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What Are the Best Psychic TV Shows?

If you’re looking for some great TV shows about psychics, this article is for you. From Seatbelt Psychic to Long Island Medium, you’ll find what you’re looking for! Plus, we’ll review some of the most popular episodes of these shows, too! Listed below are some of our favorites:

Seatbelt Psychic

“Seatbelt Psychic” stars Thomas John, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and sought-after psychic mediums. The show, produced by James Corden’s Fulwell 73 production company, follows John as he chauffeurs unsuspecting passengers. He answers their questions by communicating with the dead. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I recommend checking it out.

“Long Island Medium” is another popular show that has a psychic twist. The show features an eccentric medium, Theresa Caputo, who can’t control her contact with the dead. The show features on-the-spot readings, and viewers are often stunned at the content and depth of the information revealed. A good show to watch if you are interested in learning more about medium services.

Another show to watch if you want to get a dose of real-life mediumship is “Friends.” This show was on CBS from 2006 to 2010 and depicted the struggles of both mediumship and psychic abilities. In this show, Love Hewitt’s struggles and successes helped her develop her psychic abilities and channel spirit messages into their world. However, this show is still a work in progress, so check IMDb before watching it.

Psychic TV shows are becoming more popular, but there is one drawback. The actors are prone to crying in real life, and some actors are more vulnerable than others. This can affect the authenticity and truth of the readings. Also, the actors are not necessarily the most credible psychics, so be sure to check the ratings of the show before buying tickets. But don’t be fooled, the show is still good!

Long Island Medium

If you’re looking for a show to watch during your downtime, why not watch one of the many psychic TV shows on the market? The concept behind these shows is fascinating, but they also invite cynicism from skeptics. Although the shows feature psychics with varying approaches, it’s fun to watch them as they explore different aspects of the paranormal. Here are some of the most popular shows on television starring psychics.

Psychic TV shows usually have some form of investigation, such as Psychic Detectives and Psychic Investigators, which document cases solved by psychics. Other shows feature mediums who communicate with the dead or the disabled. Still other series follow competing psychics. These shows can help you choose which one to watch, depending on the type of psychic you’re looking for. The genre of the show may also make it hard to decide which to watch.

For example, Sci Fi Channel recently aired “Psychic at Large” in March. Although Sci Fi is known for its downmarket programming, the show’s star, Char Margolis, is a self-described spiritual-intuitive. Char looks like Agnes Moorehead from “Bewitched” days. In her show, Margolis haggles with car lot managers by demanding $1,000 off the list price for relatives. She also gives herself an apple.

Another great show starring a psychic is Medium. It’s a paranormal drama wherein a mother passes on her psychic gifts to her daughters. Her powers are so powerful that she uses her psychic abilities to solve crimes. In addition to investigating crimes, Allison DuBois works to prove the truth to nonbelievers. The show is also a great source of entertainment for a non-skeptic.

Ghost Whisperer

Emmy-nominated television show Ghost Whisperer is a unique blend of standalone episodes and a deep underlying storyline. The series is consistently a tearjerker, with eye-popping effects and scares that leave viewers reeling. The underlying premise of the show is to give the dead a second chance at reconciliation with the living. But for those skeptics among us, Ghost Whisperer is just the right show.

The show follows the journey of a woman who has the ability to see the dead. This extraordinary ability to communicate with spirit worlds has led her to assist thousands of people to make amends with their deceased loved ones. Using her abilities as a medium, she helps earthbound spirits make peace with the living. However, her efforts must be balanced with the fact that she has to convince the living that she isn’t crazy.

While Ghost Whisperer is considered one of the best psychic TV shows, other shows that feature the paranormal are also worthwhile to watch. In one episode, the show featured actress Sonia Braga as a mother who sought to reconcile her dead son with his estranged father. Similar to Ghost Whisperer, shows featuring professional medium John Edward serve a similar purpose: communicating with the dead can help you make peace with yourself and find contentment with your life.

Although Ghost Whisperer takes place in the spirit world, its characters also appear in the webisodes. It was the second-season finale of the show in which Zach was enslaved to the Dark Side. He crossed over in season three episode 16. Marc appeared in season four’s episode 21. However, the storyline of this show isn’t quite as complex as the one in Ghost Whisperer.

Ghostly Encounters

Are you a skeptic who has trouble believing in ghosts? If you are, then you will love Ghostly Encounters, a television show featuring a psychic medium and a veteran police detective. The show takes you on an exciting journey through haunted locations and tries to prove that ghosts are real. You can find past episodes on Netflix and you can also catch up on them with Hulu Plus. If you’re a paranormal fan, you should check out the CW network’s Ghostly Encounters, which features a psychic medium and a retired police officer. There are over 150 episodes of this popular show.

If you’re new to psychic television, you should definitely try Ghostly Encounters. This show is Canadian in origin, and the hosts have the same demeanor as Rod Serling. It takes place at a cemetery, so the stories are often very real. You can also watch Ghost Adventures and try to meet ghosts of famous people. But before you get too excited, remember that the show is not a reality show!

Ghostly Encounters is among the best psychic tv shows, but the quality of its investigations is questionable. The on-screen investigators use electromagnetic field detectors to detect any changes in the electromagnetic field. The sensors display a series of lights – the more lights, the greater the electromagnetic change. Some believe that ghosts are made up of myths and lies. But that is a common misconception.

Supernatural has launched its seventh season on Oct. 15. This show’s stars Vincent D’Onofrio and Ryan Bergara have been investigating haunted locations for over 30 years. Ghost Adventures stars Zak Bagans and uses top-quality equipment to investigate haunted locations. There are many ghosts and evil spirits in this show, so the audience may get a little too excited.

Dead Famous

Dead Famous Psychic has a unique format and premise. A psychic medium named Henry has worked with famous people. His main gimmick is scribbling, and his visions come to life when he scribbles on a pad of paper. Clients often gasp when he opens his leatherbound A4 pad. The show features life after death scenes familiar to clairvoyants, including cryptic messages and universal messages.

There are two popular TV shows featuring ghosts: Psychic Medium Derek Acorah and “Ghost Whisperer.” A corooned woman was rescued from a prison in 2005 after a celebrity was contacted by a medium named Browne. Psychic Browne told Amanda Berry’s mother that she was dead when she was kidnapped in 2004. Amanda Berry was later found alive, escaping from the captor, Ariel Castro.

Henry’s Hollywood Medium has an excellent reputation for identifying celebrities. His clients have a range of personalities, from wealthy to slumdog. He has a knack for identifying celebrities, including the deceased. Henry has seen a woman with a birthmark on her lip, but he thinks she has a connection to actress Bette Davis, who had an eyebrow drawn on her cheek in a famous movie.

“Psychic at Large” was another popular show on the Sci Fi Channel. While the channel is not known for its upmarket programming, this show was a hit with viewers. It featured self-described spiritual-intuitive Char Margolis, who looked a lot like Agnes Moorehead during the “Bewitched” days. The show also featured a bizarre routine involving haggling for a used car, like asking for $1,000 off the list price for the relatives of the car lot manager.