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What is the Gemini Weekly Horoscope?

Gemini people have an interesting week ahead. On July 18, Mercury will oppose Pluto, sending you on a journey of self-examination. On July 21, expressive Leo will enter, sending you on a road of creative expression. This week will be a great one to pursue yoga and creative activities. This week also offers a few planetary alignments for your horoscope.

Gemini weekly horoscope

The Gemini weekly horoscope predicts a great week for the native of this sign both professionally and socially. During this time, Gemini natives are likely to have a great love life, especially as the Leo season begins on July 22. This is the perfect time to start a new venture, as the benefits of expanding your business will be plentiful. Gemini natives should focus on improving their health and meditation routines. Soon, they will see the results they’ve always wanted.

The start of solar season this week signals a time for renewed energy and inspiration. The sun will make its return to your sign on July 22, which is equivalent to a reboot. You’ll be energized and refilled as the sun moves through your sign. In general, the next couple of weeks will bring a period of intense personal growth. Those two factors can make a big difference in your life.

This week, Venus leaves Gemini, which brings an end to planetary activity in the sign. Last month, Venus was in Gemini, encouraging the sign to branch out and experience different things. Venus left two days later than the Sun did, allowing the Gemini heart to have a say in the new solar year. With Venus leaving Gemini, it is the perfect time to develop compassion and empathy for yourself. The sun and Mercury are in the sign of Leo, which is associated with sex.

Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18

Mercury’s opposition to Pluto on July 18 in the Gemini weekly zodiac sign will cause intense conversations and exchanges. The contrast between Mercury and Pluto can also make us appear attention-seeking and playful. These two planetary influences can have a profound impact on our lives. Whether we’re in love, looking for a new job, or trying to connect with others, we’ll need to be on our guard.

On July 18, Mercury will oppose Pluto, the power planet, in your sign. This challenging aspect will test your ability to remain grounded. You may feel as though you’ve let go of an old relationship. Nonetheless, this is a great time to build new relationships. Mercury in Leo can lead to deeper, more rewarding relationships, and help you realize your true self.

A relationship may be in trouble, especially if the Sun is opposed to Pluto. Mercury’s opposition to Pluto can reveal old resentments or unresolved conflicts. A relationship may face a crisis or even a crisis in self-esteem. Pluto can also lead to spies, manipulation, and spying. You may even be tempted to hide a secret from your partner. Mercury’s square to Pluto in the Gemini weekly horoscope can help you work through such issues.

During the week, Mercury turns direct on Friday morning. The Moon opposes Pluto, surfacing hidden opinions and information. Midweek, the Moon moves into expressive Leo. Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18 in the Gemini weekly horoscope

Moon in Pisces sends you on a road of self-examination

On May 15, the Sun squares Saturn in Aquarius, energizing the emotional fourth house of home. This will make Aquarians more sensitive to feelings of limitation from a family member or a parent figure. In contrast, Aquarians are more open-minded about expanding their living space. On May 21, the Sun forms a conjunct with the wounded healer Chiron, revealing past issues and beliefs.

This week’s eclipse season is filled with themes of appearance, persona, and body. Those themes are likely to be highlighted in the Gemini weekly horoscope. Specifically, the New Moon in Gemini encourages you to evaluate your values, organize your space, and revisit your work-life balance.

The total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 will ignite your professional life by highlighting your sense of authority. This transit may have you wanting to break free from your work environment, or from your group of friends. The Moon will be trine to Neptune in Pisces in your third house of communication, and Mars will be retrograde.

The Moon in Pisces sends you on an uncharted road of self-examination in the next few weeks. The Moon in Pisces will send you on a path of self-examination. The Gemini weekly horoscope suggests that the lunar phase may lead you to confront yourself and examine your life in a new way.

Leo enters expressive Leo on July 21

The Sun shifts into expressive Leo today in your horoscope, bringing dramatic changes and a love-making atmosphere. On July 20, the Moon will be in its last quarter phase. On July 21, the Moon will conjunct the red-hot planetary ruler Mars. This week, your relationships could be strained by the tension and conflict created by the Sun and Moon–but don’t despair! The Moon is a great help in bringing out your inner-most feelings, but it’s not the only thing that’s coming up.

This week’s planetary alignments help you make the best of your life. Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter Taurus on April 10 – a good time to reflect and review your goals. The full moon in Libra on April 16 brings a fresh perspective on situations, a time to reconnect with grounded people and renew relationships. Also on April 16, Mars enters Pisces, bringing a creative energy to Leo.

The last quarter of your year will also bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and others. You’ll also have the desire to overcome obstacles in love. As you approach the end of the week, asteroid Ceres will enter your sign, the ruler of the feminine and nurturing. Ceres can help you embrace love, and it will support your dreams of becoming a parent.

Leo’s karmic cycle affects two areas of your life

The upcoming Leo birthday season promises a social butterfly vibe, but this also calls for a little self-reflection. Be mindful of the people in your life, and make sure you’re purposeful about reaching out to them. However, don’t get caught up in trying to please everyone. One person cannot be everything to everyone, and Leo needs to set up boundaries so he or she can keep his or her life in balance.

Your health is another area in the Gemini weekly horocycle this week. A Libra moon is in the bossy 10th house of authority and the Leo karmic cycle is affecting two areas of your life. You may have problems with your self-esteem and your need for physical health, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your needs met.

Your love life may be on the back burner this week. The moon’s retrograde transit in the Leo fifth house of relationships will have you trying to balance your love life with your career. In reality, this is not a good time to get married, or to find a life partner. But be aware that a relationship will be important to you.

Career and home life may be in transition, and the eclipse in Aquarius across the fourth house-tenth house axis affects both of these areas. Your creative and fun side may see changes in your career, children, and leisure. It’s time to look for an ally in the form of someone you can trust and work well with.

Leo’s solar season ends on July 24

During the month of June, the solar energy of Leo will soar into June riding a wave of optimism. On May 10, Jupiter entered the sign’s ninth house for the first time since 2011. As Leo reaches the end of its solar year, the world will seem like its oyster. Social and networking skills will be put to good use this month.

The month of July will be a time to be assertive and bold. Mars, the planet of passion and assertion, will trine the moon on July 21. This trine blends emotional and intuitive energies with instinctive and carnal forces. The trine between the two will be dynamic and coveted. On July 22, the sun’s solar season ends in Leo.

While Leos are naturally independent and tend to think about themselves first, they will protect their family members and loved ones. The Leo’s ancestors were likely to have provided them with some clues to today’s horoscope. Leos are proud of their heritage and will do anything to protect it. If you’ve been wishing for a romantic rekindling, you’re in luck.

The sun’s move into Leo means that Leos feel more like themselves. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. On the 22nd, there will be a full moon in Leo. During this time, Leos are prone to having some conflict with their partners, but they can be resolved with a little quality time together and a deep talk. Taking time to pamper yourself with a manicure and getting a pep talk will make the situation brighter.