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What is the August Horoscope for Leo?

What’s happening in your horoscope in August? This month, Mercury opposes Saturn, Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces, and the New Moon in Virgo all happen. Saturn’s favorite word is “no,” so make it a habit to take care of yourself, and the month will bring positive opportunities for your professional life. Leos, take care of yourself.

Mercury opposes Saturn on August 1

The new moon in Leo on August 2 will mark the start of a fresh start for your relationships. On August 3, Venus in Virgo will connect with wildcard Uranus in Taurus, which will bring unexpected financial blessings. Early in the month, unruly Uranus will also bring important changes and breakthroughs. Be careful what you share and do not overdo it! Also, on August 3, the Sun will oppose Saturn in Leo.

This is not a time for petty arguments. If you’re a Leo, you may feel like you’re not being seen by someone you respect. Mercury opposes Saturn on August 1, so communication with partners may be strained. On August 2, Venus and Uranus bring good vibes, but Saturn is not particularly nice. While Venus and Uranus are helpful, they don’t get along with Saturn or Mercury, so avoid getting into petty arguments.

The week ahead brings a series of important astrological events. On August 23, Mercury opposes Neptune and moves into Libra. This will give Leos the opportunity to devote undivided attention to their career, relationships, and love. This can be especially helpful when Mercury is in the sign of Leo. However, this planetary alignment will also bring about some major changes in Mercury’s position.

Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces on August 9

If your love life is rocky right now, this week will be a new start. On August 9 Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces, and on August 11 Mercury makes a back-to-back conjunction with Pluto, the ruler of Pisces. You may want to express your feelings in a more constructive manner, but that’s hard when the sun is in the sign of Pisces. Fortunately, Venus and Pluto will be in the same sign at the end of the week, giving you extra motivation to take action.

When Venus squares Uranus on August 9 for Leo, the new moon will awaken the emotional side of Taurus and help you explore your relationships. The new moon in Leo will encourage you to trust your intuition and refrain from suppressing your feelings. When Venus opposes Neptune, this can lead to confusion and excess energy. However, if you’re a passionate Leo, this is a good time to explore new interests or to make a move.

New Moon in Virgo on August 8

The Leo new moon will fuel surprising changes. This fun-loving sign enjoys the spotlight and is a charismatic leader. They rule the fifth house of romance and self-expression, and exude youthful energy. Just like all fixed signs, Leos can be stubborn. But when they’re resolute, they’re destined to succeed!

On this New Moon in Virgo on the eighth, Leo’s Leo Horoscopo for August is in an extremely challenging position. The twelfth house of spirituality – Virgo – is ruled by the Sun, so the Moon is strongly influenced by the Sun and Mars. Intuition and imagination are heightened during this time. Leos are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance.

Virgos should take time out from the world on August 8 and retreat to a quiet place where they can think about the life they truly want. Create a vision board and meditate to delve into your deepest desires. Libras should take bold steps forward, network with like-minded people and cultivate inspiring new friendships. If the New Moon in Leo falls on a day you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones, then it’s time to make some changes.

Saturn’s favorite word is “no”

Saturn can bring you mastery and success, but also failure. Failure can strip you of everything you’ve ever worked for, including your pride. In the NFL, the legendary Trent Dilfer failed to win his starting job, and he ended up a backup quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens turned to Dilfer when Tony Banks’ midseason slump hit. While he was successful, he had a few hiccups along the way.

New Moon in Virgo on August 9

The New Moon in Virgo on August 9 reflects a new way of connecting and communicating. As a result, Libras should take extra time to think before they speak. They should also focus on setting their intentions with extra TLC. They should also examine the people they choose to associate with and create a social circle that aligns with who they want to become.

Leo is a sign of boldness and expression, which is why a new moon in this sign can be a time to set new goals. Make sure you make clear outlines of your intentions during this lunar cycle, and consider new moon-based affirmations and rituals to keep your momentum going. Also, consider taking a break from work and making time to get away for a day or two and enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 11 GMT/August 12 AEST. This transit provides an opportunity for Leos to explore their old beliefs and emotions. If they’ve been holding onto old beliefs and feelings for a long time, it’s now easier than ever to let go of them. This is the perfect time to get rid of old hang-ups that have held you back for months.

New Moon in Virgo on August 22

The New Moon in Virgo on the 22nd of this month aligns with the lion’s gate portal and will be intense for those born under the sign of Leo. This “lion’s gate portal” is the luckiest day of the year for Leo and is a great time to manifest your dreams. But be prepared for it to be a bit chilly!

The Leo New Moon will give Taurus an acute sense of aesthetics. The Venusian energy will blend perfectly with Leo’s passion. It will empower Taurus to explore its crafty side. Often, Taurus tends to stay in the comfort zone and is comfortable with the way things are, so it’s important to create new aesthetic goals during this time. By doing so, Taurus will align her vibration to a higher one.

During the new moon in Virgo, Leo may find a long-term partner and make plans to move in together. Commitment-minded Leos may even discuss moving in together, getting engaged, or getting married. All unions will be blessed during this time. This month, Leos should pay attention to their relationships with their partners.

Saturn in Aquarius

The upcoming full moon in Libra evokes the romantic side of Leo, activating the fifth house of love, pleasure and self-expression. Saturn and Jupiter Retrograde are conjunct and trine, reminding Leo that hard work and success are both necessary. The full moon in Libra is also conjunct the North Node in Gemini and Mercury-Mars.

On August 2, the sun was in Aquarius, making its annual opposition to Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster planet, and the opposition between the two will remain strong. This trine will release the tension between luminary and Saturn, while also emphasizing the need for hard work. Leos should use this time to evaluate their lives. The next few months should be one of reflection and change.

This planet is the king of age, so it’s no wonder that its placement is important to Leo. Its influence can make Leos afraid of growing old and irrelevant, and it can encourage them to grow old gracefully. While Saturn encourages Aquarians to mature, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that being old and boring means being an adult. Even when you’re young and carefree, Saturn will encourage you to pursue a more refined and elegant appearance.

Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces on August 22

On August 9, Venus will be in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and will want to give back to a special person in your life. On August 11, Mercury will move into Virgo and may turn you into a philosopher looking for deeper meaning in life. This can also make you question your own existence and your relationships. On August 22, Venus will trines Pluto, so your mindset and emotions will change.

If you are a Taurus, this is a tough week for communication. It could be difficult to find your voice because of all the planetary influences in your chart. If your Sun and Mercury are trine to Saturn on August 11, you may have trouble making decisions or making any decisions. Venus will also be in Virgo on August 22 and trines Pluto on August 11.

While Venus is in Gemini, this square to Neptune in Pisces can be a difficult one for you. The planet of love, Neptune, is in the opposite sign of Gemini, so this can make you feel particularly vulnerable and emotional. However, the moon in Aquarius helps you sort out your emotions and feelings. Therefore, this can be an excellent time to work out a debt or relationship problem.