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How To Find Free Romance Books Online: #1 Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for free romance books online, you’ve come to the right place! This article will cover where to find free romance books, the Authors of these books, and the Genres of these ebooks. Once you’ve got your pick of genres, it’s time to start downloading! To find a good site to download romance books, check out Obooko. The site has a wide variety of different genres.


If you enjoy reading romance novels, free romance books online are a wonderful way to find new favorites. While many people are lucky enough to live in an area where there are multiple public libraries, you can also find free romance books online from authors in other areas. Whether you live in a smaller town or a large metropolitan area, free romance books can be downloaded at your convenience and read on the go! Listed below are some of the best options.

The genre of romance books includes many different subgenres. There is historical love stories, short love novellas, and millionaires novels. Read free romance books online from Booknet. You’ll be amazed by the variety available and how many titles you can download. Once you’ve found the right genre, you can start reading! Whether you’re a romance novel fan or just an avid reader, you’ll have a great time discovering new authors and exciting books!

Online sources include the Open Library and Internet Archive. Both websites feature thousands of free romance books. You can even sort them by the number of editions available. You’ll find titles by William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Nora Roberts, and Edgar Allan Poe. Alternatively, you can read the full text of a free romance novel online through the Internet Archive.

The UK division of HarperCollins, Mills and Boon, is an excellent source for free ebooks. Their site features a new book each month and offers free online readings of each chapter. Depending on your preference, you can read a free chapter every day, or even subscribe to their newsletter for monthly updates. Most books range from eight to twenty chapters. You can browse through their categories to find your favorite author or genre.

Sites to find free romance books

There are numerous sites where you can find free romance books online. Many of them allow you to download them and read them later. There are also some that allow you to read chapters as they are uploaded to the website. Listed below are a few sites where you can read free romance novels online. Enjoy! And remember: free books aren’t the same as free books. Some of them are not the same quality, and some are outdated.

Smashwords is a popular site for free eBooks. There are over 73,000 books available for download, including many romance novels. Similarly, Wattpad, a site mostly known for fan fiction, has hosted free romance stories for many years. You can view their rankings to see which ones are the most popular and worth reading. In addition, if you’re interested in reading free romance books online, you can use the free Romance eBook search box to find them quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for romance novels for free, you can also use Amazon’s Kindle app to access thousands of titles. It works on PC, Mac, and Android, and has many free romance ebooks. Google Play Store also has hundreds of free ebooks in romance genre, so you can read them offline or on your mobile device. OpenLibrary also has over 18000 romance ebooks available, but you have to register to borrow them.

Another popular site for free romance books online is Bookyards. This site is a huge repository of free eBooks, with an extensive list of genres and categories. It is ideal for those new to reading novels online and wants a site that supports both download and online reading. For beginners, Bookyards is a great choice for free romance novels. This site is one of the easiest sites to find free romance novels online. It is easy to navigate, and allows you to search by author, genre, or genre.

Feedbooks is another great site to search for free romance books. Created in 2007, this digital library is constantly growing. Its interface makes it easy to browse books by genre, while the download page displays the title, publisher, and word count. The site also supports most standard eBook formats, including ePub and PDF. Moreover, it has two separate sections. You can browse the books from either the main page or by category, and then download them in whichever format you prefer.


You can start by looking for free romance novels in the main Romance category on Amazon. You can narrow down your search by subgenre as well. The list of bestsellers is organized into paid and free titles. If you’re looking for LGBT romance, you can start with this subgenre. This will make your search much more specific. It will be easier for you to find books within this subgenre. The main Romance category is split into subgenres: contemporary, paranormal, and gay.

If you prefer reading books in different genres, try narrowing down the selection to certain types of romance. You can also branch out to read more books on other themes. For example, there are books that revolve around new adult sexuality, which are steamy contemporary romances with a lot of sex. These are great for those who want to learn more about the world outside of their comfort zones. While romance and fiction are closely linked, there are some major differences between them.

The Romance Writers of America and the American Library Association have lists of free romance titles. Barnes and Noble has several titles available for free on their website. Free eBooks can be downloaded directly from their site. These categories are listed in order of their specificity. Genres are further divided into two main groups, fiction and literature. If you’re looking for a specific genre, you can search for it using keywords.

Among the most popular genres, contemporary and erotica romance are popular. Bared to You by Sylvia Day is an example. It centers around a woman who has suffered sexual abuse as a child. She falls in love with Gideon Cross, a young billionaire who survived the same trauma. The first book of the Crossfire series was published in October 2012.

Another subgenre of free romance books is LGBTQIA+, which started in 1942. Young adult romance is based on a relationship between two people in their twenties and thirties. This genre is full of coming-of-age themes and explores the complexities of relationships. Generally, the endings are not “happy ever after,” but ‘happily for now’ is considered acceptable because of the age of the characters.

Ways to find them

You can find many romance novels for free online. You can search for them by genre or heat level and you can read free excerpts before you decide to buy. Once you are finished reading an excerpt, you can purchase the book through the app or through a retail store. Many writers also provide free romance book excerpts online, which are more carefully chosen than Kindle samples. You may even be able to get a better idea of what the book will be like if you read the full text.

Another way to find free romance books is to subscribe to an emailing list. Each author has their own schedule for emailing their list. Most of them send free romance books by other authors, but some of them offer their own titles. Joining their list will keep you informed of new releases and free romance novels available online. By following the authors’ schedules, you’ll be able to download free books whenever you want.

Another option is to search for free ebooks on websites such as eBookTakeAway. These sites offer hundreds of titles for download for free. You can even find titles written by self-published authors or from the public domain. A nice thing about ebook libraries is that you can easily browse the books by genre. You can find romance, thrillers, children’s books, and even LGBTQ titles. Once you find a book that suits your taste, you can download it for free.

Smashwords is another popular eBook site. This site offers free eBooks in various genres. If you have a Kindle, you can download hundreds of thousands of free romance books for free. This site is ad supported, but you won’t have to worry about paying a cent for a book. Just click the free tab when searching for a story. You can also browse other genres such as short stories, fantasy, LGBT+, urban, werewolf, and more.