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What is Rising Higher Meditation?

Jess Shepherd is a leading voice on meditation, and her latest album is Guided Meditations for Manifesting Abundance with Perspective and Clarity. She has been recording meditations for nearly 20 years. This new collection has four albums, each of which are a powerful step toward manifesting abundance. All of them are based on her experience and teachings. She has also released a series of audio and video courses to help people achieve the abundance they seek.

Jess Shepherd

The aims of the meditations are to awaken the deepest feelings of the self, and to understand the higher self. The creators of these meditations have been using visualization and relaxing music to create a powerful audio experience. The videos are crafted to help users achieve greater health and wellbeing. The videos take the listener to beautiful fantasy locations. During the meditation, the listener is guided to experience the feelings of love and peace.