like a couple of freaks.

At the end of the episode, Zelan and Zylith meet in the middle of the night and Zelan catches her kissing Zelan. The two kiss, and Zelan asks Zylith to hand over Mr. Purrfect. Zelan also accidentally calls Zelan’s number, and she is confused as to whether it’s him or the telemarketer!

In the same episode, the pactio has cat ears on its hood. During the festival, both women and men wear cat ears. Negi wears a bunny costume with a cat ear hood. Setsuna wears fox ears. Chisame also wears cat ears as part of her pactio outfit.