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What is My Capricorn Love Weekly Horoscope?

If you’ve ever wondered what your relationship prospects are, your Capricorn Love Weekly Horoscope can give you some answers. As a practical, conservative sign, Capricorns tend to avoid pain and hurt, and they are more likely to take a step back when it comes to love. However, if you’ve ever been in love, you may be curious to find out how your personality and relationships are likely to change after the New Moon on July 21.

Mercury enters Capricorn

The week of July 8th starts with the sun entering the fire sign of Leo. This is a great time for Leos to seek out love. They are curious about the world and what lies beyond their own perspective. A romantic connection could be in the cards for Leos, who can easily accept love as a way of overcoming personal obstacles. Meanwhile, the Mercury in Leo weekly love horoscope will be positive for the Leos as well, as the planetary conjunctions with Jupiter and the Sun help Leos to see what they want in relationships.

Those looking for love in Leo should be aware of Chiron’s retrograde period, which begins on Tuesday. Chiron’s presence in Leo can help Sags understand what their relationship needs are and make changes accordingly. Leo season kicks off on Friday, so it’s a good time to explore new ideas, learn new things, and expand your horizons.

Venus triggers a flirtatious rendezvous or romance in the workplace

The planet Venus has a sexy energy this week and could trigger a flirtatious encounter at work, or perhaps even a romantic rendezvous in the workplace. On July 18, her square to Pluto, the planet of love, could bring up feelings about the future. On July 19, Mercury and the sun will form an opposition to Pluto, which could be very triggering and force you to face difficult truths. The moon will also be conjunct with Mars in Taurus, the planet of home and inner feelings.

In Capricorn weekly love horosco, Venus also rules the fourth house of home and the expansive ninth house of worldly pursuits. Since Venus is in the sixth house of routines, this could give Taurus natives a reason to make some changes in their daily schedule. The new love interest may be a way to refresh a stale work schedule or a boring workout routine.

Dogmatic beliefs might cause romantic conflicts

A Leo and a Capricorn might have problems if they try to compare their sex or sexuality. While Leos are spontaneous and direct, Capricorns tend to buy time and think before they let their passion out. Their opposite traits can lead to conflicts in love and romance. Whether it is a friendship that has turned into love or a passionate affair, a Leo and a Capricorn relationship may be a challenge.

Leo enters expressive Leo on July 21

Despite the lack of significant planetary activity in the relationship sector this week, this is an ideal time to try something new. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday and will boost your romantic ideas. You may find yourself focusing on romantic, creative or joyous topics. You may meet someone who shares your passions and wants to make you happy. The week concludes with a trine between Mercury and Jupiter in your sign.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Leo, bringing the desire to brag about yourself or your partner. Your Leo lover may be looking for someone who is both intellectual and playful. You may want to find someone who shares your intellectual interests, but who can make you laugh, too. But be aware of the limits of this energy and do not push it unless you know it can work.

Venus opposes Pluto on July 18

If you want to improve your communication with your partner and create a better love life, Venus is the sign for you! This week, she moves into Cancer, and this will increase her desire for material things. Venus is also ruled by Neptune, so this is a good time to work on improving your cash flow. Mercury and Sun also get together on July 16, trine Neptune. On July 18, Venus opposes Pluto, putting you in a financial position. You’ll have a hard time balancing your work and love life with your partner.

On July 18, Venus and Mercury form a trine to Neptune in your relationship sector. This will help you expand your mind and increase your confidence. However, the following week, both Mercury and Venus oppose Pluto, adding tension. You may find yourself focusing on monetary issues instead of romance. So beware of any tension between Venus and Pluto!

Jupiter in Leo

In my Capricorn weekly love hororoscope, I’ve got a lot to look forward to this week, thanks to the influence of Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is a planet of luck and growth, and he’s also activated in the relationship zone this week. That means you can expect some exciting, sexy encounters with dreamboats, dreamy people, and the like.

The first week of May will be a time for relationship-building. Venus and Jupiter are both in Aries this week, making it a great time to communicate with your partner. This week, you might have some hiccups in communication with your partner, but you can stay calm and focused on reaching a mutual understanding and compromise ahead of a lunar eclipse on May 15.

Moon in Aries conjunct Mars in relationship sector

If you’re single, this week’s love horoscope includes the Moon in Aries, which rules the seventh house of agreements and significant others. This powerful new moon can provide passionate momentum and inspiration for your love life. You may also experience the birth of a new career or even meet your parents! Next week, the moon in Aries will connect with the go-getter Mars in Taurus in your relationship sector.

Taurus needs help when they need it, so it’s important to put aside pride and get behind a cause that’s close to their hearts. Their ruler, Venus, is in the travel sector, which may mean revisiting a foreign film they’ve watched or brushing up on a language. Lastly, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in the relationship sector, encouraging spontaneous acts and changes of heart.

Sun in Leo

The Leo season starts on Friday, July 22. Leo is a sign of consistency and confidence. Its ruler, the Sun, rules this sign. During this time, you may also be overconfident. Confidence can carry you far. But be careful. Too much confidence can turn out to be a hindrance. So be careful with your communication with potential love interests.

Your relationship could get rocky during the week of July 19, when your Sun opposes Pluto. You might feel betrayed or resentful. On July 21, Mercury enters Leo, which will help you learn more about yourself. This season will bring lots of heat to your home. You will want to keep yourself cool, as you may have to confront painful truths.

New moon in Leo

This week, the New Moon in Leo will bring peace of mind to your relationship. The New Moon in Leo also brings you positive attention from others. Mercury will make its flamboyant debut in Leo on July 19th. This will bring you information you need to know and the attention you deserve. Let go of the need to control others, especially your partner.

A new moon in Leo can bring a fresh start to your romantic life. A creative project can be undertaken. Self-care will also be encouraged. A new moon in Leo is a good time to make resolutions and set intentions. Try to plan an event or vacation for this month to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This new moon in Leo is a good time to take a break from work, but be sure to prioritize your personal growth.

Mars in relationship sector

When Mars moves into a relationship sector in my Capricorn weekly love horoscope, there will be plenty of opportunities for the two of you to spend some quality time together. Your partner will be interested in your ambitions, your interests, and your ideas. It will be easy to get jealous of someone who has Mars in this position. But be sure that you don’t go too far!

You’ll need to make some adjustments in your schedule if you want to find love in this sign. Mars will be traveling backwards from October 30 to January 12, 2023, so it may be best to make adjustments in your work schedule to make time for romance. Likewise, your relationship will be enhanced by a connection between Jupiter and Neptune on October 22. Communicate with your partner and let them know when you need to get some help from them.