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How to Initiate Romance in The Witcher 3

There are several ways to initiate romance in The Witcher 3: Bringing Shani a gift or delivering her mead or brandy can trigger a romantic cutscene. There are also various options for romantic dialogue in the game. Enhancing your Witcher senses can help you find Shani’s favorite items. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to initiate romance, you may want to try romancing Syanna, the only love interest available with the Blood and Wine DLC.


Geralt and Yennefer are involved in a romantic relationship that begins during the game’s opening. Geralt accidentally binds Yennefer during an altercation with a djinn. Yennefer is unsure whether her feelings are hers alone or are shared by Geralt and his other characters. It is unclear whether the two characters have true feelings for each other, but Geralt is confident that he’s the one for her.

In the opening sequence of Yennefer’s romance, the player is prompted to make a decision regarding the fate of the two characters. While Yennefer offers to repair Yennefer’s dress, Geralt finds it difficult to convince her to do so. Luckily, Yennefer offers to watch the process. This moment is an iconic one in the game. But it isn’t until the second part of the game that the player learns about Geralt’s past that he is willing to take responsibility for his own actions.

Although the two characters have similar personalities, Yennefer and Triss have known each other longer than Geralt. As members of the Lodge of Sorceresses, they share a sisterhood bond. However, Geralt’s memory loss prevented them from advancing their friendship. As a result, the romance in The Witcher 3 ends with Geralt and Triss splitting up. The player can decide which to pursue further in their romance.

As with most games, Yennefer and Geralt can develop a romantic relationship. However, they may take some time to develop. Once the relationship begins, players will have to complete the ‘The King is Dead – Long Live the King’ quest, where they must decide whether to kiss Yennefer or flirt with her. If they do, Yennefer will appear on the screen as the reward for their efforts.

Yennefer and Geralt can get closer by choosing either of them during the game’s Main Quest. During the Quest, Yennefer will invite Geralt to a dinner party with her family. If Geralt chooses to kiss Yennefer, she’ll rise up and excuse herself from the table. However, this relationship doesn’t have a definite outcome – both of them can end up rekindling their romance.


You’ve probably been waiting to date Geralt, and now you’ve got two options: Yennefer or Triss in the Witcher 3 romance. While Yennefer’s story and romance with Geralt are both intriguing, both characters are ultimately flawed, making it difficult to make an informed choice. That said, there are many compelling reasons to fall in love with Triss. In addition to her many strengths, Triss is also very sweet and caring. You’ll feel a deep bond with her and will be rewarded with a great game.

First and foremost, if you want to date Triss in the Witcher 3 romance, you have to finish the “Now or Never” sidequest. You’ll need to do this after completing the main quest “A Matter of Life and Death,” and it requires you to save mages and evacuate the city. To do so, you’ll need to convince Triss to stay with you. You’ll need to tell her you love her, and if she accepts your proposal, she’ll accept and consider you her girlfriend.

While you’ll find that you can get married and have a family with Triss in The Witcher 3, you’ll need to avoid cheating on her. After you complete the main quest, he’ll reunite with Yennefer, and you’ll have another chance to romance her. If you’re looking for a cheater solution, though, you may want to choose the first option. You can also romance both Yennefer and Triss in The Witcher 3 romance, but remember that the romances are very different and you won’t be able to live with either.

The relationship between Triss and Geralt is quite questionable. While the two are good friends, the relationship between the two characters isn’t strong enough to justify a romance. Triss is obsessed with Geralt, and uses a love potion to brainwash him. But Geralt only has a heart for Yennefer. This makes Geralt’s relationship with Triss even more complicated.

Count Reuven’s Treasure

Count Reuven’s Treasure is a quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. To complete this quest, you must first complete A Walk on the Waterfront. After the section with the Witch hunter’s outpost, the quest is no longer accessible. To find out how to complete this quest, simply talk to Sigi Reuven. While the heist took place in Kaer Morhen, Geralt knows Dandelion pulled it off and he wants to find him and enlist Reuven’s aid.

Count Reuven’s Treasure is a story quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The quest is a good opportunity for Geralt to meet a new man, as he will get to see the city of Novigrad from a different perspective. You will also have the opportunity to solve a puzzle that pertains to the appearance of Mengo men. You can find a guide to help you complete this quest by following our instructions.

The story of Count Reuven’s Treasure begins by putting Geralt on a mission to rescue Ciri from Count Reuven. Reuven will accompany him to find the part of the bomb that will cause Ciri’s death. While he’s trying to find the part of the bomb, he also needs to save a princess who is in danger.

During this quest, Geralt will meet with Madame Sasha. After you complete the Get Junior quest, she’ll ask Geralt out for dinner. If Geralt doesn’t win the card tournament, she’ll ask him out for dinner. A romantic night with this enchanting lady can be an exciting and unforgettable experience in The Witcher 3! It’s definitely worth the effort!

Once you’ve finished the quest, you’ll want to visit the next house. There will be a secret stash waiting for you! Use the Witcher Senses to search for scrapes in the walls of this room. You’ll need to use your witcher Senses to find the clues, but remember not to lie or deny your feelings for Triss.

Keira Metz

Keira Metz is one of the first characters in the Witcher 3 romance. She is encountered early on in the game and can be romanced by completing various quests. Here are a few fun facts about Keira and how to approach her in the game. She was once an advisor to King Foltest, but she fled when the Lodge of Sorceresses was revealed to be conspiring against him. Keira then took refuge in a small village as a village witch.

While Geralt is notorious for romancing sorceresses, he is not immune to the charms of the sorceresses. She is often on the outs with the political leaders, but has earned Geralt’s affections by virtue of her charms. Although Geralt doesn’t have as much romantic chemistry with Keira Metz as he did with Triss, he’s still susceptible to her charms. If you’re a fan of Geralt and Keira, you can achieve sub-endings in the game without losing out on the main romance.

Geralt’s relationship with Keira Metz is based on the game’s quests. He can find out more about Keira Metz through her quest A Towerful of Mices. Ultimately, Keira Metz will invite Geralt to her hut and challenge him to a horse race. Keira Metz is not playing hard to get here, but she will be happy to oblige.

While Geralt can kill Keira Metz to prevent her from going to King Radovid, this would make no sense. Though he could argue that he doesn’t want Radovid to have the cure to his deadly illness, Keira’s death will be a tragic end for her. However, this choice suits the image of the Witcher as a ruthless killer. There are several other ways to resolve Keira Metz in the Witcher 3 romance.

The first romantic questline in The Witcher 3 is with Keira Metz. It will take you to level 16 and meet the woman you love. The romance will end if you successfully challenge her on a hill. However, if you’re unsure of whether you want to pursue her, you can always go back to Triss Merigold. Then you can go back to her room to try again.