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SWTOR Planets – Bespin

The next expansion of SWTOR is expected to include new planets and expand the game’s world to the SWTOR expanded universe. This would also mean the addition of new PvP and PvE arenas, and it would also diversify the game’s lore. While the game’s current storyline is focused on the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the First Order, the addition of a new planet would allow for more variety.


Located on the ice-covered planet of Belsavis Run, Belsavis was once a world of the Rakata Infinite Empire. During an unknown time period, the Rakata used Belsavis as a prison colony, trapping prisoners for millennia. Around 5,000 BBY, the planet went into an ice age. At the time of the Empire’s discovery, Belsavis was home to a prison colony, and was later used by the Republic as a place to imprison dangerous Sith lords.

The Empire first turned Belsavis into a prison planet, and then built a section called “the Tomb” in an effort to hold their most dangerous prisoners. The Rakata prisons contain droid wardens and other inmates who are either too dangerous or difficult to confine elsewhere. They then sell these prisoners to various criminal organizations. But they are also a source of income for the Rakata, as the slaves are paid to keep them locked up.

The capital city is Belsavis. It has a population of 3.5 million. The capital city is located on Belsavis. The city has many prisons, but this one is the most populated. Prisoners in this section are divided by gang affiliation. The result is an environment where murder and assault are common. But there’s protection in numbers. The inmates in this section live in cramped, tightly monitored cells.

The world of SWTOR is populated with prisons. The prison on Belsavis houses several prisons, and the Scourge Gang is the largest and most organized of them. It is believed that the Scourge Gang controls illicit trade on the planet. Anyone hoping to survive on Belsavis must submit to the Scourge’s authority. Jaardu Raax, the leader of the Scourge gang, is an infamous Rodian criminal. He murdered more than 300 innocent citizens, and was sentenced to life in prison.

The tyrant of Belsavis had taken over this planet during the X-Wing Wars video game and attempted a coup against the New Republic on Belsavis in 12 ABY. She wanted to make her son Irek Ismaren Emperor by using his mechu deru powers. But Luke Skywalker and Callista foiled the coup. A joint task force between the two factions fought the rebellion and ended the disaster.


The Voss system consists of two inhabited planets, Voss-Ka and Gormak. Voss-Ka is the only true Voss settlement on Gormak. Voss-Ka is located across several peaks and connected to the mainland by bridges across vast gorges. It is a peaceful planet under the control of the Three, and it is the home to most of the Voss species. It also has a Voss commando base, which helps them prepare for war with Gormak.

Foreigners have to be careful on the Voss planets, as they depend on the Three to trade with them. The Three are based in Voss-Ka, the capital. Foreigners cannot access the planet without negotiating with the Three, which can take time. Foreigners who try to smuggle goods onto Voss planets will run the risk of becoming victims of smugglers. The Voss militia is notorious for their warlike behavior, and smuggling is an unwise choice.

The Gormaks are the second race on the Voss. The two races have long been at odds, with the Voss winning the battles based on Force prophecies and the Gormaks’ unwillingness to give up their inferior status. Despite their enmity, though, many Voss commandos have remained in their ranks and eventually become officers. So the Voss are in control, and the Gormaks are stuck in a disadvantaged position on their planet.

The Nightmare Lands are a dangerous place to explore. Some explorers venture into them, and some of these explorers have never returned. The Nightmare Lands are a blight on the Voss planets, one that nobody is able to cure. And the Nightmare Lands are only one of Voss’ hazards. It’s a shame. If you want to know more about the Nightmare Lands, this article is for you.

The Gormak have a few interesting characters. Xalek, a Kaleesh warrior who follows the Sith Code, is one of them. Although he is a ruthless warrior, he is an expert lightsaber user. He has even developed a unique breed of lightsabers and martial arts. Despite the fierce opposition, he has a mysterious obsession with other cultures.


The war on Corellia has been particularly brutal for the planet’s Jedi protectors. The planet’s powerful Jedi have suffered some of the biggest losses since the Sacking of Coruscant, and many have devoted their lives to helping the new Republic government establish a presence on the surface of the planet. The Grand Master of Corellia, Satele Shan, has even recruited Jedi from remote Outer Rim systems to help protect Corellia from Imperial assault. While they’re regarded as unreliable by the Jedi Council, they are a formidable foe for the Empire.

The government district is the hub of political activity on Corellia. Imperial and Republic forces battle around the heavily guarded legislature and the fabled Drall Library, which has been reduced to a makeshift bunker. During the battle, dozens of politicians wait for their turn in private estates. In the background, fabled Green Jedi guard the buildings. It is the grandest part of Corellia before the war, but no one is sure what will happen once the Imperials seize power.

Corellia was a hub of trade and industry before the Empire invaded the planet. The planet was home to hundreds of local corporations and thousands of ships before the Imperials came to take control. Many of the planet’s biggest industries were located here, including the Blastfield Shipyards. In the centuries before the Empire came to power, hundreds of these corporations operated shipyards. Famous Corellian ships were built there, including the CR90 Corellian Corvette, the YT-1300 freighter, and the DP-20 Corellian Gunship.

In 400 BBY, the Nomad’s Retreat was expanded to become a popular resort. The Doaba Guerfel village grew around it and eventually merged with it. In 380 BBY, Keiran Halcyon defeated the Afarathu pirates, a sect of Selonian terrorists who tried to wipe out all Humans from Corellia. During the Galactic Civil War, the planet was plagued by Afarathu attacks.

The Imperials seized Corellia after the Treaty of Koruscant was signed. After the Treaty, Corellia’s government faked an emergency and closed its spaceports and hyperlanes. The council unanimously agreed to place the world under Imperial rule. In the ensuing battle, Darth Decimus’ fleet appeared above the planet, landing in the skies above the city. In response, the Imperials instituted the Medal of Imperial Glory, which awards heroes on Corellia.


Among the many SWTOR planets, Bespin has a mining industry that runs on tibanna gas, which is extremely expensive to mine. In addition to this, the thin atmosphere on the planet makes it very breathable, which has led to settlement of mining colonies on top of pockets of this gas. This also gives the planet a unique beauty, as the sunset on Bespin lasts two hours.

Bespin is an enormous gas giant with a thin band of habitable atmosphere. Enterprising prospectors have created floating mining complexes to extract valuable gasses from deep within the planet. During the Galactic Civil War, Cloud City was under the rule of Lando Calrissian, who won the position of administrator of the planet. However, the Empire garrisoned Bespin, and it was only after the Battle of Endor that the planet enjoyed freedom and prosperity.