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What Are Mandalorian Planets?

If you have ever watched Star Wars, you may be wondering what are Mandalorian planets. The answer to this question depends on where you live on the galaxy. There are four main planets that make up the Outer Rim. Here are the main ones, their locations, references, and history. And if you want to learn more, read the following article. It will help you figure out what planets are mandalorian and why they are named that way.


In the Star Wars universe, there are many locations for Mandalorians, and some of them are even quite familiar. The planet of Mandalore, for example, is a planet found near the Hydian Way trade route. This planet was the homeworld of multispecies Mandalorians, and was named after the legendary Mandalore the First. The First’s Taung warriors defeated and killed many of the planet’s indigenous mythosaurs, and made it a thriving center for the Mandalorians. The planet’s natural landscape was lush and varied, and its sparse sentient population meant that it was largely unspoiled.

The Mandalore system, located in the Galactic North-East, was inhabited by nine planets and numerous moons. The planets included the Mandallia, Bonegal, and Shukut, and they orbited the star Mandalore. The planets of Mandalore were all named for their rulers. During the Second Galactic Civil War, the Mandalorians were able to join the Galactic Alliance and eventually defeat the Emperor.

Corvus is mostly forested, but it has one industrial city, Calodan. The population is mostly human, though a large herbivorous creature called a tyrannosaurus may be native to Corvus. In the Star Wars universe, there are also convor, a mysterious, flying cat. These creatures have some connections with Ahsoka, who is a Force-sensitive.


The Mandalorians are a race of spacefaring people living on different planets throughout the galaxy. While the names of these planets are not known, they are clearly a part of Star Wars. The first episode of The Mandalorian, A New Hope, shows Sorgan. This ice world is a prominent location for coaxium heists. The Mandalorians are a diverse race of spacefaring people, with unique customs and cultures.

The Mandalorian is joined by several loyal allies who aid him in his quest for justice. Some of them include Cara Dune, Greef Karga, IG-11, Kuiil, and the Armorer. The main antagonists of the show belong to the remnants of the Galactic Empire. The Client and Moff Gideon are the primary villains. Other characters include the Sorgan villagers, who appear in Chapters 4 and 6.

The Mandalorians have a varied population of creatures. Many of them are non-human. They have evolved from the original Mandalorians, who were originally dinosaurs. They were used as mounts by the Tusken Raiders. The Banthas have been seen in many Star Wars films, and they are prominently featured in “The Gunslinger.” Another type of non-human creature is the Mythrol, a two-legged beast. The character learns to ride a blurrg from Kuiil.


The references to Mandalore are subtle and meaningful, improving the themes of identity and the hunter-turned-father tale. While the original trilogy did not contain any dialogue in Mandalore, early back stories for Fett were established through ancillary works. Marvel’s Star Wars comic, Bantha Tracks, suggested that Fett was dressed in the armor of ancient Imperial shock troopers. The story later served as the foundation for various Expanded Universe comics, such as the original Star Wars.

Another reference to Mandalorians is the name of the planet Batuu, which is featured in Disney Parks’ Galaxy’s Edge. Other media have also used the name of the planet, including novels by Thrawn and a VR adventure. Season two of The Mandalorian could feature Batuu, which is full of dangerous individuals. This could tie in with the storyline. George Chrysostomou is a writer and film geek.

Other Mandalorerian worlds include the secluded Sorgan, an estuary moon that has been populated by krill farmers. Its inhabitants are frequently raided by Klantoonians. There are also a number of Mandalorian-controlled moons, such as Kalevala, which was conquered by the Galactic Empire in 738 BBY.


The history of Mandalore begins on the fifth planet in the Mandalore system, close to the Hydian Way trade route. The planet’s multi-species population is referred to as Mandalorians, and the planet is named for the legendary Mandalore the First. The Taung warriors of Mandalore the First slew the planet’s native mythosaurs. The Mandalore system soon became the center of Mandalore’s civilization. As the planet’s population was sparse, the landscape of Mandalore was unspoiled and abundant.

While it’s hard to discern which Mandalorian-inhabited planets were real, many theories abound. Some argue that the planet in question was actually on Corvis Minor, a solar system in the Outer Rim of the Star Wars galaxy. The planet is only mentioned in the non-canonical Star Wars Legends, but it does exist. Interestingly, Palpatine had ordered the Imperial Palace library to have a fake encyclopedia of Corvis Minor that contained a secret blaster.

Though Mandalore remained neutral during the Clone Wars, it was heavily damaged by Imperial forces during the Seige of Mandalore. The Imperial Remnant loyal to Darth Caedus were preparing to take control of Mandalore, and Jedi such as Obi-Wan Kenobi did little to stop the Death Watch from reclaiming the planet. A few Mandalorians managed to escape the city and flee to Offworld.


The Mandalorians have a checkered history with the Republic. The tribes have long battled with each other, often resulting in betrayal. However, they finally defeat the Republic’s forces and sign a treaty. Despite the defeat, centuries of bloodshed devastated the Mandlore ecosystem, causing it to be drained of its water and food sources. The Mandalorians’ future is unclear.


The Climate of Mandalorian Planets

Star Wars fans will be interested in the various climates of Mandalore. The planet was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The Mandalorians were a race that lived in the Outer Rim Territories, and they were known for their warring behavior with Jedi. They were also known for raiding Jedi temples and wearing very distinct armor. They controlled over two thousand other star systems.

The Climate of Mandalorian Planets is similar to Earth’s, with a few notable exceptions. Dagobah, home to the Jedi Master Yoda, is a swamp planet, likely due to a dense layer of clouds. The clouds are similar to those on Venus, trapping light and causing uniform surface temperatures. The clouds would be similar to the atmosphere of Earth, and they would be similar to Venus.

Krownest, a frigid planet in the Mandalore sector of the galaxy, was the home world of the legendary Mandalorian Wren clan. Despite its cold climate, it possessed a breathable atmosphere. The terrain consisted largely of mountainous regions, dotted with dense forests. The climate was harsh on Krownest, but the planet was habitable for most Mandalorians.


The Terrain of Mandalorian planets is a familiar image for fans of Star Wars. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting out in the Star Wars universe, you’re bound to be wowed by these worlds. The rich landscapes of Mandalore were a combination of lush veshok tree forests, sprawling hills, and fertile grasslands that were suited for farming. Despite the barren white sand that covered most of the planet, it was home to one of the galaxy’s most unique iron ores, beskar, which is nearly indestructible and can survive blows from lightsabers. In addition to being the home of the Mandalorians, the planets also served as an ally of various galactic governments and enmity to various groups.

In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the planet Kijimi makes a brief appearance as the site of Poe and Zorii’s run-in. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Vandor is an ice planet, the scene of a coaxium heist. Its name, “Kobs” is a reference to the character’s name, meaning “false”.