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What Are Swarovski Tooth Gems?

If you have ever wondered what are Swarovski tooth gems, you may have come to the right place. Swarovski tooth gems are made from crystals that have been carefully and meticulously cut to achieve the perfect sparkle. Unlike conventional tooth whitening solutions, Swarovski gems do not require drilling or other invasive procedures. Plus, they are completely safe, allowing you to brush and floss your teeth as normal.

No drilling required

Swarovski tooth gems are a great way to add sparkle to your smile without drilling holes or getting shots. They are painless and can be applied the same day, without affecting your tooth’s structure. A dentist bonds the gem to the tooth, with no need for drilling. They are semi-permanent, and can last anywhere from six months to a year. You can even get more than one tooth gem in one appointment.

Dental gems are bonded to the tooth’s enamel, like orthodontic brackets. They’re also easy to remove, as the gems are simply popped off after a few weeks. The dental technician can remove the gem without damaging your tooth. In addition, a dental technician can remove the gem without drilling. This ensures a lifetime of beauty and health for your teeth. In addition, Swarovski tooth gems are safe for your teeth and won’t clog your mouth.

Swarovski tooth gems are available in a variety of designs and styles. They’re made from dental-grade adhesive. They last six to 12 weeks and require no drilling. They can be removed just as easily as orthodontic brackets. And because they don’t require drilling, they don’t interfere with your regular oral care. The benefits of Swarovski tooth gems are endless. You can express your personality through your smile, without any hassle!


The Swarovski tooth gem is an alternative to traditional braces. These gems are non-invasive and are bonded to the teeth with dental-grade adhesive. They typically last for six weeks to one year. They can be removed just like orthodontic brackets. For more information, please visit This product is also available in gold. You can purchase Swarovski tooth gems online.

Semi-permanent tooth gems do not require drilling and are attached by bonding the gemstone to the tooth’s enamel. The bonding material used is strong and painless, and it is similar to the process used to attach orthodontic brackets. The Gem is attached for about 15 minutes. You can even have several gems placed at one appointment. If you have sensitive teeth, you should not opt for this method.

Dental gems require good dental hygiene. You should avoid brushing or chewing for at least 12 hours after they have been installed. You can also avoid brushing or flossing your teeth for the next 12 hours. In the first week, you should avoid brushing or using electric toothbrushes. Proper oral hygiene is essential to prevent the dental gem from wearing out. If you have any questions, contact a dental professional.


Swarovski tooth gems are a great choice for people who want to spruce up their smiles without the pain of having to have dental work done. Unlike dental crowns or braces, tooth gems do not damage the natural teeth and will last up to a year. However, there are some precautions to be aware of, particularly when installing these new accessories on your teeth. For starters, make sure to brush your teeth after applying a tooth gem.

Moreover, if you find yourself in need of removing a tooth gem, you can ask a dental professional to do so. It will not be painful and will only take a few seconds. Otherwise, you can use dental floss to pull the gem off. Floss is also great for removing the backing of the gem. You can also brush your teeth normally for the first 12 hours, a day after the procedure.

The application process is painless and simple. Your dentist will use a dental grade etch to prepare your tooth and will then apply a bonding agent or adhesive. This bonding agent is then cured using a special UV light, just like in dentistry. The tooth gem will adhere to the tooth for about 15 minutes. During this time, your dentist will be able to fit several gems on your teeth.

Can be used to whiten teeth

If you’ve ever wondered how tooth gems can whiten teeth, the answer is a resounding yes. However, before you invest in these tooth gems, you should know that they require a professional procedure to place them. The dental professional will first use dental grade etching fluid to prepare the teeth. Once that is complete, they will then use dental composite glue to adhere the gem to the teeth. The process is similar to that of affixing orthodontic brackets. The entire procedure takes only 15 minutes and multiple gems can be placed in a single appointment.

Once installed on your teeth, you should avoid biting on sticky or hard food. Moreover, you should not brush your teeth for at least two hours after you have bonded the gem. These gems may fall off due to friction with other teeth, so be sure to maintain a proper oral hygiene. Moreover, you should avoid using teeth whitening products that contain charcoal. This could affect the bonding of the gem.

Using tooth gems can improve your appearance, enhance your smile, and prevent stains. They do not affect dental hygiene. The area beneath the gem is sealed, so bacteria cannot enter it. They are also easy to remove, and you can remove them at any time. Unlike the brackets, tooth gems adhere to the surface of the teeth like orthodontic brackets do. So, it’s possible for you to enjoy a sparkling smile, even while wearing tooth gems.

Does not obstruct regular brushing

If you have recently installed a Swarovski tooth gem, you may be wondering if they are going to interfere with your daily brushing routine. The good news is that they don’t. These gems are made to be placed only on natural tooth enamel. They won’t adhere to veneers, dentures, or implants. You can brush normally while wearing a gem, but you should refrain from using electric toothbrushes for at least 12 hours. Brushing your teeth regularly is essential for maintaining the health of your gem.

Swarovski tooth gems are noninvasive and do not obstruct your brushing routine, making it a great choice for people who aren’t interested in undergoing orthodontic treatment. The application procedure is quick and painless, taking only 15 minutes. Because they are not permanent, your teeth won’t be prone to staining, and they won’t hinder your brushing routine. You can keep wearing the tooth gem as long as you follow the instructions.

The process of applying tooth gems does not obstruct brushing. The dentist prepares the teeth with a dental grade etch, then bonds the gem to the tooth with a special dental composite. After this, the tooth gem is light cured to harden the composite. The process is very similar to that of attaching orthodontic brackets. In most cases, the whole process takes no longer than 15 minutes, and several gems can be placed during one appointment.


If you have always wanted to wear a Swarovski tooth gem, you’ve come to the right place. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also practical. The Swarovski tooth gem benefits last for at least 6 months or a year, depending on how often you brush your teeth. In addition to being attractive, tooth gems also don’t irritate teeth like other dental appliances, making them a great option for people who want to improve their smiles.

Because they are made of genuine Swarovski Crystal, you can be assured of their high quality. These gems are applied to the tooth enamel in a similar way as orthodontic brackets. Because of the bonding agent, they last for six to 12 months. To maintain the durability of your new Swarovski tooth gem, you should avoid hard foods for an hour before brushing your teeth. If you must brush your teeth immediately after applying the Swarovski tooth gems, you should wait a day or two before using an electric toothbrush.

Tooth gems are extremely thin and do not require drilling. The bonding material is very strong, so you won’t have to worry about pain or bleeding. Initially, you might feel some discomfort, but you will get used to the Gem’s presence. In fact, you will not even notice it! The Gem is almost undetectable. So you can show off your smile with confidence! With all of these benefits, why wait any longer?