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How to Do Rock Crystal Healing

There are many different types of rock crystals. Learn how to use each one and learn about their healing powers. Some examples are Amethyst, Calcite, Obsidian, Selenite, and more. This article covers all four types. Whether you’re looking to cleanse the aura or clear your mind, these crystals can help. Learn how to use them by reading this article. You’ll feel much better after you’ve used them!


One of the most important uses of Amethyst for rock crystal therapy is to clear the mind and make decisions with clarity. Its energies help remove veils of bad judgment and allow for accurate and detailed decision-making. Because it comes in a variety of shapes and colors, this stone is suitable for every setting. In fact, its name is derived from the Ancient Greek meaning “not drunk.”

The benefits of this stone go beyond its healing properties. It helps the user connect with their mental, emotional and physical selves. It is believed to help people think more clearly, especially when they are dealing with a stressful situation. It purifies the blood, and is beneficial to people suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes. It also helps people focus better and strengthen intuition. However, when using amethyst as a rock crystal healing stone, you must set specific intentions and goals for the stone to work.

To cleanse Amethyst, place it on a white cloth. Using this cloth, you can soak up any liquid that is left on the stone’s surface. While you are cleansing your Amethyst, visualizing it as a shield of protective energy is an excellent way to clear the crystal. It will also assist in channeling powerful messages. If you’d like to know more about Amethyst, learn more about the benefits of this beautiful stone.

It helps you focus and get your thoughts together. If you’re struggling to get out of a rut, an amethyst is a great way to free your mind and find your flow again. You can even use it to overcome a difficult conversation or complete a creative project. This gemstone has many uses. It can make you more creative and help you get out of unproductive habits.

In addition to being a powerful stone for rock crystal healing, amethysts have several different benefits. The purple color of amethyst is one of the most spiritual gemstones, and those attracted to it may be seeking a deeper spiritual connection. If this is the case, then you may be on the path of awakening. The healing powers of this stone can help you make your way to a higher level.


When it comes to relationships, calcite can be helpful for many reasons. It is believed to open up the psychic realm and remove negative energies. It encourages better emotional control and can help you overcome jealousy. It can also help you overcome past hurts and start over with a new relationship. It can be used to improve communication with your partner and improve communication in general. Using calcite for love makes relationships much more satisfying and harmonious.

The calcite stone is great for the heart chakra and will help you connect with feelings of hope and security. It will help you process toxins and boost your creativity. It also helps you overcome feelings of laziness. It is also a great meditation stone and can help you overcome negative emotions. If you’re looking for an easy way to heal yourself, Calcite can be used as a gemstone bracelet or infuse the space in your home.

Calcite can help you overcome emotional issues involving your sexuality and creativity. It will help you clear your mind and increase your mental clarity. Calcite also enhances your creativity. It will help you understand your inner dialogue, which is often difficult to understand. When combined with other stones, calcite can help you overcome depression. This stone is particularly helpful for people who feel overwhelmed or depressed. The calcite can help you overcome emotional pain and boost your self-esteem.

Cleansing your Calcite stone is very important to keep it free of bad energy. If you have a Calcite stone, it’s best to clean it with some refined grains or herbs to prevent negative energy from affecting your crystals. Soaking it in brown rice will help keep the bad energy from affecting your crystals. In addition, you can even smoke a white herb to help replenish the good qualities of the crystal. Do not use salt to cleanse Calcite; salt can damage it.

The energy of Calcite varies depending on its color. Yellow Calcite is especially useful for emotional cleansing. It helps break through energy blocks and promotes higher learning. When used in conjunction with other primary colored crystals, it can be used to support your journey and restore your inner passion. It helps you follow your dreams and live your dreams. With so many healing benefits, Calcite is a great tool for healing.


Cleansing your Obsidian stone is a very important step for maximizing the power of its healing properties. You can smudge your stone using any potent herb, or use a singing bowl or bell to emit sound vibrations. When cleaning, it is important to keep the stone out of direct sunlight to ensure its energy is cleansed. When you have completed this process, you may use your Obsidian stone to start your healing journey.

Black obsidian is the birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. People born under this sign are optimistic, love to travel, and enjoy humor. They may feel fearful or cynical at times, but their strong sense of humor makes them an ideal choice for rock crystal healing. The Obsidian stone will bring you the courage to overcome your fears and to face your future with enthusiasm.

In addition to being very beneficial for healing, obsidian also helps you connect with your spiritual guides. It helps you confront uncomfortable memories or feelings and helps you find forgiveness. It can also attract positive energy and support for your goals. While it may be difficult to work with, this stone is a very useful addition to any collection of rock crystals. It has a variety of healing properties and can help you overcome the most challenging obstacles in your life.

The Obsidian stone is an extrusive rock. It is created by volcanic lava, which cools quickly without crystals. This smooth volcanic glass-like rock is called obsidian. The most common color is black, but you can also find it in red, gray, or brown. You can find Snowflake Obsidian with flecks of white. While it is rare to find this stone in black, it is very easy to find in mineral stores, crystal dealers, and geologists shops.

Black Obsidian is used to break negative emotional patterns. It supports the dissolution of emotional hooks and helps you access your center of self. It is also used for feng shui in the home. It is also helpful in cleansing negative energy and releasing old, buried emotions. This stone helps you find a balance between the physical and spiritual realms. It also promotes creative thinking and allows you to use your imagination to reach new levels of awareness.


Selenite is an extremely powerful stone, and the positive energy it emanates is incredibly potent. It can cleanse a person’s energy and raise their vibrations, and connect them to the cosmos. When using Selenite, users usually thank the crystal for being present, and ask for specific help. They can wear the crystal or keep it by their bed for heightened focus. For more profound effects, users may want to keep a Selenite beside their pillow.

The Selenite crystal has many uses, from clearing negative energy to awakening the crown chakra. The crystal is also known for transforming nightmares into sweet dreams. Selenite is often found with other crystals, including Amethyst and Moonstone. While these stones work well together for various purposes, they also complement one another. Those interested in astrology may want to consider buying a Selenite crystal as part of their daily spiritual practice.

When Selenite is placed near the sun, it can be charged with a higher vibration. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight may dull the stone’s color and cause it to fade. For the best results, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight. You can also use a Selenite wand to cleanse a space of negative energy and to stimulate your focus. Just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight and monitor its exposure time.

Before using Selenite, you should cleanse the stone thoroughly. Selenite is a soft gemstone, and it can easily be damaged by your fingernail. Therefore, you should keep your Selenite away from direct sunlight and water to prevent damage. To cleanse Selenite, try moonlight or smudging to release its negative energy. You can also place it near the sun for thirty minutes. If the sun isn’t available, you can charge the crystal using moonlight.

Selenite has been around for millennia and continues to impress people. Selenite is believed to align the spinal column, improve flexibility, strengthen bone tissue, and ease muscle tension. It is also said to improve skeletal problems and reverse free radical damage to the cell structure. It has been said to promote health and slow down aging, as it clears toxins from the body. Additionally, Selenite is an excellent stone for shamanic healing and promotes psychic awareness.