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What is a Moonstone Gemstone?

You may be wondering what is a Moonstone gemstone. This article will answer your questions about Moonstones, including how to choose between natural and raw stones, prices, and the meaning of moonstones. In addition, we’ll discuss how to care for your new crystals and the best ways to activate, cleanse, and store them. Keep reading for more information! Here are the top benefits of moonstone. Listed below are some of the reasons it’s so beneficial to own one.

Natural or raw Moonstones

What is the difference between natural and fake Moonstones? Moonstones are different than opals, which are sourced in Australia. Opal is the most popular fake, because it has a higher water content. Opal is a gemstone of faith, friendship, new beginnings, and femininity. It’s said to balance energy and temper emotions, helping you cope with PMS and overwhelm. Both opal and moonstone are good for fertility and childbirth, and have healing properties.

The energy of Moonstone is connected to that of the Goddess, so it is said to help women achieve emotional balance and clairvoyance. It is also said to help men feel more in tune with their feminine nature. It also stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging nonlinear thinking and emotional balance. Some moonstones have black spots, which are actually black tourmaline. Natural or raw Moonstones contain these black spots because these stones are natural.

Despite the misconceptions about moonstone, it is relatively easy to find one. Moonstones are readily available from crystal sellers, and you can choose a reputable seller by placing it in your womb space. Moonstones are feldspar minerals, formed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. During the evolution of Earth, orthoclase and albite formed the moonstones we know today. If you have a Moonstone, you can place it on your womb to see its glimmer!

There are many characteristics of moonstone that make it unique. Moonstones vary greatly in body color and are the most valuable and expensive. They can be either transparent or opaque, and their transparency will determine whether they’re natural or fake. The best way to tell if a stone is genuine is to have it tested by a professional. However, if you’re not sure, try a few out for yourself.


The prices of moonstone can vary greatly, ranging from pennies to hundreds of dollars. A few popular types of moonstone are white or blue, with adularescence. The more intense the color, the more expensive the stone will be. Large, transparent stones with adularescence can be found for more than two hundred dollars. A high-quality stone may be worth more than a couple of thousand dollars. In addition, prices can vary widely, depending on size, clarity, and cut.

Most moonstones are classified as rainbow stones due to their high transparency and strong blue sheen. However, some exceptional moonstones have been found in India and Burma. The best moonstones are transparent and shimmer with pale blue light. Their color tends to pop against dark backgrounds, which emphasize their blue hue. Indian moonstones are the most colorful. They range from white and beige to brown and green. A rare variety of moonstone is a rainbow stone, and is a very valuable gemstone.

The moonstone gemstone helps a person regain inner balance by helping them sleep. It also helps a person sleep more deeply and undisturbed. People suffering from sleepwalking activities may find this stone useful. Moonstone can help them sleep for longer periods of time. Children with hyperactivity often struggle to fall asleep. Children who are prescribed sleeping pills can use moonstone to help them sleep. While the gemstone is not a cure-all, it can help them achieve a lucid dream state.

The prices of moonstone gemstone vary depending on the quality. Gem quality moonstones may be valued at around $5 per carat. Top-quality pieces of moonstone jewelry can cost more than $250. Regardless of how much money you want to spend on a moonstone jewelry purchase, it is important to remember that the quality will last for years. You want to invest in quality jewelry and enjoy it for generations. A well-made piece of jewelry is an investment that will last.


If you are seeking the Meaning of Moonstone, you have come to the right place. This gemstone combines spirituality, nurturing, and protection. It carries the message of new beginnings and can help you achieve emotional balance. It also strengthens intuition and protects from relationship distractions. The moonstone is often called the stone of new beginnings. However, its meaning is more complicated than its appearance. Read on to discover what this stone has to offer you.

Meditation with Moonstone is a powerful way to amplify your intuition, creativity, and positivity. Start by sitting somewhere peaceful, then close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and attention, then visualize your senses spiraling downward into the stone. Breathe in the purest white light, then stay in this meditation for a while. Afterwards, repeat the process several times, and you will feel the benefits.

Oval Moonstone: The shape of this gemstone is indicative of fertility. The moonstone oval shape is also a symbol of balance, but not necessarily the round shape. There are some elongated oval moonstones that blend round and marquise cuts and echo the fusion of contemporary elegance. Some elongated oval moonstones are designed to resemble the teardrop shape of the moon, while others are elongated.

The energy of Moonstone comes from white rays that are thought to symbolize purity, innocence, and cleanliness. White is also a color associated with new beginnings and cycles in nature. The energy of moonstone will help you to create new beginnings in your life and to achieve a new level of personal growth and fulfillment. There are many other meanings associated with the gemstone, and you can learn more about them by examining the benefits of wearing them.


The moonstone gemstone is mostly found in Sri Lanka and Southern India, though it can also be found in Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and the United States. It has been known to have several healing properties. While most moonstones are pure white, a few are also gray or peach. The white variety is the most valuable, and it can help you find inner peace and support through emotional healing. Other varieties include rainbow and peach moonstone, which can protect you from psychic attack and aid immune and lymphatic function.

Another benefit of moonstone is its ability to help stabilize feelings and put you in touch with your inner feminine side. It can relieve stress and cool down emotions, and help you understand life more fully. The stone promotes creative thinking and the ability to accept ups and downs. It can also stimulate the innovative side of your mind, enhancing productivity and self-esteem. Other benefits of moonstone include helping you communicate more clearly, creating a greater sense of clarity, and having an increased impact.

The moonstone gemstone has an intriguing connection with the moon. It was a favorite of 19th century jewellers and was thought to bring luck and abundance to its wearers. In India, moonstone has special meaning for lovers and is traditionally presented at weddings. In Europe, it is regarded as a symbol of marital harmony and is used as a love gift. It is also known for its ability to help couples reconcile and treat sleeplessness.

There are several varieties of moonstone. Some are translucent, while others are opaque. The clearest moonstones have a stronger adularescence. However, you can still find inexpensive opaque moonstones at any jewelry store. These stones are often considered to be lower quality and will cost you a tenth of the amount of clear moonstone. There are many benefits of this gemstone. But there are some caveats to consider before purchasing one.


To clean your moonstone, use warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid. Gently wipe away dirt and debris using a soft cloth. When you are finished cleaning the stone, place it in a soft pouch or box to prevent it from scratching. Keep it away from other gemstones, as moonstone can easily get damaged if it is in contact with other items. Clean your gemstone regularly and store it properly. The stones will continue to look beautiful if you follow these easy steps.

Although moonstone does not require special treatment, it should be cleaned regularly with a soft bristled brush. The gemstone will need to be re-charged occasionally to keep it looking its best. Moonstones have a special meaning that relates to the moon and its energy. During the day, they represent the secrets of love and the energy of the moon. Unless damaged, moonstones should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Although moonstone is known for its beautiful adularescence, it is also difficult to maintain. The stone is a relatively hard gemstone, with a hardness of six to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Because of this, it is susceptible to damage. Even normal household chores, including dusting and washing, can easily damage moonstone. Likewise, swimming or sunbathing can also damage it. For this reason, moonstone should be taken special care to avoid the risk of damage.

The best time to recharge your moonstone is under the light of the moon. While the moon is the best light source for empowering your stone, the gemstone will also remove negative energies and toxins. Moonstones should not be worn in the swimming pool or in the gym, since exposure to harsh chemicals can damage the stones and reduce their shine. They should also be stored in a dry box to keep them safe from scratches.