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What is a Mandarin Garnet?

Have you ever wondered what is a Mandarin garnet? Here’s a quick look at what they are, how they differ from the Spessartite garnet, and what they mean. It’s not just the name that’s important, though. These gemstones have unique properties that make them highly desirable in the jewellery industry. Read on to find out more about these precious stones. Also known as “Fanta orange garnets”, they are highly sought after for their colour and unique beauty.

Spessartite garnets

Spessartites are naturally occurring colored stones. They are usually orange, tangerine orange, or reddish orange. The color of spessartite will vary from day to night. This orange color is due to the manganese content in the stone. Spessartites are mined from Namibia, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. Spessartites can be cleaned using warm soapy water. Avoid acids and heat to prevent damage to the stone.

The price of spessartite garnets varies greatly. The Nigerian variety, once a collector’s stone, is now a common addition to jewelry. Fine Namibia spessartites can fetch over $1000/ct. There have been some large mandarin garnets sold for over eight carats! But if you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper version, you can check Etsy.

This stone has a high refractive index, which makes it suitable for daily wear. Its high refractive index makes it easier to shine than other gemstones. And its red color is unmatched by any other natural gemstone! These are just a few reasons to buy spessartite. It’s a beautiful and versatile gemstone. So go ahead and buy some! But remember that if you’re looking for a truly spectacular piece of gemstone, make sure to research the various types before purchasing a piece.

This stone was discovered in Namibia in 1991. Then more were discovered in Nigeria and Mozambique. The orange tones of these Namibian stones are the most intense and have been compared to the color of the famous orange beverage, Fanta. Therefore, these gemstones were named Mandarin Spessartite Garnets. The difference in their hues was so subtle, that only experienced gemstone specialists could distinguish them.

Mandarin garnets

Mandarin garnets were first discovered in Namibia more than ten years ago. They are famous for their unique colours and brilliance. These gemstones come from a region that experiences extreme temperatures. Although their origin is in Africa, they have a long history in the gemstone industry. Today, the price of mandarin garnets has decreased dramatically thanks to their discovery. In addition, they are becoming more affordable, thanks to increased demand.

A mandarin garnet is bright orange in color with brown undertones. It can range in color from deep red orange to ripe peach. Wearing orange is an assertion of individuality, and it is associated with risk-taking and a spirit of adventure. Wearing orange also indicates confidence, which is an important characteristic for extroverts. But the color is not only attractive to women. Men, too, are smitten with mandarin garnet.

Although garnets share common properties, their molecular compositions vary significantly. Take a hand illustration for reference. The atoms on each finger can interchange, resulting in different species. While the hand structure and related properties of garnets remain the same, the color of these stones can vary significantly. A mandarin garnet, for example, contains more than one atom per pixel. This means that a mandarin garnet may look different in certain lights, but it is still a great gemstone for jewelry.

Some of the best mandarin garnets have over one carat. This is a rare gemstone and is coveted for its color, brilliance, and hardness. However, despite its rarity, mandarin garnets are still very beautiful and highly valued. You can purchase one of these gemstones as a gift for a loved one. The next time you buy a mandarin garnet, remember to treat yourself to a piece of history.


The Meaning of Mandarin Garnet is “bringing back your power.” It has many uses. It will free your mind from the burden of worries and anxiety. It will also make you more charming. The energy from the Mandarin Garnet will make you shine. This gemstone is very expensive compared to other types of Garnet. It can be purchased from jewelry stores. If you are considering purchasing a piece of jewelry, make sure you know what the meaning of the stone is first.

The mandarin garnet is a vibrant orange with a tinge of brown. This gemstone comes in a range of subtle hues and is often associated with joie de vivre and individuality. It also signals that you are a risk-taker. The colour orange represents confidence and extroverts love wearing it. If you’re looking for the right gemstone to wear for a special occasion, you should consider purchasing a Mandarin Garnet.

The orange mandarin garnet comes from Tanzania. This stone was once scarce, but today it can be purchased in reliable quantities. Though these gemstones were once considered rare, there are a few factors that help you buy the best Mandarin Garnet for your specific needs. If you’re considering purchasing a Mandarin Garnet ring, then you should consider these factors. The color of the stone is important as it represents the personality of the wearer.

The orange red of the mandarin garnet is an excellent choice for engagement rings or as a pendant. It is highly durable and has a hardness rating of 7.5. Wearing a Mandarin Garnet will add a splash of color to your look and will make you stand out among other gems. If you’re considering purchasing a Mandarin Garnet, make sure to read up on its meaning. There are many benefits to this stone.


The mandarin garnet stone is radiant orange with a reddish orange undertone. This stone has a high refractive index, which is responsible for its unusually powerful brilliance. This gemstone is particularly well suited for people who are looking to develop their creative energies, because it encourages the user to step outside his or her comfort zone and pursue his or her ideas. Among the properties of this gemstone are:

This stone is the most valuable among all gemstones due to its rarity and high value. It has a pleochroism of 1.6, making it the most expensive gem among the Spessartite family. Spessartites are found in various orange tones, and a pure orange gem is known as Fanta Garnet. This gemstone is also quite easy to clean: all you need to do is use warm soapy water to remove any dirt or debris. Then simply wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

The mandarin garnet gemstone was first discovered in the Namibian region in the 1990s, and is a scarce stone. It is sought after as an adornment gem due to its eye-popping shade, splendor, brilliance, and durability. In 1998, a spessartite garnet mine was established in Nigeria. Since then, it has been widely used for making jewelry and other accessories.

As the stone of the fire element, the Mandarin Garnet will assist individuals in expressing their true feelings. It will encourage the user to discuss taboos and be spontaneous in their interactions. It will eliminate fear of defeat and increase self-esteem. It can also support the male and female reproductive frameworks. The Mandarin Garnet stone will bolster the kidneys and bladder, and can even help with Reynaud’s infection and poor blood flow. It may also upgrade prejudices and improve self-esteem.


You may be wondering how to maximize your Mandarin garnet’s value. While the value of fine mandarin garnet will vary widely depending on the size and color of the gem, they can command hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are many ways to make your investment go further. Here are a few tips to maximize your Mandarin garnet’s value. This precious gem has many uses and can be found in a variety of settings, including rings, earrings, and pendants.

The name Mandarin garnet is given to a spessartite gemstone with orange or red coloration. This gem was once the only source for this type of stone. Although similar stones have been discovered in countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria, there is no official definition for the gemstone’s color. This may be because some gem dealers preferred the term “mandarin garnet” over the other. There is no official definition for this gemstone, so you may have to use your own judgment.

Because mandarin garnet is an intense orange with a hint of brown, it is associated with the energy, individuality, and willingness to take risks. Wearing a mandarin garnet ring or pendant is a declaration of confidence and self-assurance. Extroverts are particularly drawn to the color, as it evokes feelings of fun and joie de vivre. In general, wearing orange will make you appear more assertive, bold, and confident.

A recent discovery in Tanzania has increased the supply of orange mandarin garnet, and prices are expected to remain stable in the coming year. Since the gemstones found in Tanzania are alluvial deposits, their supply will probably be steady for the rest of this year. Unlike diamonds, however, this rare gem is relatively easy to find in rough form, so it is worth a gamble. The price is right – mandarin garnets are still highly sought after.