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What is My Weekly Aries Horoscope?

This week, the Moon will be transiting the fifth, sixth, and seventh houses of your horoscope. Your first house will be ruled by Venus, with Rahu and Saturn aspectsing it. You’ll find yourself facing many challenges this week, so try to remain calm and collected. If your family is on a trip, it’s time to plan it together, and the elders of your household can help you plan it as well.

Mercury in direct mode

This week, you can expect to have an interesting and busy social life. Your social life is likely to be boosted by the return of Mercury in direct mode. Your career will also see an upswing, as Mercury will station direct on the 3rd. Venus will also help you enjoy more public approval. Your news may be shocking or exciting, so make sure you keep this in mind when deciding what to share and what to keep to yourself.

The start of your week will be set by Monday. You are likely to get ahead of yourself, since Gemini is the sign of twins. This means you should be prepared for some unexpected delays. But remember that Mercury will not leave retrograde until the end of the week, so take your time and be patient with your plans. Fortunately, there are some ways to deal with Mercury’s retrograde effect.

Your relationships will be more meaningful this week, as you are likely to expand your understanding and reach beyond what you thought was possible. However, you may want to try out new things to get the full experience. Try new things, or expand your circle of acquaintances. You might also need to ask for deadline extensions. You may want to reconsider your career options, and Mercury in direct mode can be helpful in that regard.

Venus conjunct Mercury

On May 11, the last quarter moon in Pisces moves into its final degree of retrograde motion, marking the transition out of past energy. This same day, Mars moves into the sign of Aries, bringing with it the planet of passion, vitality, and assertiveness. This transit will strengthen the playful side of Capricorn, allowing them to express themselves more freely.

Venus is the planet of love, so when the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, you will be more likely to experience a sense of arousal and desire to explore the deeper meanings of love and romance. On May 24, Venus will make an official aspect to Saturn in your sign, suggesting an official relationship. You may even find yourself in the midst of a romance where you can rekindle old flames and make new ones.

When this planet is in harmony with the other planets, such as Jupiter, it can initiate new conversations. It is also in harmony with the power planet, Pluto. As a result, you may experience deep breakthroughs in your relationships, especially at home. Mercury is also in the house of relationships and will meet with Neptune and Pluto, making the process of expressing old memories easier.

Chiron retrograde in communication zone

As you may already know, Chiron Retrograde will enter the Aries sign on July 19. After that, it will be chugging backwards through the sign until December 23. Aries will have the time to assess their lives, and the retrograde will help them to do so. Whether they’re focusing on their career, relationships, or personal lives, this retrograde will make them think twice about what they do.

A minor planet in astrology, Chiron has been in the foundation angle for the last eight years. You may have struggled with feelings of isolation, insecurities, and a lack of independence during this period. You may have been yoked to a new and more personal life, but you have longed for more independence, autonomy, and the approval of others.

On Tuesday, Chiron will turn retrograde in your communication zone, and the Leo-ruled friendship zone will make the situation easier for your Libran friends. Mercury will make it easier for Leoans to develop their own body awareness. Mercury will enter Leo’s emotional intelligence zone on Tuesday, giving them the drive and ambition they need to reach their goals. My weekly Aries horoscope includes an extensive discussion on this astrological theme.

If you’re struggling with your appearance, you’ll be less confident and more self-conscious. A close relationship could also open up old wounds that you didn’t even know existed. Take time to acknowledge your power and your capability. Remember that you’re a great person, and that your abilities and motivation will show through. Mercury will also be in a friendly zone in February, encouraging levity while tempering intensity.

Pluto in opposition to Mercury

With the sun and Mercury opposing shadowy Pluto this week, you can expect to find your ego a little jiggly. You might even be tempted to act a little sinister or rash. If you see someone acting suspiciously, alert them to your presence or leave the scene. You might be surprised to discover that the energy surrounding Pluto in my weekly aries horoscope is actually a catalyst for major transformation. The astrological alignment of Pluto in your chart will bring out buried information and force you to make a significant change at a core level.

This week’s astrology forecast will include the ups and downs of this energy combination. On the 17th, Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune, while on the 18th and 19th, Mercury meets powerful Pluto. Both Mercury and Pluto aspects bring power struggles and obsessions to the surface, so this combination can make you feel heavy and anxious. In addition, the aspects to these two planets may trigger a tendency to become more clingy than usual.

With Mercury in Cancer in opposition to Pluto, you may find yourself engaged in a mental battle about something. You may find yourself intensely focused on a problem or concept and are unable to fully communicate. Mercury and Pluto are both prone to conflict, so be careful about reading too much into seemingly insignificant details. Avoid misunderstandings by asking for clarification, and be open and honest.

Mercury in Leo’s third house

Mercury in Leo’s third house is one of the most challenging aspects of this astrological configuration. It will be spinning in the sector of communities, friendships and group associations, so be extra careful about your words and how you use them. There may be a chance to reunite with an old friend, but be cautious about speaking up in social situations. If you are a Leo, this retrograde may also bring a major storm to your professional life.

Despite the fact that Mercury is a fixed planet in this horoscope, the planet still has many good qualities that can help you achieve your goals. Fortunately for Aries, this season is also the best time to get out and network. The Sun and Mercury will join forces on July 22, so speaking up is a great idea. In addition to networking, speaking up will improve your self-esteem.

Despite this stressful time, the Aries will find that the energy and passion of Leo season can fuel creativity and a boost to your confidence. Those with creative pursuits may be able to share their work, or make them a focal point of attention. So, if you are a creative person, now is the time to take it to the next level.

Taking care of yourself

This week’s Aries horoscope is filled with reminders to take care of yourself. The full moon in Capricorn will make you feel anxious, and the sun is sextile to Jupiter, a sign that is known for being self-reliant. Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and will influence the socially conscious 11th house of community. Be prepared for a sudden influx of old friends and projects.

This is an excellent time to reassess your overall health. Your last quarter moon in Pisces marks a time of transition and letting go of the past. You should take advantage of this time to work on yourself. Your mental and physical health is in need of some work and you will need to be more self-aware. It’s a good time to make plans for a self-care day that will provide you with the energy needed to tackle the exciting news coming later in the month.

This week, Venus is returning to Taurus sign. This luscious planetary ruler makes this an ideal time to prioritize self-care and indulge in sensual pleasures. Also, be aware that Mars will make a trine to Saturn on July 2, and square to Neptune on July 5.