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Persona 5 Romance Guide

You can start a romance in Persona 5 Royal. There are ten characters you can romance in Persona 5. Let’s take a look at the three main ones: Haru Okumura and Futaba. You can choose any of them as a potential love interest. But you must know that a relationship requires certain stats before it will begin. If you don’t meet the required stats, you’ll be stuck in a love triangle.

Persona 5 Royal has ten romanceable characters

Aside from the main female protagonist, Persona 5 Royal also includes ten more romanceable characters. All of these characters are female and spread throughout Tokyo. As a result, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to choosing which romanceable character to pursue. However, the game does encourage players to ignore their confidants and stick to platonic relationships. To avoid this, players should choose obvious dialogue choices that make the romance between the characters clear.

The most obvious romanceable character in Persona 5 Royal is Kasumi Yoshizawa. This character is a graceful gymnast who provides the most satisfying romantic relationship of the main cast. The game’s protagonist, Nobuo Uchiha, is also a good choice if you want to spend time with other characters. But you must be careful not to fall for the wrong person, as they may have a negative impact on your game.

Players can also get a romantic relationship with Kasumi if they reach a certain rank in Confidants. She can be found in Kichijoji during the day, but her confidant rank will be capped at five until later. To reach this rank, players must get Kasumi to rank five before 18 November and continue hanging out with her until the new semester begins. Once their confidant rank reaches six, they will be able to choose the romantic relationship they wish to have.

When it comes to relationships, the best way to choose which of the many Persona 5 characters to romance is to get to know them well and become intimate with them. You can also use gifts and hang out with them to make your relationship stronger. Just keep in mind that the romance options in Persona 5 Royal are limited and can be tricky, so it’s essential to know your choices before choosing which of them to pursue.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

When you play the game, you’ll have to choose between romance with Kasumi Yoshizawa and friendship with Joker. Each of these choices has different benefits, depending on the level of your relationship with Kasumi. In the romance mode, Kasumi has rank 4 confidant perks, which allows her to ambush shadows from a distance. This is beneficial for both Kasumi and Joker, as they both have the ability to protect each other.

If you choose to date Kasumi, you can visit her every Wednesday. To call her, you must be at least level 5 before she appears. The rest of the time, she’ll be in Kichijoji, a brand new zone in Persona 5 Royal. You’ll have to pay a small fee to visit her, but you’ll be able to request a free visit once you’re at level 5. However, if you want to keep going back to visit her, you’ll still need to pay money.

While most women available for romance in Persona 5 are fellow high school students, she’s not the only character who can be romanced. The infamous Joker, for example, used to be a better journalist, but was forced to change careers after a scandal. His unpopular confidante, Kasumi Yoshizawa, is the only romantic position that has a high chance of success.

In the Persona 5 game, Kasumi has a beauty mark in her left eye. Chinese mole readings attribute Kasumi with generosity, honesty, peace, and a desire to help others. But her inherited beauty mark also makes her seem unattainable. Despite her soaring ambition, Kasumi’s death is tragic. Kasumi’s fate was tragic for both of them.

Haru Okumura

Unlike her sister, Haru does not show resentment towards her father. Instead, she reacts to his death with legitimate grief. She believes that her father had become a political rival to Masayoshi Shido after becoming an overly ambitious investor. Although she would like to have more time with her family, she feels that Okumura was only interested in his work and did not care about her. This makes her a good partner in crime, as she is able to make her father change his mind.

However, she is reluctant to let the situation affect her relationship with Makoto. She is studying agriculture and business and has been tutored on running Okumura Foods. Despite her hesitation, she tries to convince Makoto to join her team, but he does not give in to his proposal. She resolves to remain the protagonist’s supporter despite her unhappiness.

Though Haru only appears in the later part of the game, fans of the game will recognize him as a beloved and strong character. The game’s story also features her character as a successful hacker. Haru, a former Phantom Thief, must overcome the pressures of forced betrothal and a difficult boss. This means that the game has a lot of obstacles to overcome before the two can be together.

To start a relationship with Haru, you must first obtain rank four in Kindness and level 9 in Social Link. Once you have reached rank 9, you can initiate a relationship with her and unlock the Conversation option. You can also start a relationship with her by completing the Mementos request. After the relationship, she will grant you a certain ability. If you’re able to get to rank nine, she will eventually appear in the game as a partner in Persona 5.


The romance between Futaba and Sojiro is one of the more unique aspects of the game. While Futaba is very intelligent, she seems to be the least physically fit member of the Phantom Thieves. She is prone to sleeping for days on end and often doesn’t bother going shopping. Sojiro is not bothered by this, though. The two share a strange relationship that focuses on the game’s premise.

If you’d like to romance Futaba in Persona 5, you can do so in various ways. The first way to start dating Futaba is through Social Links, and you’ll need to reach Rank 4 in Kindness and Knowledge to make it happen. After you have acquired these, you can go see Futaba whenever you want. The second method is to complete the “Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket” request to talk to her.

The storyline follows the events in the game before the protagonist meets Futaba. Futaba was a shut-in before she joined the Phantom Thieves and rarely leaves her house. In Persona 5, her character has been reworked. She now provides support to the protagonist and is the main source of intel. However, in the original Persona, Futaba’s character was manipulated by people in power to get dirt on the protagonist.

The other major plot element is the romance between Sojiro and Futaba. While there are some major plot twists and surprises in Persona 5, fans have shared their opinions and experiences with the game. There are even fan-created lists of the best and worst romances. In addition to fan-made lists, they also provide spoilers. The first is a fan-made list of the best and worst romances.


The character of Makoto in Persona 5 is often misunderstood, but that is changing. Now, players can develop a close relationship with Makoto and unlock various skills by working together. The game’s social link is the Joker, who helps Makoto understand the world around her. Makoto is an honor student who isn’t used to socializing with people her age, so the Joker can give her a reminder to be brave and try to make friends outside of the Phantom Thieves. Joker also gives Makoto suggestions or questions about her current circumstances.

When dating Makoto, players will need to complete the Romantic Path with him. After beating the game, Makoto will learn Protect, a new power for his persona. This ability is important for avoiding fatal attacks and gaining respect. You will need to be ranked up to complete this quest. If you are unable to finish the story, you can still have some fun with Makoto by trying to reach Rank 9 in the game.

If you like the idea of multiple women, you can go through Persona 5’s Multiple Romance section and romance several different women. You can even romance multiple women at the same time. However, be careful, as this section can be very addictive. Make sure that you play the game in multiplayer mode, as you can then switch between multiple women at the same time. While it may seem difficult, it’s not impossible to get the perfect girl in Persona 5 by playing with more than one person.

Another important option for completing Persona 5 is Joker. Although he’s not a Phantom Thief, this character is a good choice for romance as he is one of the best confidants and gives the player the opportunity to swap the team members when fighting. This ability is invaluable and helps the game make the battles more dynamic. If you are a Persona 5 fan, you should consider playing the Joker version of the game.