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What Are the Scorpio Horoscope Dates?

In the month of February, Mercury will pass through your sign twice this year. Mars and Pluto, two of the four cardinal signs, also co-rule your sign. In addition, you’ll find two important dates affecting your relationship with your partner: February 10 and February 28. Mars and Pluto also make major changes in the signs that they co-rule, so knowing when they’ll both be in your sign can help you plan your love life.

Venus moves through your sign during scorpio horoscope

When Venus moves through your sign during Scorpio horiscope dates, you may feel more confident and romantic, but be wary of what the planet might have in store for you. Venus in Scorpio can lead to manipulation, anger and betrayal, so be wary of the relationships you enter during this time. Here are some ways to deal with this transit:

When Venus enters your sign, the intensity will increase. This is because the signs of Scorpio are all or nothing in their relationships, so don’t expect to play small talk at this time. It’s all about passion, emotional connection, and physical energy during this time. You can’t be too cautious with your sexual energy or you might feel too exposed. But this Venus transit can also make you crave more intense sexuality.

The planet Venus rules the fourth house of efforts, the tenth house of status and authority, and the eighth house of income. During this Venus transit, the sign of Libra natives will experience more financial security and comfort. This Venus transit can lead to a new vehicle or even an inheritance from a maternal uncle. The influence of Venus on your career and education will be positive. And the transit will make you a scholar or a researcher.

When Venus enters your sign during the first Scorpio horoscope dates, it can bring your partner an intense and practical approach. While you may have a desire to help, Venus in Virgo is more practical and thoughtful. It also has a tendency to be too critical and perfectionist, which is bad for any relationship. You can get away with it if you’re patient and work hard to improve your relationship.

Mercury moves through your sign twice this year

If your sign is Taurus, the energy of this transit will affect your career. If Mercury is in your career sector, you may experience computer troubles, computer system crashes, and lost emails. If you have to work with others, you’ll want to double-check your work before submitting it and save frequently in case of computer problems. Mercury may also cause some strain in relationships with your coworkers. You might be more irritable and cranky than usual.

The next time Mercury is in your sign, prepare for a retrograde. The planet of communication and perception will move backwards in May 2022 in Gemini. The results can be major confusion, technological mishaps, and messy breakups. It is not just about relationships, either. Your communication abilities will be affected during Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini. The retrograde will also affect your financial situation.

Mercury retrograde will also throw you off your plan for the New Year. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is known for its professionalism. It also has a devilish side, so be careful when making plans. Try to remain flexible and show your affection for friends and family. On January 18, 2023, Mercury will turn direct in Capricorn. This retrograde can be troublesome, so a Capricorn should stay flexible and be patient to avoid mishaps.

Mars and Pluto co-rule your sign

The fixed water sign Scorpio is ruled by the action-oriented planet Mars and the transformative planet Pluto. Scorpio is known for its intense emotions, unwavering passion, and power-seeking behavior. This makes the sign a good choice for those seeking a relationship or a career. But be aware that there are some important caveats to keeping the horoscope dates in your Scorpio chart.

The planet Pluto is the ruler of the sign of Scorpio. This planet has the power to transform and change. It is one of the outer planets and the three planets furthest from the sun. These outer planets can have a profound effect on your personal life. Named after the Roman god of the underworld, Pluto is associated with the darker themes and the subterranean aspects of life.

If you’ve dated someone born under this sign, take note of the date the eclipse occurred. On May 16, a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio dropped you onto a new path, and you may have dreams and visions that have been in the works for some time. It’s a good time to embrace change, especially if you’ve been restraining yourself.

The Mars sign speaks about energy, aggression, and sex life. The Pluto co-ruling Scorpio horoscope dates should reflect this energy balance. For instance, if you’re born in September, you could experience a lovemaking partner who is incredibly devoted to you. You might also have trouble with jealousy. But the energy of Mars in your Scorpio horoscope dates can be a powerful tool to find the right partner.

Mercury moves through your sign during scorpio horoscope

Mercury moves through your sign during Scorpio horiscope dates, activating a romantic area of your chart. Mercury rules this area of your life because it governs your ex-flings. During this time, you may be hearing from someone you’ve lost touch with. Ultimately, this time is about healing. You may need to reevaluate your relationship to pleasure and play.

During this time, you’ll need to take care of your finances. You can’t make big purchases when Mercury is retrograde. You’ll end up spending more than you intended. Moreover, you might find that something you want is out of stock. House transactions are problematic and could result in delays or setbacks. This is an excellent time to return expensive items. Mercury rules your sign, so be sure to take note of these dates and plan accordingly.

Mercury enters Taurus on March 18. This time will bring miscommunication and technological snafus. If you’ve been ignoring family issues, they’ll resurface as an opportunity to find a healthier path forward. Driving during this time will bring frustration and delays. Remember to be alert while driving to avoid accidents. If you don’t know your horoscope, consult your horoscope to avoid these problems.

Mercury’s influence on your sign during scorpio horoscope

If your horoscope contains a Mercury retrograde, you may want to take the time to learn about this planet’s role in your life. Mercury represents reason and logic. However, its influence on your sign during a Scorpio horoscope can also make you more sensitive, suspicious, and obsessive. Here are some tips on how Mercury influences your Scorpio horoscope:

From May 10 to June 3, Mercury will move backward in your horoscope, moving back through your third house of communication. Mercury, nicknamed the trickster planet, can cause communication, technology, and transportation problems. This retrograde cycle can also affect rivals and plans. As a result, you should pay special attention to your finances. While Mercury is moving backward, you can avoid these problems by taking the time to care for yourself.

During a Scorpio horoscope, you should try to be as stable and focused as possible. While Mercury is retrograde, Aquarius should practice being stable, and try to plant roots in all areas of their life. Water signs are highly emotional and seek answers in the depths of their hearts. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are known for their nurturing abilities. If your horoscope features Mercury in your sign, it is important to keep in mind that Mercury’s influence is particularly intense and complex during this time.

While Mercury is a great planet, it can affect your relationships. While Mercury is the governing planet of communication, its placement in your horoscope can affect your relationships and communication styles. Mercury natives often have no filter and end up on the receiving end of a joke. As a result, you may end up being the one embarrassment. If you want to avoid embarrassing situations, however, try to keep your Mercury placement in the spotlight during Scorpio horoscope.

Saturn rules your sign during scorpio horoscope

If Saturn rules your sign during your Scorpio horoscope dates, you may feel repelled by the idea of commitment and making big decisions. This planetary alignment will encourage you to understand the feelings of others and work through your fear of commitment. As Saturn rules Scorpio, you may also be more reluctant to confront the darker side of life. However, Saturn in Scorpio will also inspire you to confront change head-on.

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is complex, with two ruling planets: Mars and Pluto. Before Pluto was discovered, Mars ruled this sign. Both represent both the fiery drive of a Scorpio as well as the mysterious forces within. This is the perfect combination for an engaging relationship. A Scorpio’s passion, determination, and drive are reflected in their relationship with the planets and their own personality.

During Scorpio horoscope dates, the planet Saturn rules your sign. As a Libra, Saturn can be a pain in the neck, as it will often make you commit early in life to a childhood love or be tracked into a support role at work. This planetary aspect can also cause you to be impulsive and overly sensitive. Saturn can also be a great teacher.