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What is Psychic Phenomena?

What is psychic phenomena? Psychic abilities are real, but are they based on science? In this article we will discuss what is a psychic ability and how you can learn to tap into them. We will also talk about Telepathy and Precognition. We will also cover Psychometry and its importance in our daily lives. There are many different methods for learning to tune into your psychic force, but they all have the same basic process.

Psychic ability

Psychic powers have long been a source of fascination for the general public, and the Stargate program is a prime example of a successful use of such a technique by the U.S. government. While the Stargate program was widely publicized, countless other similar programs have proved to be unreliable. It is not surprising that many people still think the U.S. government is using psychics in top secret programs, but recent high-profile intelligence failures have thrown this idea into doubt.

People who believe in psychic abilities and phenomenon do not tend to be uneducated or superstitious; however, more educated groups are more likely to believe in them. Although many claim to possess psychic abilities, they have never been proven through controlled research studies, and many psychic experiences have been ridiculed. One famous example of this is Uri Geller’s claims to have willed a football to move during a Euro 96 penalty kick.

Many ESP researchers contend that psychic abilities are real, despite the lack of hard evidence. Some people who have a heightened sense of intuition and psychic ability can accurately predict the future, but they aren’t any more accurate than the average person. Rather, these abilities are likely a result of luck, an educated guess, or an unconscious connection. Nevertheless, many believers in ESP remain undeterred, and insist that scientists will eventually find hard evidence of the existence of psychic abilities.

Psychic abilities are also commonly depicted in science fiction and fantasy works. The Star Wars franchise, for example, features Force-sensitive beings that can see the future and move objects telekinetically. Dungeons & Dragons and Stephen King have created works based on psychics and the corresponding powers. The StarCraft franchise is another good example. But the fact is, psychic abilities aren’t limited to the real world; they are also common in the popular culture.


The science behind telepathy has many implications for science. It is a mysterious phenomenon that can take place over distances, and the underpinnings of telepathy are similar to those behind distant healing. However, there is no consensus on the exact mechanism behind telepathy. Researchers have attempted to isolate the source of this phenomena, but they’ve so far been unsuccessful. In the following article, we will explore the science behind this phenomenon.

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive information that no one else sees. For example, if a person can name every card in a deck of cards placed face down, he could be statistically more likely to correctly guess each one. However, telepathy is not one hundred percent accurate, as the number of correct guesses is based solely on chance. The ability to see the mind of another person is another form of clairvoyance.

In general, telepathy is attributed to self-deception or fraud, but psychological research has uncovered other explanations. Psychologists have observed that most popular psychic phenomena are the result of non-paranormal techniques. Some magicians have even demonstrated similar techniques to these popular psychics. In addition, telepathy has even been attributed to the collective wisdom of humankind. This is a fascinating concept to explore, and it will certainly intrigue you.

Various studies on “psychic” phenomena have uncovered interesting insights. For instance, a functional MRI study of “distant intentionality” showed that the recipient of a distant thought experienced significant brain activity in the frontal and precuneus regions. Previous research has also shown a possible correlation between telepathic abilities and the right cerebral hemisphere. These findings also support previous reports of brain activity.


There is much debate regarding whether precognition is a psychic phenomenon. Although we have more intellectual and scientific understanding of the world today, many still hold on to irrational beliefs about precognition. This article will discuss the evidence for precognition and its psychological function. Also, read about the research on the placebo effect and its relation to precognition. Precognition is a psychic phenomenon that relates to our belief in our ability to foretell the future.

If you have a powerful intuition, you may have a precognitive dream. These dreams are much more vivid and detailed than ordinary dreams. When you experience a prophetic dream, write down your dream immediately. It could be evidence that you have a psychic ability. Similarly, if you have a strong desire to know something, you may be experiencing precognition. It’s also possible to predict events through your subconscious mind.

Although it is hard to test the validity of psi, some experiments have yielded results that cannot be attributed to chance. The significance of these results is, however, still disputed. The results of the experiments have been questioned, as well as the procedures used. But they are nonetheless evidence that precognition is a psychic phenomenon. So, does precognition really exist? We may never know, but we can’t rule out the possibility.

The findings of the Bem study were controversial. The authors used a different paradigm for studying precognition. They had the participants memorize a long list of words. They then had them repeat them. They also gave them a subset of words to practice. The subset of words that they were practicing were remembered more than the ones they hadn’t practiced yet. This suggests that precognition helps people remember words based on their practice in the future.


Psychometry is a form of clairvoyance facilitated by handling objects. Psychometrists can use the information contained in objects to determine the past lives of their previous owners. An outstanding practitioner of psychometry was the Polish psychic Stefan Ossowiecki (1877-1944). Though a small number of cases have been reported, some scientists have studied the practice. Eugen Osty, a French psi researcher, also investigated this phenomenon.

This technique involves a process of communication between the psychic and the target. The psychic can read the secrets of the target, converse with them, or take control of their body to rewrite memory files. The target can be anywhere in the world, including a psychic’s own body. Psychics can telepathically see objects and other people, and can even override internal security systems. They can rewrite memories and even remotely control electronic devices.

Many studies have been conducted to determine whether psychometry is a legitimate form of psychic activity. In Iceland, two prevalence surveys conducted by Haraldsson et al. found that the prevalence of psychic phenomena increased from 59% of men to 70% of women by 1974 to 81% of women by 2006, although the exact numbers vary across the country. In the United States, three-thirds of African-American college students reported having second or third-sight experiences, while 34%-45% of Caucasian-Americans claimed to have experienced this.

Psychics who work with animals are able to use multiple psychic powers simultaneously. They can read the basic intents and desires of an animal, send minor impulses, and even temporarily seize control of the target’s body and mind. Psychics who are able to control the target’s mind can even make an animal behave as they wish. This psychic power is considered to be the most powerful of the psychics.

Psychic predictions

Psychics are the ones who predict future events, but what is the real meaning of this phenomenon? Many people believe in psychic powers, but how can you tell if they are real or not? The best way to tell is to learn how to discern the truth and use your intuition. To learn more about the psychic powers, enroll in a psychic training course. You can also read about the different types of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and tarot cards.

In the case of psychic predictions, you can interpret a specific event in a person’s life to be an event in history or in our time. The first author of this study correctly predicted the Oklahoma City bombing. Another student questioned whether a psychic-dream connection could be true. She had a dream wherein she was told her mother would die. After interpreting the dream, her mother got ill. This caused the student to relate her dream to her mother’s illness.

Psychic predictions are a common phenomenon, but the actual evidence supporting them is mixed. Although some people believe that the psychic powers are real, others believe that they are mere illusions. In addition, some studies have even suggested that psychic abilities can be a part of a larger reality. Psychic predictions are a fascinating topic for research, but how do they work? This article aims to answer that question.

Psychics have different methods for delivering readings. Some do a guidance-based reading, in which they point out areas that a client should focus on, cultivate, or develop. Some are just frauds who prey on desperate people. But others are true psychics. There are many methods that psychics use, and one of them is the use of basic human psychology. In Phoenix, for example, neuroscientists investigated the Psychic Fair, a popular venue for psychics.