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What is the Virgo Monthly Horoscope?

Virgos can expect good luck this month, but they may face some challenges early on. While fun trips may bring interesting results, they should stay away from conflicts in their personal lives. This month is better for revenue, so wait until the middle to deal with pending matters. After the middle of the month, things will be better. Virgos will experience an increase in revenue. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus will also bring positive changes to their lives.


The month of July brings some exciting changes for Virgos as Venus enters this earth sign on July 21. She will remain in this sign until August 16. This is a time to look for new beginnings, a new direction, and a chance to make changes in your life. In romance, friendships, and finances, patience is an asset during this time. Virgos should be patient in their pursuit of new opportunities. They should also be cautious about possessiveness or jealousy.

The month of June also brings the start of summer. The sun enters the 11th house of social situations, which inspires you to meet and mingle with others. Giving to others gives you satisfaction. On June 22, Venus activates your 10th house of public image, so your generosity shines on you. You may be more generous than you think, and you may even surprise someone! A new romance is possible!

Throughout the month of June, Venus continues to move in harmony with your sign. She brings about positive changes in your personal life and in your relationships. If you’ve been feeling down, Venus is in the right place to get back up and try again. With Venus in Libra, you’ll feel confident and more attractive to others. And you’ll be able to make more money with your career than ever before!


If you’re a Virgo and you’re looking to get a job or a promotion, Saturn in your monthly horoscope this month could be the right sign for you. This planetary combination brings with it the potential for career advancement and good fortune. Those with a Saturn in Virgo have an earnest nature, and are likely to be dedicated to their work.

The retrograde transit of Saturn in Virgo will show up those details that were missed during the week, including skipping meals or working through them. This retrograde can also highlight health problems and the need for proper body care. You may even want to start a new exercise regime. You might be tempted to cut down on your caffeine intake and eat healthier. Saturn will also highlight any nagging health problems and urge you to make a lifestyle change.

You may experience minor illnesses during this month. The ninth house is ruled by Venus and Jupiter, and this placement can lead to minor illnesses. If you are Virgo, you should avoid stress and seek medical attention immediately if you feel unwell. Saturn in Virgo causes minor diseases, so you’ll want to take care of yourself during this month to avoid any major health problems. You should also keep a routine and do daily activities to avoid getting sick.


This month’s Virgo horoscope features a transit of Jupiter in a permabonding sector, a sign in which a planet is always moving forward. The retrograde transit lasts until November 23, but Jupiter is still in its own sign, making it an ideal time to make some major changes. This month, your career will be boosted as you’ll be able to find new opportunities for growth. Your relationship will be more romantic and passionate, but you should beware of other people’s opinions, too.

This month, the 11th house will be ruled by Jupiter, which affects your work and fame. While your career will be boosted, avoid the stock market during this time. The month’s weak moon will affect education, so it’s better to focus on your love life instead. Jupiter will be transiting through the 3rd house of the zodiac during the 4th week.

Venus will remain in Gemini until July 17. While this can help you enjoy more free time, it can also lead to some heated conversations. Whether you’re chatting with your partner or looking for love, this month’s transit of Venus can bring you more pleasure. In fact, Venus is an excellent ally for your career, and this aspect of the planets can be extremely beneficial. But if you’re a single woman, Mars can be a tough time.

Work-life balance

This month, a work-life balance is emphasized, especially after the New Moon in Leo in June. The workaholic mode can affect your physical and mental health, so take the time to practice daily meditation, breath work, and visualization. Mercury in Leo will clash with Uranus in Taurus on July 28, a day when you must choose between your work and home life.

During the Virgo monthly horoscoscope, your work-life balance will be emphasized, as the Sun is in explorer Sagittarius and the domestic fourth house. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 4 is a powerful solar eclipse, and the cozy crib you have been enjoying might be turned into your next great venture. If you’ve been pondering whether you should move to a new location, this month’s new moon can help you decide!

You may find yourself focusing more on your career than on your personal life this month. It’s important to remember that this month’s rocky energy can create a competitive one-upmanship atmosphere, and you must be especially careful not to engage in power struggles with those around you. However, a good month for achieving professional goals and cultivating a healthy work-life balance is the opposite of a rocky month.

Venus in your solar ninth house

If you are a Virgo and your solar ninth house is activated by the new moon on April 30, you’ll be able to enjoy more romantic opportunities, financial stability, and a more positive outlook on life. Venus represents love and beauty, and can enhance your social and career life. Moreover, a Virgo with Venus in their solar ninth house may also find it easier to negotiate with higher ups. Your artistic and managerial talents may also be the determining factors of your success.

On March 5, a Virgo’s love life is infused with a deep surge of love. On March 6, Venus joins forces with Mars in Aquarius in the fourth house of partnerships, encouraging you to be more loving and selfless. In addition, on March 13, your solar ninth house of communication and social interaction is energized as Mars and Neptune form a powerful duo, resulting in an especially romantic atmosphere.

Mars continues to energize the solar eighth house, encouraging you to be less assertive and more strategic. This month, you can expect to develop new skills, improve your skills, and improve your relationships. The sun in the eighth house of partnerships could boost your sexual appetite, but you’ll also have to watch your finances closely, as shared finances can get in the way of your personal happiness and success.

Saturn retrograde

If you’ve been reading your Virgo monthly horoscope, you know that Saturn is currently retrograde in your sign. Saturn rules hard work and limits, which means this retrograde period is the perfect time to re-evaluate the most important foundational aspects of your life. You may also see some changes in your career path, relationships, and money. Here are some tips to help you cope with this challenging period.

The effects of Saturn retrograde in the Virgo monthly can be felt in romantic relationships and close friendships. Relationship dynamics will also be impacted, so it may be wise to make an effort to reassess your priorities and decide what you’d like to pursue more seriously. The Page of Coins asks Geminis to consider their role in relationships and the financial sphere.

Leos should take advantage of this retrograde Saturn as it ideally positions the second house of wealth until the 12th of July. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will also be in Pisces, expanding your command in your workplace. On the 2nd of July, Mercury will enter Gemini and join the Sun in Gemini, giving you plenty of cushion in many areas of your life.

Jupiter in your solar ninth house

Your Solar 9th House is ruled by Venus and you may experience a new perspective and adventurous spirit. Venus will attract exotic objects and non-routine situations. Venus is a great planet for personal charm and attractiveness in general. You may also experience a change in your love life during this period. You may be interested in changing jobs, pursuing higher education or taking a trip.

This month, Librans are making adjustments to their romantic lives and joint collaborations. Venus will enter her luscious sign and astrological ruler to bring a sense of self-worth to their lives. Soon after, Jupiter will join her to present a fortunate prelude to 2023. Your relationships, investments, and investments are all being affected by Jupiter’s transit of your solar ninth house in the Virgo monthly horoscope.

Mars is the energizer of your solar ninth house. You are more cautious and strategic when making decisions during this cycle. You will have an increased sexual appetite, but you should avoid spending too much money if possible. Also, shared finances can come into focus, which can cause disagreements. However, you may also encounter problems with other people. If you are a Scorpio, make sure you avoid arrogance or pride during this cycle.