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What is the Weekly Leo Horoscope?

Leo natives are most likely to have a peaceful week, full of fun moments spent with loved ones. Although the week may start out with some challenges, Leos are often strong and brave, and the outcome of any decision they make will probably be reflected in their weekly horoscope. However, their boldness and confidence may come under scrutiny this week. Read on to find out what to expect.

Mercury moves into your career and public image sector

This week, Mercury enters your career and public image sector. You can explore the dynamics of old relationships, rebrand yourself, and get in touch with your inner artist. Your creativity is at its best under this alignment. Mercury and Saturn will create conflict in your career and public image sector. You may find it difficult to communicate with someone. Nonetheless, your creative instincts will shine through when you do.

When Mercury moves into your career and public image sector, it can influence your social dynamics and the tasks you perform to make your dreams come true. This placement of Mercury in your chart can also cause you to feel floaty during the Leo season. But it also harmonizes with Jupiter and can help you develop a new career. The season will bring new beginnings to your habits and rituals.

Gemini season is usually a social time for Geminis, whose confident sun rules their friendship and networking sectors. But it can also be stressful if Mercury is retrograde. Last month’s eclipses shook up your home zone, and Mercury has been in retrograde for most of May. On June 3, Mercury moves into your career and public image sector. It can help you communicate your desires and get control of your finances.

Venus enters your habit zone

If you’re a Leo and you’ve been thinking about getting more into the habit of love, this week is the perfect time to do it. This is a good time to strengthen your relationships with friends and significant others. This week’s weekly Leo horoscope has some wonderful aspects for you to pay attention to. Venus enters your habit zone on July 17, so your love life is on the mend.

This week, you’re likely to be more romantic than usual. Venus will move into the water sign of Cancer on 7 August. This can help you develop your sense of touch and develop romantic bonds. Whether you’re looking to spend a romantic weekend with your significant other, or plan a three-month adventure by yourself, you need to keep your love life in the loop to avoid feeling left out.

The first half of August has an intellectual full moon in Aquarius. This planet rules higher systems of knowledge and cross-cultural learning. You may want to finish reading a book, or do some research into different cultural perspectives. In the first week of September, Mercury moves into ferocious Leo, putting you in a mood for action. The second half of the month is full of opportunity.

Venus moves into your transformation zone

This week, Venus enters your transformation zone, so if you’re a Leo, you’ll find it easier to attract new opportunities and deepen your relationships. Venus in Cancer is a good time to start dating someone new, as it can enhance your love life. Venus is your ruling planet, so you can use this energy to make your love life more fulfilling.

You’re going to want to invest in some solid work outfits this week, especially if you’re an Aries. This month’s outfit theme is athleisure, as Venus moves into your transformation zone on the 5th. Mercury enters your privacy zone on the 10th, so you may want to choose a few outfits with soft colors so you can avoid looking like a slob.

On June 11, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Sagittarius’ sixth house, giving you a chance to make major changes in your life. This transit is best for your fun priorities, as Capricorns tend to be very goal-oriented. Taking risks is a good thing, so try new things and express yourself in a spontaneous way. It’s not always easy to make sweeping changes.

Ceres enters your partnership zone on Saturday

Your relationship with your partner will improve as the confidence-building Sun joins your party. But the nurturing asteroid Ceres will also be joining the fun on Saturday. During this time of new beginnings, Leos are best advised to nurture themselves in order to be ready for the next chapter of their life. On Saturday, Ceres will enter your partnership zone and help you boost your productivity by finding ways to improve your own development.

You might be thinking that Ceres can help you get things done and keep food on the table. While that’s true, this energy will also help you get creative, have fun, and let your inner child run wild. That’s why Ceres will be in your partnership zone on Saturday in the weekly leo horoscope. Ceres can make your life more exciting and rewarding, as she brings you abundance.

Your career will be a priority this week as the Sun and Ceres join forces on Saturday. If you have ambitions and have a desire to pursue them, the time is now to get them started. But, be careful not to use your career as an ego boost. Leos will be doing plenty of traveling over the next several weeks. You will also be sharing creative stories, so it’s important to separate fact from fiction.

Venus enters your transformation zone on Tuesday

The cosmic forecast this week is all about hurrying up to accomplish your goals and finding patience. After last week’s solar eclipse, many people are scrambling to come up with alternate lifestyles and new strategies. Luckily, this week’s weekly horoscope includes an exciting new transit of Venus – she’ll be leaving dreamy Pisces and entering bold, ambitious Aries. While her arrival in Aries inspires increased heat and direct connections, this transit will also spark your love life.

On Tuesday, Venus will move into your relationship sector, or your seventh house. Venus will help smooth out close relationships. It may be better for you to start a serious relationship than to be single, and you can be tempted to settle for someone who’s not committed. Venus also has a supportive and nurturing influence on people who have the potential to change your life for the better.

Your love life will be enhanced on Tuesday, as Venus will move into your seventh house of agreements and one-on-one relationships. You’ll be tempted to take advantage of this energy by pursuing your love life in a more serious manner. You’ll also want to focus on improving your relationships with siblings. Those who are looking for a new romantic relationship may find themselves drawn to someone with a mature temperament. However, don’t get carried away with frivolous flirtation, as it won’t do you any good.

Venus enters your habit zone on Saturday

This weekend, Venus moves into your habit zone in Cancer. You’ll find it easier to make decisions about the things you want in life. This weekend, your social circle will be supportive and nurturing, and you’ll feel confident in your relationships. The full moon in Capricorn puts you in a community organizing zone, but the Venus-Neptune square makes you examine old patterns and heal them. On Sunday, Venus enters Cancer, attracting people with integrity and mutual support.

This weekend, your relationship will be more stable than ever. The Virgo Moon rewards you for paying attention to details, as well as for supporting others. Your relationship with your partner could become more serious, as your Venus-Uranus conjunction points to a potential love-making partnership. And, your astrological chart may even reveal a new skill you’d like to learn.

On Saturday, Venus moves into your social zone. You’ll be able to meet new people, make new friends, and achieve your dreams. However, the next week, Mars enters your habit zone in Aries, causing you to seek out new experiences, learn new things, and participate in fun activities. Throughout the year, you’ll likely want to pursue your dreams and goals with enthusiasm and ambition.

Ceres enters your transformation zone on Tuesday

On Saturday, Ceres will enter your sign and you’ll want to start embracing your legacy. The next day, Mercury will enter your sign and enter your partnership zone. You’ll be eager to learn about other people’s culture and ways of life, and Ceres will be your guide as you explore yours. Mercury can help you connect with other people and make great first impressions.

This week, Ceres will enter your transformation zone on Saturday. Ceres is your energy source, so use it wisely. During this time, you’ll be extra outgoing and playful. Try to avoid interfering with family members, who may be trying to influence your life. Ceres will help you heal from past traumas, so try to spend time nurturing yourself.

In your relationships, you’ll want to take advantage of this time. Venus, your beloved partner, and your soul mate will be supportive and helpful. During this time, you might need to make some tough choices, but don’t let fear hold you back! Ceres’s influence will help you break through the old patterns you may have put in place and make your life richer.