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What is the Scorpio Birthday Month?

If you’re born in the month of Scorpio, you might be wondering: what is the Scorpio birthday month? This sign’s birthday is usually the first Tuesday of the month, when the new moon opposes Uranus. But is it really a leap year? In other words, if you’re born in the year 2000, your birthday will be on the month of March. So how do we know for sure?

Scorpio personality traits

If you’re born on the month of October, your horoscope should be all about intensely focused and passionate Scorpio personality traits. Scorpios will analyze every decision they make with keen focus. Scorpios are not risk-takers, and they don’t easily beguile others with impulse purchases. Scorpios will also always have a hidden stash of cash. These traits make Scorpios great leaders, guides, and resourceful people. Scorpios love mystery and intrigue, and they are also unflappable when it comes to financial matters. Scorpios are also incredibly loyal, and will go out of their way to protect those they love.

The Moon spends two to three days in each sign. In the case of Scorpio, the Moon will influence the sign’s emotions and intuition. These characteristics make those born under the Scorpio moon feel intense feelings and seek deep relationships. Venus, on the other hand, will stay in a sign for three to five weeks. It affects how people behave in relationships and how they attract others. Scorpios don’t shy away from intense feelings. They also are not hesitant to be intimate and commit.

Although Scorpios are incredibly loyal, they also can be quite possessive and jealous. They can be very possessive and stubborn. If you’re born in the month of October, you might find yourself getting jealous more easily than you expected. They are quick to judge when someone is lying. This is especially true of women and their loyal men. Scorpios can be hard to trust, and it will take some time to win their trust.

Mars is the ruling planet

Your birthday is marked by the ruling planet of your sign, Mars. This planet represents passion and drive. In Scorpio, you may be inclined to pursue your goals with tact and strategy. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is also difficult to influence. Since Mars is exalted in Capricorn, your birthday is ruled by Mars. Mars can be volatile and full of courage. Mars position determines your personality and physical energies.

If you are a Scorpio, be aware that you have a great capacity for self-expression and are known to have an exquisite sense of taste. They are drawn to careers and relationships that value their work ethic and a consistent work schedule. In addition, they would prefer uncharted territory and careers in the arts, technology, or finance. Because they like to be in control, you may find a Scorpio brooding and cynical, but don’t be fooled. You will soon discover that the Scorpio is the ultimate Netflix binge-watcher.

Your relationship status may change dramatically during your Scorpio birthday month. This year’s karmic south node will be in Scorpio, which can make you feel restricted by responsibility or caregiving energy. The best way to alleviate this feeling is to mobilize your support network and surround yourself with people who are at a similar stage of life. Also, your popularity will rise with Mars’ entry into Gemini on August 20.

Pluto is the shadowy nether ruler of death and regeneration

In ancient astrology, the planet of war Mars ruled the month of Scorpio. Known as the “jockey planet” of sex, aggression and action, Mars is an aggressive, passionate, and highly competitive sign. However, by 1930, the planet of death and regeneration was introduced, with Pluto as its ruler. Pluto is the shadowy nether ruler of death and regeneration, as well as the god of the underworld.

Interestingly, this planet has deep ties to the digit nine. Scorpio represents the ninth month, and its ties to the digit 9 are often reflected in the life cycle of the sign. Because of this, more pregnancies end in the ninth month. As a mother, you must choose between allowing something to die and bringing something new into the world.

The symbolism associated with Pluto is also profound. While the planet is associated with the underworld, it is not necessarily the source of death. It symbolizes the spiritual process that takes place between life and death. Many people view Pluto as evil because it brings dark and vulgar things to the surface to be purified and transformed. However, the astrological significance of Pluto lies in its role as the purification process of the soul before and after death.

The dual nature of Pluto and Mars is also reflected in its relationship to the kinshi. This is why Pluto is associated with Scorpio in mythology. He is also the rival of Mars and is one of the four royal stars of Persia in 3000 B.C., whose light marked the equinox. However, the opposing signs have a strong relationship with kinshi, which is the element of death and regeneration.

Scorpio’s new moon opposes Uranus

The New Moon in Scorpio’s birthday month can throw a curveball and cause some major upheaval. As Mars and the secondary ruling planet Uranus square each other this season, the Scorpio New Moon can reveal things that have been holding you back and reveal those that need to be cut out. If you’re in the mood for change, the New Moon in Scorpio is a great time to make changes.

The New Moon in Scorpio’s birthday month has some wild vibes, especially when it squares the rebellious Uranus. This tense alignment brings out the sexy side of Libra, and you can expect some serious money and relationship matters to come out. But there’s also plenty of opportunity for recklessness as the Sun and Mercury form a helpful cosmic connection.

The New Moon in Scorpio presents a special opportunity for tune-in to your intuition. This is because the confident sun and security-seeking moon are aligned with each other in a new sign. This aspect of the signs can make it easier to tap into your intuition and allow your emotions to be free to flow. The Uranus opposition and proximity to the eclipse can also spark major changes.

The Bulls-Eye planet Uranus in Scorpio’s birthday month can push us to face our true identity and redefine success. This emotional new moon will help us see our inner truth and redefine success. You may have to face uncomfortable feelings about our self or the value of our work. This might be a good time to review your career goals. When the New Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in our birthday month, we may want to consider a new direction for our professional life.

It’s a good time to rethink your living situation

In February, there is a flurry of activity in domestic matters. Many Scorpios will move or renovate their current living arrangements. During the first week of February, Venus will cruise through Scorpio’s fifth house of love, making this a great time to try dating or to take on creative projects. Scorpios may also decide to rethink their living situation in terms of where they’re going to spend most of their time.

For example, if your Scorpio is in a relationship and you have just broken up, it is time to consider moving out of the house. You may be rethinking your living situation due to a lack of energy in your home. You could also be separating from a longtime friend or partner. During this time, Scorpios may have to rescind their energy access from an old friend or ex. Without this energy flow, you will feel exhausted and frustrated. You can’t expect everyone to treat you differently, but it is worth a try.

September will be a month of rethinking your living situation, as the Taurus-Scorpio axis continues to be active. The Taurus-Scorpio axis calls for rethinking boundaries, finances, and physical well-being. You might want to consider relocating in order to find a better job or a more stable living situation.

Let things go for Scorpios

If your birthday falls during a month when your planet is in your sign, you might want to give yourself a little time to let things go. You may have been going round in circles with someone or something you care about. Disengage from that situation and decide what you really want. Instead of fixating on what may not happen, focus on your overall happiness. If you’re a Scorpio, you’re likely to feel a surge of energy this month.

While you may enjoy spending time with Scorpios, you should be aware of their need to hold grudges and hold onto negative energy. Scorpios are notoriously picky and take betrayals personally. They may resent small things, even if they’re untrue. Scorpios also hate being controlled, and may come off as brooding and sore losers. It’s best to communicate your feelings instead of burying them in a pile of emotions.

The best way to let go is to stop hanging onto bad feelings. Scorpios have a tendency to hold onto grudges forever, leaving heartbreak and stress to simmer in the background. Instead, try letting go of your pain in constructive ways, like journaling, crying, or exercising. A little extra love never hurt anybody. This is the month to show appreciation and love to those you love. Make the most of the opportunities you have this month to shine.