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My Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

This week, your relationship could be a little less than ideal. The Sun is in Cancer, which can be alarming, so Libra weekly love horoscope advises caution. It may be tempting to go to extremes, but the Libra weekly love horoscope warns against extremes. Instead, spend some time reevaluating your priorities and avoid getting fired. Your weekend will be a magical time, but watch out for the Moon in Gemini. It could ignite the passion in a callous heart.

Mercury will shift into Leo on Tuesday

My Libra weekly love horoscope says that this week’s Venus will enter sensitive Cancer. This week, Venus encourages variety in love and relationship. She encourages a richer intimacy and deeper connection. Mercury will shift into Leo on Tuesday, encouraging honesty and speaking your mind. The sun will be in Leo, promoting warmth and pride. Leo is the sign of ambition and grandiosity.

On July 19, Mercury will make its flamboyant debut in Leo, ruling the third house of communication. This aspect will unearth important information and draw positive attention to Librans. A Libran should keep an eye on how she speaks to others to avoid triggering their feelings. Also, this relationship will be based on a deeper connection, rather than on superficial physical attraction.

However, this fiery energy could also lead to arguments, particularly if your partner is comparing you to other couples. While it is perfectly healthy to disagree with your lover, avoid arguing for no reason. While this might be the ideal way to rekindle passion in your love connection, keep in mind that this love horoscope could bring a new set of challenges for singles. In addition to these pitfalls, the Venus/Uranus squares Mars on Tuesday, resulting in arguments over money, recreation, and children.

When Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, you will be able to feel your partner’s affection for you. You will also have a need to be noticed, especially if you’re shy. This energy will make you appear more attractive and attract more partners. A Libran who is comfortable showing off her talents will be a magnet in the next two weeks.

Leo-ruled language zone

On Tuesday, Chiron retrogrades in Libra’s family zone, putting the spotlight on how your love life has developed. On Thursday, Mercury enters Leo’s language zone, inspiring you to share your secrets and open up about your feelings. And on Friday, Leo season begins, bringing new opportunities for travel, exploration, and financial literacy. Your love life will be more rewarding with these powerful forces at play.

On Friday, the sun moves into Leo’s social zone, making you an outgoing, social butterfly. However, avoid revealing taboos for shock value. This week, Leos will be a trend setter. And on Saturday, Ceres enters Leo’s social zone, putting you in a position to save the world. But be careful about what you reveal because your actions could backfire.

On Saturday, Ceres enters Leo, encouraging personal growth and transformation. This is a good time to face your past and embrace your future. On Tuesday, Mercury enters Leo, causing you to make a splash in social circles. Signs of romance will come easily, so make sure you maintain platonic relationships. During this week, your romance might be more serious than usual, so be careful to stay out of the spotlight.

When it comes to your love life, you can expect to be treated like royalty. In intimate relationships, Leo men are generous and passionate. But they can also be tiring on their partners. Leos need someone who can respect their ego and is on the same intellectual level as them. So it’s important to find a Leo-ruled language zone to make sure that your love life goes smoothly.

Venus squares Jupiter in love horoscope

The week of July 25 to July 31 will bring intense drama and passion in the weekly love horoscope for Leos. This love horoscope is fueled by Venus, the planet of love and expansiveness, and Jupiter, the planet of sexuality. A Leo’s deep desire to fall in love may push him or her to tell a crush that he or she likes them. It’s time to take a chance on love – if you’ve been holding off on telling your crushes for a while.

On the 25th, your ego may get in the way of a relationship. It may be challenging to confront a father figure, but relief is just around the corner. On the 25th, Venus squares Jupiter in Libra. This square can be a source of luck, happiness, and opportunity in your love life. This love horoscope for Libra will also highlight your ability to work through difficult issues in your relationships and boost your self-esteem.

This love horoscope for Libra includes a few more signs – Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of Libra and if he or she tries to make a decision based on this, Jupiter will step in and take over. But the week of love and romance for Librans is still full of surprises – and the most exciting part is that there are no major obstacles standing in their way.

A new moon in 7 degrees Cancer on June 28 will activate friendships and aspirations. Cancer is a tender sign, so friends and partners are usually people that you feel safe with. However, Jupiter encourages you to take risks and grow. Jupiter also encourages you to meet people you’ve never met before. Taking risks and expanding your social circle will prove to be rewarding and enriching.

Chiron retrograde in Aries

This week’s Chiron retrograde in Aries in my weekly love horoscope relates to the emotional aspects of relationships. This retrograde can bring up deep insecurities in Aries relationships. However, Aries don’t hide from this kind of insecurity. They have a way of rising above it. Venus, the ruler of home and family dynamics, is now blessing Aries, which will make them receptive to deeper relationships.

This love horoscope will show you how to heal your emotional wounds during Chiron’s retrograde. This is a time to talk about past relationships and reconnect with family and friends. During Chiron retrograde, you should focus on the people you love and who love you. If you are dating someone who is very distant, you should avoid this time.

During Chiron’s retrograde, the sixth house represents wellness and daily rituals. You may need to take time to detach your sense of self-worth from your productivity and focus on creating stronger boundaries. In addition, you may want to seek comfort in nature and your pets. A Libra weekly love horoscope may be a good time to make changes in your life.

People with this retrograde may be more impulsive than normal. They may jump from relationship to relationship because they don’t know who they are without their partner. However, this retrograde can help you realize your patterns and forge your own identity. You may want to make friends with people who don’t know you well yet. The social butterfly in you may also be a bit more impulsive than usual.

Leo-ruled intimacy zone

Your Libra weekly love horoscope suggests you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon form a harmonious sextile to Uranus, ruling the 10th house of career and authority. The Leo moon shines through Sagittarius, occupying the fifth house of pleasure and the ninth house of adventure. These elements all contribute to the romantic atmosphere in your Libra weekly love horoscope.

Your mate is a doting Leo who is most turned on by the company of a adoring lover. Leos have a strong sense of self-worth and will try to impress their lovers with their sexual prowess. These signs are very open in bed, with a deep desire for intimacy and passion. Leos are very passionate and are highly lustful.

Your partner’s mate might be a new friend or co-worker. Alternatively, they might be pursuing a new romantic relationship. In either case, a romantic fling may have opened your mind and helped you grow as a person. Remember, however, that it’s still important to stay grounded and realistic with your partner. The full moon in Capricorn on Wednesday will encourage you to heal your inner wounds in privacy.

If your partner is in a relationship, there’s a high chance of love this week. Jupiter is retrograde in your seventh house and will be in your eighth house from December 28,202 to May 10. This will intensify your desires and fantasies. Also, the sun and Mercury will join hands on April 12 and July 13, making these days particularly romantic for you. While this will be an exciting time for you, your partner will likely have to fight for their affection.