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What Are the Scorpio Season Dates?

In the water sign of Scorpio, the Sun will leave Libra on October 23, 2021. While the Libra season was great for improving relationships and making new connections, it was often shallow and superficial. The Scorpio season is all about intensity, passion, intimacy, and deepening relationships. The Scorpio season affects all fixed and water signs. Scorpio is the opposite of the Virgo season. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Scorpio is a water sign

The planet Mars rules the Scorpio zodiac sign. These planets govern creativity, transformation, and renewal. Scorpios are often aloof and hard to understand, yet they possess a deep understanding of the universe. Whether they are at peace or are in a frenzy of activity, these people are always in tune with their inner knowing. Listed below are some characteristics of Scorpio people. Read on for more information!

They are very sensitive and notice the slightest detail. They may not cry in public, but they brood behind closed doors. Their pain will be turned into power. Scorpios are psychics, sharing many of the characteristics of other water signs. They tend to be jealous of their partners, and those who double cross them will not be able to get away for long. However, they are also loyal and needy. They need partners who will stick with them no matter what.

Water signs are highly sensitive and emotional, making them easy to mistake for fire signs. Their intense emotionality can be misleading and enticing. Be wary of the Scorpio energy, as it can lead to self-destruction. Scorpios are best suited for deep emotional connections with others. Empathy, depth, and commitment are characteristics of these people. The water signs need to be protected and have a secure container to live their lives.

It’s ruled by Mars

Scorpio season dates are ruled by Mars. In the zodiac, Mars rules Scorpio, the first house of creative pursuits. This energy can help a Piscean pursue intellectual pursuits. However, this period is emotionally intense. This is because Mars is squaring Saturn, ruler of the twelfth house of endings. For this reason, a Piscean may feel discouraged if they want to pursue new academic plans, travel plans, or educational goals.

Fortunately, Mars’ energy is being channeled toward enhancing intimacy. With Mars in Aries, Sags have more energy to spend on creative endeavors. Also, the retrograde Mercury will slow their daily schedule until June 3. Mars and Venus are in opposition, so this is a time to focus on intimacy. While this transit will increase intimacy, be careful to protect your feelings. Do not give into impulsive behavior.

Because of its dual ruling planets, Scorpio is a sign with powerful energy. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, while modern astrologers attribute it to Pluto. The co-founder of The Cosmic Revolution, Madi Murphy, prefers to think of Scorpio as being ruled by both planets. Regardless of which, this season brings powerful energy for the rest of the year. There are many ways to tap into the energy that Scorpio brings.

It’s ruled by Pluto

As the god of the underworld in Greek mythology, Pluto is one of the most important planets for Scorpions. His time in Scorpio allowed him to regenerate and enhance his energies, which he later used to rule Libra, a water sign ruled by Mars. The planetary configurations of Scorpio and Pluto have a strong impact on a Scorpio’s personality and life. The glyph for Scorpio is a phoenix, which is an ancient symbol for regeneration and immortality.

In ancient astrology, Mars was the planet ruling Scorpio, but this changed in the 1930s when Pluto was discovered. Prior to this, Mars was the ruling planet of Scorpio, and many traditional astrologers still consider this planet to be the true planetary ruler. However, modern astrologers acknowledge that Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio. Pluto represents depth, power, and regeneration. In addition, Scorpio is associated with the dark side, with all things tabo and dark themes.

While Scorpio can affect all water signs, this season is most prevalent among women. As the go-getter Mars and powerful Pluto rule the signs, Scorpios are comfortable with the darker side of life. This is the best time to make significant changes in your life. If you want to take control of your life, make sure that your mate is a Scorpio. If your relationship with someone is in shambles, it’s time to get rid of that toxic person and move on with your life.

It’s ruled by Jupiter

On December 28, the planetary ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, will make his last connection of the year in the sign. Despite the fact that this connection happens in the midst of Mercury and Venus retrogrades, Jupiter in Pisces will open the floodgates to Piscean imagination and creativity. The planetary rulers of these two signs are complementary, so Jupiter in Pisces signals the perfect time to sign a business contract or make a major material decision.

The planetary ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is one of the luckiest planets in a natal chart. People with this planet often feel guided by a higher power, and they have an intuitive sense. Because of this, they are likely to experience luckier years with every passing year. Jupiter in Pisces will open up a portal to the universe, attracting good fortune and happiness. The planetary ruler of Pisces is also the sign of the zodiac.

While Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, he will spend most of his retrograde period in Aries. Because this planet rules fire signs, he can be blamed for changes if they occur during Scorpio season dates. In addition, Jupiter is currently retrograde in Leo, the third fire sign. This retrograde will cause a Scorpio to seek guidance and channel his intuitive powers. If you are a Scorpio, Jupiter’s retrograde will provide much-needed guidance and motivation.

It’s ruled by Saturn

The ringed planet Saturn is often associated with tough lessons. This planetary ruler oversees discipline, authority figures, and responsibility. Though sometimes portrayed as cold and stern, Saturn is actually one of the most powerful planetary mentors, and understanding its placement can help you build structures for your dreams. While this is true for all signs and seasons, Scorpio is particularly sensitive to the influence of Saturn. Here are the Scorpio season dates when this planet rules you.

During the first two months of Scorpio, the Sun shines in the sign of Aquarius. This aspect may make you feel overburdened with work, or lead to pessimism and low vitality. The best remedy for this is to keep your nose to the grindstone. On October 15, the Sun squares Jupiter in Taurus. While this is a benevolent aspect, it can also foster cockiness. In the final month of the season, the Sun in Scorpio will oppose the benevolent planet Uranus in Taurus, and this aspect can cause some shocks.

The dates of the Scorpio season are important to know. If you are born during these dates, you should keep your career in mind. Your career may be on the rise or in decline at this time. However, you must remember that the sun in Scorpio is in an opposition with Mars and Mercury. This is a time to keep a low profile as your career path is influenced by the planets. There are many benefits of this energy alignment.

It’s ruled by Uranus

Scorpio Season is an exciting time to explore personal boundaries and take risks. The power of being true to oneself is highlighted. A Scorpio may come across as radical or forthright, or even disturb the peace. Scorpios make noise, and they have to make a point in the midst of commotion. Those born under the sign of Scorpio have the potential to create the world they want to live in.

This month marks a pivotal moment in a relationship. While Venus has moved into Gemini, it can also increase romantic relationships. Venus’s transit can trigger deeper feelings and seduction, and some Scorpios may decide to take things official. They may even broach the subject of marriage, shared finances, or babies. If these topics are not repressed, they may be pushed aside for now.

The influence of the planet Uranus on a Scorpio relationship can be profound. The sign’s house reflects the sign’s ruler, the planet of freedom. Uranus’s placement in a person’s chart is often a clue to his or her creative genius. However, a Scorpio born with this planet may struggle with their matrimonial duties. Scorpios born under the influence of Uranus are often sexually liberated and rebel against puritanical values.

The Scorpio season asks the Scorpio to become more accessible within their community and to cultivate closer relationships with acquaintances. The New Moon on the 4th will plant the seeds of new friendships, so use discernment in selecting whom to associate with. It is important to remember that this season is all about experimenting with your personal boundaries. And as with any other zodiac sign, Scorpios need to protect themselves by following the rules of their own signs.