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What Was My Virgo December 2021 Horoscope?

The what was my Virgo December 2021 horoscope tells us that this month will be full of promising aspects. There is planetary support, and there are good opportunities for those born under this sign. During the third week, an added job will appear, and Saturn will add some momentum to your actions. Love and romance will be sweet and caring during this month, with good opportunities to fall in love.

Venus is retrograde from December 19th forward

My Virgo December 2021 hororoscope shows that Venus is retrograde from December 19th to January 24th. As the ruling planet of Sagittarius, Venus is a good time to examine your beliefs, especially those relating to money. The fire sign is also a good time to examine your career and finances. You may feel compelled to pursue a career or financial goal, but Venus in this sign will prompt you to ask yourself more provocative questions.

For Librans, December can be a mixed bag of energies. The first half of the month may be difficult, but the second half of the month will provide you with a valuable opportunity to heal. The second half of December can be especially difficult, with Chiron activating the relationship sector. Meanwhile, Venus will be retrograde from December 19th through December 2021 in the home sector, bringing about a six-week period of change.

In my Virgo December 2021 horiscope, I believe that the retrograde will help us deal with the issues and themes that are causing friction between us. While Venus is in the seventh house, we must be careful not to rush into anything that is not rooted in our own values. If we’re not careful, Venus will bring us back to reality and give us closure on what we’ve been doing wrong.

For lovers, the retrograde of Venus will bring up issues related to values and relationships. In relationships, Capricorns should explore their boundaries and reflect on their appearance. For those who have a romantic relationship, Venus’ retrograde will also help them deal with the “elephant” in the room. For those who are still in a relationship, this transit will bring out the dark under the surface.

Relationships will be an area of concern for Scorpios during the retrograde. It is important to communicate with your partner through your heart. The retrograde will also influence the way you move in with them. Aries may also be thinking about their love lives or their career trajectory. Ask yourself if your current path in life is fulfilling enough. If not, Venus may be causing you to question whether or not it’s worth continuing down that path.

Past loves may reappear in your life

If you’re a Virgo, your love life is on fire during this full moon. You may decide to take your relationship to the next level, or you may even start a new one. Either way, the past loves in your life may return to haunt you in the months ahead. The Virgo December 2021 horoscope has the potential to bring them back.

If you’ve had a difficult time moving on from a romantic relationship, you may have to start anew. Your current partner may have a hard time seeing you, which could leave you feeling betrayed and unappreciated. Virgos may be hesitant to pursue new relationships, but if they do, the results will be worth the effort.

You may also meet your ex for the first time since the end of 2018. If you’ve been ignoring them, now is the time to take action. The Full Moon in June will make you think about your current relationship status and make any necessary changes. At the end of 2021, Venus will go retrograde in the sector of marriage and commitments. This may lead to a karmic lesson regarding your relationship.

Virgos will experience amazing relationships during the year ahead. Even those who don’t have a romantic partner yet can experience a karmic connection with someone who they fell in love with before. This connection could spark a new romantic relationship. A Virgo may experience a sudden urge to seek out a partner. The Virgo may experience a strange sense of deja vu, as the person may be the same as someone else he or she once was.

Venus rules the money, possessions, and career sectors in your Virgo December 2021 hororoscope. You can expect to be busy at home, and you might receive many visitors. However, you may also experience a highly creative and fun mental connection with a strong sense of humor. While this transit does not guarantee a romantic rekindling, it is an indication of the power of Mercury to create a positive impact on the quality of relationships and personal lives.

Virgo’s ascendant sign may succeed in completing tasks that have been pending for long

Individuals born under the Virgo ascendant sign are quick thinkers and practical people. They also value stability, adaptability, and honesty. They may not be as insightful as some other signs, but they may succeed in completing a long-pending task. Virgos are often overly critical of themselves and others. Nevertheless, they have a high capacity for perseverance, and they are able to accomplish most tasks.

People born under the Virgo ascendant sign are likely to receive good news from the workplace, such as a new job offer. Likewise, people born under the Virgo ascendant sign may make business gains during the month. However, those born under the sign of Taurus may experience marital problems and remain nervous about their life partner. However, despite the positive aspects of their personal lives, they should maintain a strong relationship with business associates to avoid falling victim to a misunderstanding.

Virgo’s ruler Venus draws you to the people and surroundings that inspire beauty, peace, and possibility

Virgo’s ruler Venus will inspire you to find happiness through friendships and romance. Venus rules work and lifestyle, as well as your health and relationships. She encourages you to take responsibility for your relationships and to help others. You are also likely to experience a love of beauty and peace. Venus also harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of authority. Therefore, you may be tempted to make some shady business deals, especially if you have recently split up from your partner.

Mars in Taurus inspires spirituality and philosophicality. Venus’ retrograde cycle begins in June and lasts until December 19 in Capricorn, the sign of your career. The next planetary aspect between Virgo and its ruler Mars is on January 25. Aside from bringing satisfaction and joy, this transit will help you find a sense of purpose and make important decisions.

Virgos are meticulous, organized, and analytic. They also seek balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Their ruler Venus also rules the sixth house of ritual. They crave stability and routine, and may act out in passive-aggressive ways to find this. While they are creative, they are often hard on themselves. So, the most effective way to make them happy is to create rituals.

Virgo’s ruler Mercury governs the sixth house in your birth chart. Mercury rules your communication style, your surroundings, and your thought process. Mercury’s retrograde cycles make it essential for you to be practical. Its placement will determine how you approach communication and work with others. Mercury’s rule over two signs, Gemini and Virgo, will influence your communication style.

Virgo’s ruler Venus will encourage you to seek out and create friendships with people who inspire beauty and peace. Mercury’s rule over the mutable earth signs makes you feel more intuitive than you are normally used to. If you feel emotionally exhausted, avoid overburdening others. It’s best to keep your own moral standards and stay away from those who burden you.