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What is the Moonstone Price?

If you’re wondering what is the moonstone price, there are several factors to consider. Some of them are treated to increase the vibrancy of the stone, but it’s best to check with retailers and ask for proof. You’ll be better off getting untreated stone, as it’s two to four times more valuable. Here are some important things to consider when looking for moonstone. You’ll also want to make sure the retailer is upfront about the treatment process.

Green moonstone

The green moonstone is a powerful stone. Wearing it is essential to maximize its effects. It can stimulate your creative ability, helping you manifest your true desires. Green Moonstone is a powerful stone for those who wish to achieve spiritual transformation and elevate their personal well-being. The stone can help people heal themselves emotionally and manifest their dreams. Consequently, many people seek this stone for use as a pendant or in an earring.

This gemstone carries the energy of love. Wearing it can help you bridge distances and understand your loved ones’ viewpoints. It can also help you become more confident and erotically inclined. This stone can balance male and female energy. You can use it to gain more wisdom, intelligence, and heartfelt resolve. It can also protect you from physical harm. In addition, it can aid you in your multi-dimensional journeys.

The price of Green Moonstone depends on the shape and size of the stone. This unusual stone is found in large reserves of India. Its green color comes from nickel ore, which helps it connect with Mother Earth’s healing energies. It is often referred to as the stone of the Goddesses. However, the price of a single stone will fluctuate, so you should always compare the price before purchasing a gemstone.

The green moonstone is not to be confused with the moon rock. The gem’s interior light is milky blue. This phenomenon, known as adularescence, is caused by light diffracted through alternating layers of orthoclast and albite. The light diffracted in the blue color range depends on the thickness of the albite layer. Unlike the moonstone of the moon, the microstructure of moonstone consists of regular exsolution layers of different alkali feldspars. Sodium-rich plagioclase is the most commonly found variety.

Classical moonstone

The prices of classical Moonstone jewelry can vary dramatically. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone will be. The finest blue specimens display three-dimensional depth of color. Such stones are rare and expensive. Today, colorful Indian Moonstones are gaining in popularity and are more affordable than classical blue Moonstones. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a Moonstone. You will need to pay special attention to the quality of your stone.

First of all, you should understand that a stone’s price depends on its quality and location. The best classical moonstones are from Ceylon, which is famous for producing stones with the blue Schiller effect. Rainbow Moonstones are also famous in India. Generally, the Ceylon moonstones are the most expensive. The price of a moonstone depends on the quality and characteristics of the stone. You can choose to purchase a gemstone from a reputable company if you are concerned with quality.

You should also consider the age of the moonstone you’re interested in. Classical moonstone prices vary widely, and you can buy them from various sources. Some sellers may offer a lower price if they’re not in stock. The price of a moonstone depends on many factors, including the shape, clarity, and cut. If you’re thinking about purchasing a moonstone for the first time, you should be aware that it is not cheap and you can find a much higher-quality copy by spending a few extra dollars.

The beauty of the Moonstone lies in its ability to play with light in a unique way. Experts refer to this effect as adularescence. Adularescence means that light is scattered or refracted inside the gemstone. This creates a beautiful gleam. The shimmer is so striking that it is often worn by the owner. You should also look for pieces of jewelry that have a moonstone price tag.


The Opalite moonstone price is similar to that of other gemstones, which are also known as blue sapphires. Both stones are aesthetically appealing and possess similar properties. However, their price ranges significantly. Moonstone is a much more popular stone, mainly because of its symbolic value as the symbol of the moon. Moreover, it has an abundance of properties that make it an excellent choice for jewelry making.

In addition, opal’s play of color is unlike any other gemstone. It is as unique as a snowflake, and its birthstone status further adds to its popularity. Opalite moonstone price differs from other gems largely due to optical illusions. While opals are considered precious, most of them are too thin to be cut into gemstones. Their popularity, however, is largely due to two factors: the lack of supply and the rarity of their natural formation.

Although the Moonstone is rare and beautiful, it does not have a wide spectrum of colors. A whitish moonstone will not reflect many colors and will not have a blue hue. An Opalite moonstone price, on the other hand, will display a more diverse range of colors than a whitish stone. In fact, it will never be exactly the same two times. For this reason, it is valuable for its natural hue.

While natural opalite is similar to other opals, it is different from the precious gem. It contains hydrated silica, which forms tiny spheres that stack in a pyramid-like formation. When cut, these spheres form a cat’s eye effect. While Australia, Turkey, and New Zealand are the main sources of natural opalite, the price for this gemstone is higher than for a genuine opal.

Inclusion-free moonstone

While most moonstone is free of inclusions, the inclusions that do occur can lower the value of a stone. These can include centipedes, which are tiny tension cracks, or ‘cents’, which are the shape of tiny creatures with legs. An inclusion-free moonstone will probably cost more, as its value will be lower. But it can also be avoided by caring for the gemstone.

The Moonstone is found in many places, and the most popular place is Bihar in India, where the stone is rich in minerals and has a lustrous shine. Other mining locations include Brazil, Australia, and Myanmar. However, each type of moonstone will have the same mineral composition, so a stone with inclusions is not fake. Moonstone is associated with femininity, calmness, and harmony, and some cultures believe that the stone grants wishes.

When evaluating the quality of a Moonstone, look for its color, sheen, and orientation. Although some Moonstones show blue schiller effects, most of them are colorless or semi-transparent. Others may exhibit asterism or chatoyancy, which are both attractive features, but these are not essential to the beauty of the gemstone. The most desirable Moonstones are colorless, but some are green, yellow, or brown.

Moonstone is the most common mineral in the world, and it is found in many different types. Its name derives from the Greek words orthos and kalo. It is also found in rocks, and its blue-white color is known as adularescence. It has many uses and is used as a fluxing agent. Its high transparency allows it to be used in glass, ceramics, and paints.

Prices of moonstone

When looking for a gemstone to buy, buyers often consider several factors. Most prized varieties are white, while others are blue and grey. Others may have a blue schiller effect. The clarity of a Moonstone is a factor in determining its price. The higher the clarity, the higher the price. A moonstone may also have a cat’s eye effect. Depending on its clarity, there are three main factors to consider when buying it.

First, make sure to choose a reputable vendor. Ideally, it should be a top-rated vendor with a long history of quality moonstone sales. Some vendors even offer certificates of authenticity and a clear return policy. If you’re buying a rare or expensive moonstone, it may be worth getting it evaluated by a gemologist. Buying a rare, expensive moonstone can cost a considerable amount.

When looking for a moonstone, you’ll find it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some stones are completely transparent, while others appear dark or bluish-gray. Some moonstones are also translucent. The more transparent your stone is, the higher its price. Moonstone is highly popular for its astrological significance, so you can find a great bargain in a piece of jewelry.

There are many factors that contribute to the moonstone gemstone’s price. The color, clarity, and cut all contribute to the overall price. If you have a large, high-quality piece of moonstone, you may be paying several thousand dollars for it. On the other hand, if it isn’t completely transparent, it might cost only a few dollars. Regardless of the quality of your stone, make sure to research the prices of moonstone before you buy.