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Jedi Fallen Order Planets

If you are interested in exploring the various planets in the Star Wars universe, you should check out the following list of Jedi Fallen Order worlds. You will find detailed information on the different planets in the Star Wars universe, including Kashyyyk, Ilum, and Nur. We’ve also included the locations of their capital cities. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your time in the game, you should visit Kashyyyk!


Whether you’re playing as a Jedi or a Sith, there are numerous ways to collect treasures and items in Bogano. Bogano echoes can be collected by pressing “Bogdano”. They can also be collected by clicking on crates or chests. Several different Bogano enemies are encountered during your travels through Bogano. Each one has a specific trait that can be used to gain an advantage.

The first boss to face is the terrifying Oggdo Bogdo. Bogano is quite difficult to defeat, so I recommend exploring Zeffo first before returning to Bogano. To get a high chance of killing the beast, slice its sides. When it dies, grab the Life Essence behind it. After that, you can jump onto a pipe and use your slow ability. You can also use a platform to cross the spinning fans.


The Nightsisters on Dathomir were force-sensitive and skilled in the use of magick, an expression of the Force. They lived in a strictly matriarchal society and were led by their mother, the Nightsister. The Nightsisters, like the Jedi, ruled their towers and used magick to strengthen and conceal their minions. They were eventually destroyed by the forces of Count Dooku.

The Nightsisters populated Dathomir in the days following Order 66. Dathomir’s blighted swamps and wind-scourged cliffs surrounded an ancient race of Human-Zabrak hybrids known as Nightbrothers and Nightsisters. In the course of the game, the Nightsisters provided two apprentices for Count Dooku, but these apprentices were betrayed by the Sith, and Talzin’s clan was wiped out.


Ilum is a frozen tundra planet in the arctic region of the galaxy. It is also home to an abandoned Jedi temple. The Jedi would visit this world to collect the crystals needed to power their lightsabers. Since the Jedi died and the planet was abandoned, the crystals have become a talisman for evil forces. The final world in the trilogy is Nur. Cal unlocks this world after the Temple on Bogano is unlocked. This planet is the final destination for the player after he confronts the Second Sister and steals her holocron.

While it is unknown whether the First Order destroyed Ilum or not, we do know that the planet has been terraformed. After Darth Sidious’s death, the Galactic Empire occupied the planet. After this, they started mining the kyber crystals from the planet. The resulting explosions caused the planet’s core to burst and the planet’s surface to collapse, forming the massive Imperial Trench.


The planet Nur on Jedi: Fallen Order is mysterious and rarely seen. The planet is known for its underwater Fortress Iquisitorius. The planet is located in the Mustafar System, close to Vader’s Fortress. While the game is a challenging one, it has some fun gameplay elements. Here are some of the main highlights of the planet. This is not a detailed walkthrough, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect when playing.

Nur is sometimes mistaken for the planet Mustafar, a wetland planet remote from the rest of the galaxy. It is said to contain a Jedi temple. Its neighbors include Bogano, a barren world with a great many Clone Wars-era ships and artillery. Finally, it’s home to the night-sisters. But, which planets are the best for Star Wars?


In the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you must discover a place called Kashyyk. This planet is a dynamic place where the level designs resemble Metroidvania levels. You must defeat several opponents to reach the end and get the final Imperial Refinery chest. The final area has platforms and a spinning propellor. After defeating a couple of enemies, you must jump on the spinning propellor to reach the final location.

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Kashyyk is probably one of your favorite locations. The homeworld of the Wookiees, this planet is vital to the Star Wars universe and is a must-visit in Jedi: Fallen Order. If you’re a fan of this series, you can learn a lot about Kashyyk by playing the game.

Nur is a linear mission

If you’ve played any of the other Star Wars games, you know how linear they can be, but what about the newest addition to the Fallen Order series, Nur? This game’s linear mission has you navigating through the Fortress Inquisitorius, an underwater fortress on the planet of Nur. You’ll need to dodge the Inquisitors while escaping the facility. Inquisitors are the enemies of the Fallen Order and are responsible for many deaths.

You can also go through the Fallen Order planets and explore them all. They’re beautiful and photo-ready, and the environments are very challenging. Though many of them are linear, others are incredibly hard, making reloading your save often necessary. There are some nice touches, like a star-lit map, but some of them aren’t necessary for the experience.

Ilum is a sorcerous world

Ilum is a planet that is heavily featured in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game. This world is the home to the Nightsisters, who wield a unique form of the Force centered around trickery and illusion. Ilum was once a closely guarded secret of the Jedi and was only discovered by the Empire after the Clone Wars. After the Empire discovered Ilum, they began mining its kyber for their own needs.

This planet was previously used by the Jedi as a place of worship. It was once the location of a Jedi temple and guarded the entrance to a cave system rich in kyber crystals and minerals. During the Galactic Republic, Jedi of master rank would bring groups of younglings to Ilum to gather these crystals. The Starkiller Base, on Ilum, is located on the planet’s surface.

Kashyyyk is a sorcerous world

The fourth planet in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is Kashyyyk. It’s also the homeworld of the Wookies. The world is covered in dense forest, and its architecture features both ancient and modern technology. The first visit to Kashyyyk is relatively linear and will require you to come back later to explore the entire world. But you can see a little of what to expect on your first visit by continuing the storyline. You will have to sneak onto Kashyyyyyk in order to steal the Empire’s walker, which will be covered in vines on its front leg.

Nur is a sorcerous world

The world of Nur is one of the most mysterious in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A sorcerer who wields the Force is known as the Nightsister. These powerful creatures are skilled in trickery and illusion, but they have cut themselves off from the rest of the galaxy. In addition to Ilum, the game also includes the icy world of Ilum, where the lightsaber of Cal grows.

Zeffo is a sorcerous world

The sorcerous planet Zeffo is the third planet in the Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order game, and it contains a fascinating historical precedent. It is one of the most dangerous worlds in the game, and is the only way to reach the Tomb of Eilram, the central piece of the game. The world has many dangerous enemies and groups of Stormtroopers.

The planet is full of puzzles. For example, the Abandoned Village is blocked by a water mill, so you have to turn it off to gain access to it. As you progress through the game, you need to pay attention to where you’re going and where you can find hidden rooms and caves. You can equip a double bladed lightsaber in Zeffo, but be careful!