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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is a strategy game developed by Koei and published in 2020 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It was first released in Japan on January 16, 2020. It is available in Taiwan as well. The following article will give you an overview of the game’s basics. This article also goes over the characters and map. You can also learn more about the game’s diplomacy.


The basic gameplay of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is based on a turn-based strategy game. The players have a large number of options, such as expanding the territory of the kingdoms they control, establishing trade routes, and engaging in direct combat. While the game is fairly flexible, it does lack depth and variety. If you’re new to the series, the tutorial is an excellent place to start.

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV, the number of policies you can initiate is determined by the doctrine of the ruler. For example, Sun Jian’s Noble doctrine grants two policy slots per branch. Increasing the level of the doctrine unlocks more policy slots but increases the costs of each policy. To raise doctrine levels, players can capture settlements, win battles, or complete attainment-type events.


While the game’s gameplay may seem simple, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV has several modes, characters, and events. Some of these are unique to the game, while others are not. The game’s campaign mode focuses on the history of the Three Kingdoms period. Players can use their strategy skills to make the right decisions for the Kingdoms’ future. The game also includes several modes, including strategy, and features many characters and events.

The character creation feature allows players to create their own characters, giving them the stats and abilities they desire. Players can choose to be the leader of a new faction, a noble with no skills, or a simple incompetent. Regardless of their chosen path, their characters are unique and can vary greatly. Once a player has a solid foundation, they can then proceed to conquer neighboring lands.

The game has over 1,000 officers. Each officer has their own character trait and stats, and their attributes will increase their abilities in battle and administration. Character traits can also affect how well a character performs against foreign tribes. As public order falls, these tribes might invade and try to create trouble. Players must manage these forces to ensure the safety of their kingdoms. Fortunately, the game includes a variety of character traits.

The game includes free DLC that will expand the game’s roster. Players can purchase a variety of custom officers, including ancient ones. Other DLCs include the Ancient Officers pack, which includes historical officers from other time periods. Another free DLC is the Atelier Ryza pack, which offers anime-themed characters. The game will be available for PC, PS4, and Switch. You can purchase the game in Japan and overseas in early 2020.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV features a new painting feature which allows players to paint the map at the hexagonal level, with each province containing a different type of color. The map also allows players to assign officers to different posts and to increase the amount of resources they have available. In addition, the map is easier to navigate and offers better customization than its predecessor. While the map is easy to use, it’s also difficult to read – the UI doesn’t have helpful floating tooltips to make this process easier.

While the overall experience of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is similar to other RPG games, its combat is notably clunky. It lacks the depth of other games in the genre and is a chore to get through, especially when you’re dealing with the in-game diplomacy. However, the focus on politics does elevate the game, and its increased replay value makes it worth checking out.

In a move that feels more like an RPG than a strategy game, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV’s map displays captured territory. Its simplified color system pays homage to the PC version of the original game, released in 1985. While the new map is more visually appealing, it remains true to the premise of the game: players will try to spread their strategies across the vast China map.

The Three Kingdoms franchise offers four new scenarios. Each scenario offers different paths toward unification of China. As a result, you can play as one of the unique warlords who ruled each of the three kingdoms in different stages of the game’s time-line. The game offers different paths to unify the nation and conquer territory. If you want to enjoy this strategy-based game, consider a demo.


If you’ve played the base game, then you know the value of adding Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack to your experience. But for those who love more traditional RTS games, this expansion doesn’t add much. Despite its modest price tag, the expansion packs do improve the game’s core gameplay and offer new ways to increase your wealth. The shaky core mechanics of RTK are still there, but the extra DLC can make it worthwhile.

One of the nifty new features in the Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack is geographic advantages, which provide bonuses for controlling provinces. For example, the Northern Jing Province contains four cities, granting the player Academic perk. Controlling three of these cities will increase the officer’s doctrine and EXP. However, this feature has its limitations. You can also get a bonus for a few provinces if you’re not the ruler of them.

If you’re a history and strategy buff, then Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle may be for you. This game’s balancing of three ominous nations is an interesting concept. However, there are some areas that could have been made more streamlined and simplified. For example, the game’s campaign could be shorter and less complex. And the graphics are surprisingly nice.

The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack adds a variety of new features and officers, such as a Chronology page and new scenarios. In addition, the game has a new mode, War Chronicles Mode, which acts like a mini-scenario with specific objectives and turns. Players who complete these missions will receive a unique officer and score. And, of course, there are plenty of other things to do in Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack.

Expansion pack

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack adds several new officer traits and a Chronology page for the game. Players can also customize the appearance of their characters with the help of an editor. The game’s visuals are superb and the soundtrack evokes the era. Players can enjoy a full 35 years of history with this game.

The game is also available in a bundle pack for existing owners of the original, including the Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack. This bundle contains both expansion packs, and you’ll get a few new bonus scenarios depending on which platform you’re playing on. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game is a wonderful change of pace from Civilization VI.

The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack is a welcome addition to the game, but it’s a bit pricey for what it is. It adds a lot of new content to the base game, including trade with other nations in Eurasia, foreign-language support, and a War Chronicles mode. While the Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack is an interesting addition to RTK, the game’s core mechanics remain a bit bland.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is a strategy game where you control a group of characters and conquer different regions. The game features hexagonal tiles for each region, and to truly rule a region, you must control both the core and the surrounding tiles. The players must plan their moves and watch the battle progress to make the best use of their resources. Once they’ve done so, the game advances and becomes a fun and rewarding adventure.