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What Is Capricorn Mercury Retrograde?

People born with Mercury in Capricorn are cautious and don’t like to put their words where their mouth is. They’re often diplomatic and taciturn, which can be a problem. They’re also never good at small talk and prefer to talk about the facts. If you’re wondering how Capricorn Mercury affects you, read on! I’ll help you navigate the Mercury retrograde! Read on! The Capricorn Mercury retrograde will have many interesting effects on your life!

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn natives tend to compartmentalize their impressions of the world. They speak and write with a methodical tone and appreciate structure. They can be overbearing or even sarcastic, but they do have a practical approach to life. They prefer practical projects over abstract ones. However, Mercury in Capricorn does have a tendency to be a bit judgmental and condescending. However, this does not mean they are incapable of doing creative work or thinking in new ways.

A person with Mercury in Capricorn will tend to be a perfectionist, preferring to double check everything. This will require extra effort when it comes to communication, and you will find yourself using your right brain more than your left. A person born with Mercury in Capricorn will be more interested in details than they are in making friends or forming relationships. However, they will not disappoint their loved ones, and will be loyal and faithful.

People with Mercury in Capricorn are often surprisingly intellectual. They are also prone to engaging in debates and will be remarkably organized. They tend to enjoy philosophical and scientific pursuits, and the advancement of mankind. They also have a very unique sense of humor, and will appreciate practical jokes or anything that stirs people. A Mercury in Capricorn native may even become a leader in the future! So what do Mercury in Capricorn natives have in common?

Mercury in Capricorn is a deeply analytical planet. Regardless of the situation, they can be very stubborn and hard-working. They also prefer straight-to-the-point communication. This way of communicating will allow them to appreciate others and make them feel appreciated. It may be hard to get their attention, but they can do it! This quality makes them a valuable asset in the future. And Mercury in Capricorn makes them an excellent partner for career and love affairs.

People with Mercury in Capricorn tend to be extremely productive. They enjoy doing tasks that have tangible results. They are also quite demanding and authoritative, and do not like people who do not live up to their promises. They can appear to be judgmental and strict, but their deep sense of intuition is unshakeable and will lead them to the right direction. The downside of Mercury in Capricorn is that they are sometimes moody and self-conscious, but this improves with time.


If you’re looking for a romantic partner, a man with Capricorn Mercury may be a good choice. Mercury in Capricorns are conservative, practical, and quick to judge. They dislike surprises and want people to submit to their will. Although they can be difficult to get along with, they’re also very loyal to those they love. And, like many Capricorns, they’d make good law-makers or judges.

People born under this sign have hard work and a strong will to succeed. This can lead to them being stubborn and critical of others. They also have a need for order, and they dislike disorganization. They also dislike superficiality and tend to double-check everything they hear. They can be quite stubborn, but they have a good work ethic and are organized. Capricorn Mercury is also a good investor.

People with Capricorn Mercury may be slow-witted. They may be slow to grasp new ideas, but they appreciate organization and structure. They’re also easily overwhelmed with data. Hence, they’ll break down the information into smaller pieces. Likewise, those with Capricorn Mercury will take notes on things they’re passionate about, and they’ll formulate an effective plan for implementing their ideas. But they will also enjoy participating in the physical world.

If you have Capricorn Mercury in your natal chart, you should be cautious and try to make the best decisions possible. Mercury in Capricorn tends to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. But it’s important to remember that a Capricorn Mercury in your horoscope means your mate is likely to be a serious person. If he’s not, he may be a great teacher and a successful leader.


If Mercury is in Capricorn, its natives are usually trustworthy and meticulous about everything. They tend to be rigid, not open to compromise, and tend to double check everything before saying it. This characteristic can work in their favor if they have to express themselves clearly. However, they may have difficulty mingling with others. They are attracted to the history and practical side of things, making them good candidates for jobs involving organization and management.

Mercury in Gemini is associated with a friendly, diplomatic personality. Gemini natives dislike conflict and prefer simple, easygoing relationships. They are able to pacify an argument or resolve conflict peacefully. Mercury in Gemini is compatible with the other Mercury signs. A Capricorn native with Mercury in Gemini is most likely to have a love-making relationship with someone in an air sign. Nonetheless, Mercury in other signs can influence the relationship.

People born under the sign of Capricorn often exhibit excellent organization skills. Their logical thinking and ability to compartmentalize information are two of their greatest assets. They may seem reserved and withdrawn, but they are very talkative when they’re in the right mood. Despite their stubbornness, they are able to understand people and make rational decisions. The Capricorn Mercury sign can be very helpful when it comes to planning and organizing their time.

The Capricorn Mercury sign is an excellent source of creative energy and mental clarity. The native of this sign is usually highly organized and reliable, but they can be a bit rigid and sometimes overly analytical. They don’t like people who don’t follow their promises, and they can sometimes be judgmental and strict. They may even be overly strict. Capricorn Mercury sign does not like to make mistakes, and if they do, they will likely end up being pessimistic.

People born under this sign are generally good communicators, and are quite original. This makes them very good at work, but they can be blunt and sometimes make people doubt whether they’re telling the truth. People born under the sign of Mercury are able to work with many groups and are tactful and considerate. They are good at solving problems, especially in the creative world. A Capricorn Mercury sign is a very good candidate for writing, publishing, and literary work.


The Capricorn Mercury retrograde will cause surprises for the sign of Taurus. The planet of communication and perception is in retrograde, and its transit will affect its native’s relationships. Although the sign of Taurus values harmony in all aspects of its life, the retrograde will cause some awkward moments and miscommunication. Fortunately, Taurus is a practical, earthy sign, and its relationship-driven nature will keep the retrograde from affecting its native’s love life too much.

The first half of the retrograde in Capricorn brings old issues to the surface in romantic relationships. This is a time to fix any rifts and mend previous entanglements. However, Mercury is in the fourth house of the family, so delays can be expected. Luckily, this retrograde does not fall in the house of money or possessions. It is also good for relationships, as the new moon on Jan. 2 is followed by a strong Venus star point.

The second half of the Capricorn Mercury retrograde is a mixed bag, but overall, the signs have similar qualities. The planet Mercury retrograde will start in Capricorn on January 14, and will remain in this sign until February 3, 2019. The positive side of the retrograde is that it will help you reconnect with your values and ways of dealing with problems. And with Aquarius as your ruler, Mercury’s retrograde will help you embrace your new year with a more Aquarian perspective.

A Mercury retrograde in Capricorn brings heightened intuition. You will find that your intuition will open up to new things and experiences. You may also be able to solve any unfinished issues or finish any previously started projects. However, avoid gossip as much as possible. Mercury is a powerful planet in relationships and can make or break the relationship. If this is a time for new relationships, you will be able to see a new perspective and become more aware of the true meaning of your love life.

Leo is an earth sign and is grounded and stable. It does not like change, and thrives off of a calm certainty. Mercury Retrograde can cause constant changes in plans and results in a mix of signals. You may even be surprised by unexpected messages from others. The tenth house of career is also ruled by Mars and Pluto, so if you have a conversation about money and the future, the conversation could go back to that topic again.