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The Best Mafia Romance Books

Mafia romance books are one of the most popular genres in contemporary fiction. Although the romance is often set in a mafia family, they can be about any type of business, from arranged marriages to forbidden relationships. Romance between mafia figures can be characterized by angst and rebellious spirit. Read on to learn more about this genre! Here are some of my favorites!


If you love a good mafia romance novel, then Innocence in Mafia City by Alyson Noel is the one for you. This BDSM-inspired story combines travel, suspense and the sexiest of the genre. In this dark and gritty BDSM romance, a young woman’s dreams of freedom and love come true.

Innocence is the first novel in the Tales of Olympus series. A young woman, Cora, has escaped her protective mother and moved to the city when she meets Marcus. Marcus saves her and captures her heart. A dark masked gangster, Marcus is determined to make Cora his. But Marcus is more than a handsome stranger: he’s a mafia boss.

Innocence in mafia romance novels usually feature an alpha male who is either the head boss of the mafia family or the son of a mafia boss. These men are typically domineering and possessive, but they have soft spots for women. Innocence in mafia romance books may include Polish, Russian, or Irish families. Whatever the genre, you’ll find some intriguing stories of romance.

Son of the Mob brings humor to mafia romance books. Vince Vitiello is the son of a mob boss. While he doesn’t want to be associated with the family’s crimes, he does appreciate the benefits that come with belonging to the mob. Vince gets high grades in school, but eventually falls for a girl. The story is entertaining and engaging, and readers will be delighted with this story.


The sequel to Innocence, Awakening, is a dark mafia romance. It picks up where the first book ended, with the same characters and smoking hot sex. Both books follow a man who wants to protect a woman from danger, while the woman has to decide whether she wants his protection or not. Is there really any love in this mafia world?

Awakening in mafia novels often feature crime and double identities. These novels are great if you enjoy the historical aspects of the mafia, or just want a fun read. Awakening in Mafia Romance Books will keep you turning pages, hoping for the next plot twist! This novel features a former solider who wants to keep the mafia out of his neighborhood, and a mafia underboss. Although they are fighting for different causes, Jake and Max end up sharing a deliciously hot time.

In the first book in the Mafia Romance series, Beautiful Disaster, Julie Hockley introduces us to the heroines. Abby Abernathy is a journalist from Atlanta who has been drawn to the mob’s recent murder of three police officers. She sets out to discover the truth behind the killings. She finds herself trapped between two worlds, and must decide between her own happiness and the safety of her family.

Awakening in Mafia Romance Books is a suspense novel about two characters who are destined to be together. Lucia Benedetti has signed a contract with Salvatore Benedetti, and he has the power to claim her. However, she is reluctant to marry Salvatore’s son because she doesn’t like him. In spite of her good intentions, Cora falls into trouble with her new husband.


The second book in the Sempre series, Sempre is a dark and compelling mafia romance, the sequel to Innocence, Awakening. While the storylines are similar, they are very different in many ways. This dark and steamy book follows the relationship between a second generation slave and a wealthy Mafia family member. The two characters, Haven and Carmine, fall in love through a twist of fate, but their love is not lustful.

In the Sempre mafia romance series, a mafia boss marries an Englishman, but she doesn’t want to hand over control to him. They fight against the common enemy, but she can’t give in to his demands. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that the girl’s roommate is mad at them, and she has to decide whether or not to call the police.

Sempre mafia romance books are also known for featuring an alpha male. Typically, the alpha male is the head of the family and the enforcer of the family’s law. They are usually domineering and possessive, and they are often good at hiding their true emotions. Mafia romance books can feature Irish, Russian, Polish, and even American families. This makes them incredibly addictive and a great way to escape the everyday grind of life.

Despite the fact that the story deals with the Mafia, there isn’t any gore or blood. The courtship between Haven and Carmine is beautifully written. The two characters are wildly different, and contrasting personalities make this book a roller coaster. The book includes feelings of love, pain, violence, and death. If you’re looking for a romantic adventure set in the Mafia, you’ll love this book series.

Beautiful Disaster

The first in a series of mafia romance novels, Beautiful Disaster follows abstergent college student Abby Abernathy. Unlike the majority of heroines, she has no history of drinking, cursing, or drugs. Abby works hard to put the past behind her, but her past comes rushing back to haunt her. While attending college, she meets irresistible bad boy Travis Maddox. While he might be irresistible, his past also has a darker side, and she must decide whether to let him in or keep him out of trouble. This is the first in a series of three mafia romance books.

The second novel in the series, The Kiss Thief, is a sweet, character-driven tale about two women who meet in a tangle of deceitful lies. The author, L.J. Shen, has won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance of 2019 for this series. This mafia romance novel features a good guy who makes bad decisions and a fiesty heroine.

Mafia romance books also feature alpha males, usually the son or head boss of the crime family. These characters are often domineering, possessive, and good at hiding their emotions. Most of these characters are also known to play it close to the vest. Mafia romance books can be based on the Irish, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Russian families. There is nothing that can be more exciting than a mafia romance with the characters you love.

While this mafia romance novel features a lot of tension, it also features suspense and travel. Readers will be transported to the world of the past with the story of a mafia couple who are bound together in spite of all obstacles. But the mafia background of the two main characters make them even more dangerous, and the reader will be left wanting more. However, the characters in this dark mafia romance novel are still lovable and snarky.

Hidden Truths

If you love mafia romance, you’ll love Hidden Truths. This dark arranged marriage romance is packed with suspense and fast-paced characters. While the romance is fast-paced, the plot is tragic and heartbreaking. You’ll find yourself rooting for the hapless hero, but there is also love and happiness in this book, too. Read Hidden Truths to find out how these characters end up together.

In this book, a mobster falls for a thief. He’s a good guy, so he doesn’t drink or curse, but the thief’s daughter ends up falling for him. Unfortunately, his enemy is jealous of his new love. As a result, the relationship takes a turn for the worse. This is the first time a mobster falls for the daughter of one of his biggest enemies. The story is full of twists and turns, and you’ll be hooked right away.

The protagonists in mafia romance books are the alpha males. These are the family’s head boss or the son of the crime lord. They are often domineering and possessive. Whether they’re Italian, Russian, Polish, or Irish, their alpha males play things close to the vest. These men are not for the faint of heart, and will have the readers gripped from page one.

Mafia romance books are full of intrigue, lust, and danger. These novels are highly addictive, and can even keep you up at night! If you’re looking for an intense romance novel, look no further than mafia romance books. They are sexy, scintillating, and addictive. If you’re interested in finding the perfect romance novel, try Hidden Truths in Mafia Romance Books.