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What Are Grace Gems?

Grace Gems are a series of prayer books written by well-known Christian authors. These books include audio, scripture, sermons, and other resources that help Christian believers pray and meditate on God’s word. These books also serve as Bible study guides, focusing on teaching Christian values and principles. You can buy a single volume or download individual books to read whenever you have some time to spare. If you don’t have a Bible, Grace Gems are an excellent way to supplement your daily prayer time.

Authors of devotional writings

Whether you’re looking for a devotional book or a journal to keep your thoughts, you can find inspiration from these works. Devotional writings are often written by authors who know how to encourage readers to experience God’s love through scriptures and reflections by the author. These books often contain reflections that readers can also record for themselves. These books also offer ways to apply these ideas to one’s life.

Service to special needs children

One way to help children with special needs be a part of church life is to hold a service geared specifically to them. The St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Burlington has a service for special needs children called Grace2Go, which is an all inclusive, nonjudgmental service. This special event is held on a Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. and is a great way to connect with special needs children and learn about the love of God.