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What is My Capricorn Weekly Forecast?

What is my Capricorn weekly forecast? This week, the pugilist Mars opposes the strange, weird Uranus. A waning crescent moon moves through many aspects this week, dancing with various planets and the retrograde North Node. Mars is sextile to Lilith midweek, so you might feel the urge to fight or get out of your own way. These aspects are a good time to examine hidden motives and reevaluate them.

Mercury enters Leo

As the Sun and Mercury enter Leo in the tenth house of Leo this week, they bring opportunities to the tenth house of career and public visibility. The Moon brings a significant message to you midweek, likely in the form of a major partnership. This week is ripe with opportunities and the next four weeks will be filled with plenty of them. This is an excellent time to move from a position of cautiousness to one of bold action.

The New Moon in Leo, on Monday, may bring you a chance to reconnect with someone you care about. It’s also a great time to set more firm boundaries in communication. Beware of unexpected disturbances, as Mercury’s clash with Mars and Uranus will jar the balance. But it is an opportunity to learn lessons about how to best use your time. It’s your birthday next week, so take the time to list the things you want to manifest this week.

The Sun is in Leo on Friday, July 22, and Mars enters Taurus on July 17. Both of these planets are involved with institutions and gatekeepers of advancement. This means that you should be more focused on the people who open doors. On July 28, Mars moves back into Capricorn, the seventh house of community and public visibility. As a result, the week will be more prone to a sense of overconfidence.

Sun enters Leo

The Sun enters Leo next week in Capricorn, but you don’t have to worry about losing it just yet. You’ve got a week to get used to the change. Until Friday, the Sun will stay in your sign. During this time, the 12th house of healing will be activated. It will be an excellent time to take stock of your life and work out any kinks.

This week, you’re focusing on the emotional side of your life, and this can cause some issues. You may have to cut off phone contact and create a private space. You’ll also want to make sure you’re away from meddling relatives on Tuesday. Then, on Saturday, Ceres enters Leo, allowing Taurus to focus on their feelings and allow themselves to grieve.

On Tuesday, Chiron turns retrograde in the family sector, helping Caps understand the evolution of their relationship. On Wednesday, Mercury enters Leo’s intimacy zone, inspiring Leos to open up. On Friday, Leo season begins, allowing you to explore the world and your financial security. If you’re interested in learning more about Leo, it’s time to do so. The Sun will also be in Capricorn on Friday, paving the way for an exciting new year!

Venus enters Cancer

You can benefit from the transit of Venus in Cancer, which will take place on 7 August 2022. This transit will affect all twelve zodiac signs. If you’re a Cancer native, you can expect to enjoy the amenities that come with this planet. If you’re in education, Venus’ transit in Cancer will be beneficial for success and ace competitive examinations. You’ll also notice that Venus can have an impact on your love life, so you should expect some emotional tension. However, if you’re married, this transit will allow you to resolve any disputes that have arisen in your relationship. During the transit, you can expect to take part in religious activities, such as pilgrimages, because this planet will be transiting the sign of Cancer.

For Pisces, Venus in Cancer can improve their love life. It illuminates their love life zone, bringing a surge of romance, sex, and fun. Pisces can expect to have plenty of action, tons of first dates, and a much nicer time with their partner. According to Jake Register, a Cosmopolitan contributor, “Pisces should expect to experience intense passion during Venus’s Cancer week.”

Pluto reawakens hidden motives

This week, you can expect to see more intensity. You may be afraid of getting involved with something new because of Pluto reawakening your hidden motives in Capricorn. Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are bringing you more drive and intensity than usual. Make some changes to your appearance to appeal to other Taurus. The sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune on Sunday, which could give you Sunday scaries. On Monday, Mars in Scorpio forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, which can make you feel more creative and original. This combination can be a boon to your career, but it can also result in big ideas and big results.

Tuesday and Wednesday are tough days for working. Your home and family life may suffer because of extra work hours and overtime. You may also need to put in extra hours at work. But remember that you may be able to get away with it if you follow your heart and heed your hidden motives. Venus forms a conjunction with Pluto on Saturday, encouraging you to express your gratitude and appreciation.

Mercury protects by reawakening your softer side

On Sunday, Mercury squares Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees. This aspect will bring growing and grounding energy to your life. If you’ve been feeling a bit too harsh and cynical lately, this trine could help you relax and re-awaken your compassionate side. Capricorn represents hard work and accomplishment through struggle, and this transit can help you do both.

Today, Mercury goes direct from the 9th house of communication, and he’s making you crave deep conversations. This may be a good thing, since the Full Moon falls in your fourth house of family and home, so you’ll be less likely to be as annoying as you usually are. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Venus and Neptune are making contacts with dreamers, making it easier than ever to find someone who’ll share your dreamy side.

On the 9th, Mercury goes direct, helping you to reestablish harmony in relationships. On the 13th, Mercury shifts signs, allowing you to make important decisions. When dealing with others, focus on conversations that have a purpose. You’ll come across as a serious thinker, but Mercury in Capricorn is more likely to recognize weak points than strengths in other people’s ideas.

Pluto reawakens people’s intensity

This week, motivational Mercury comes into opposition with revolutionary Pluto in Capricorn. Both planets are retrograde, so this energy can bring an intense feeling of nostalgia or acute reluctance to move forward. It’s a good time to ask for favors, make your case, or discover mysteries. You can even channel your inner detective and uncover a mystery. In fact, Friday is a great day to start a new project or find out more about a family member’s past.

This week’s influence on your personal life may bring about a clash between Pluto and Mercury. This can bring out hidden motives that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Also, Mercury enters Leo in midweek, re-awakening your desire to show off your talents. During the next two weeks, your personal beauty and appearance will be a magnet for others.

Venus will also be in partnership house for the next four weeks. You may attract sweetness, care, and generosity to yourself and others. However, this energy is also heightened by Mercury in opposition to Pluto, the power planet. The planet helps us to accept help and become more generous and accepting of it. The next four weeks will be a time of intense focus in relationships, and you may need to work harder to make a career move.

Venus protects by reawakening your softer side

The planet Venus has spent the last four months in Capricorn, allowing Capricorn to tap into its softer side and protect themselves and their loved ones. Capricorn is a very practical and serious sign, but if Venus is in this sign for three months, you can harness its practicality and resolve to improve your love life and professional relationships. Capricorn is usually at work a lot, and this is an excellent time to make those connections.

During the Venus in Capricorn transit, Aquarius will seek people who are reliable, steady, and ambitious. They will also seek relationships with people who are willing to go the distance for their partner. Moreover, Venus in Capricorn will help a Libran develop lasting relationships, rather than chasing after fleeting love interests or fair-weather flirtationships.

This transit of Venus will enhance your love life, and you will be more open and more romantic than ever. In fact, Venus in Capricorn can help you perfect your existing relationship or create a new one. However, Venus will run into the planets Saturn and Pluto on February 18 and 22, both of which are very heavy days for relationships. If you are considering a relationship with a significant other, the Venus in Capricorn transit will make it much more intense and rewarding.