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Your Scorpio Horoscope For July

Your Scorpio horoscope for July reveals that your zodiac sign is preparing for an exciting and unscripted adventure. The Sun has been in a holding pattern for the past couple of months, but is now about to embark on a new adventure, thanks to a fiery placement of the Sun in Cancer for the first three weeks of the month. This combination of influences will ignite your travel, study, and entrepreneurial plans, as well as your sense of curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Luminary landlord

The Luminary landlord in Scorpio in your horoscope for July is the Sun, which is making its annual tour through both Gemini and Cancer. This planet is right in the zone for detailed projects. Known for their tunnel vision, Scorpio can focus on any project or obsession with ease. You may be tempted to jump into a new relationship at this time, but it will only end up being a distraction.

During this month, you’ll be tempted to rekindle romance, but Neptune is fickle. Your love life under Neptune’s influence might be getting old. You may have idealized someone and are now getting cold feet. If this is the case, you must learn to appreciate the flaws in others. Also, a retrograde Neptune can revive old creative projects or passions.


If you were born under a Scorpio horoscope in July, you can expect plenty of twists and turns in your personal and professional life. Your career and business will grow in July, and your love life will be a romantic experience. Your personal and financial health will improve as well. However, you may be tempted to make hasty decisions. You might be better off dealing in construction, mining, tea, or coffee, defense, copper, or the iron & steel business, or any related industry.

The planet Neptune is fickle and can bring you a cold sweat when it comes to love affairs. It may be that you’re idealizing your love life and focusing too much on how perfect you’re versus what you know. You may be taking great strides towards your educational goals. You may also focus more on publishing your work and sharing it. Whatever path you choose, your career in July will reflect your astrological sign and the things that are important to you.


The first three weeks of July are the most favorable for navigating your financial future. Although the Sun will leave the financial sector by mid-June, you can use the energy of this transit to increase your awareness of finances. In addition to the Sun, Mercury and Venus are also in the financial sector when they are retrograde. Mercury usually returns to its home sign at the end of April, but this year, they will be here until 5th July. During this time, you should be able to make sound financial decisions and have some hindsight about what has gone wrong in your finances.

On July 4, the sun enters Cancer, which encourages adventure and expansion. Suddenly, an exciting trip abroad might be in your future. Likewise, your educational goals may be advancing at an impressive pace. You may be focusing on sharing your work and publishing it to spread your message. As long as you’re ready for change, the next few months of July will be filled with plenty of opportunities.

Amorous fifth house

The Amorous fifth house in Scorpio horoscope is a powerful force that brings love and joy. It also brings challenges and difficulties. It can manifest in odd ways. On a daily level, it can create a lack of rest. A sign that is ruled by the Amorous fifth house in Scorpio will have difficulties being satisfied with the little things in life. It can be grandiose, and addicted to the idea of happiness. It is important to understand that the Amorous fifth house in Scorpio does not necessarily lead to love and romance.

The Sun rules the 5th house in Scorpio, so you may find a partner who has many interests. Venus is the planet of disportation, so expect to see her out and about for the next five days. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on the 22nd, activating the 5th House. The Venus-Saturn square will create resistance for Scorpions.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces

The Scorpio horoscope for Mercury retrograde begins on Monday, May 6. This planet is in the seventh house of relationships and official documents, which is where business negotiations and legal entanglements are most likely to take place. As a result, the effects of Mercury Retrograde can be felt more acutely and quickly than usual. If your partner or boss is avoiding you, it may be that the latter is missing important information. And if your plans have to do with your partner, the situation can be just as stressful.

Gemini: Having Mercury Retrograde in this sign can be a blessing for Gemini. This sign has always been independent and eccentric, and Mercury Retrograde in this sign allows them to embrace their eccentric nature and be who they’ve always wanted to be. During this retrograde, it is particularly helpful for Gemini to let go of self-imposed limitations, judgment, and fears. Instead, embrace life’s messages and follow your intuition.

Mercury squares with Mars in Taurus

Those in a relationship with Mercury squares Mars in Taurus in Scorpio should consider whether they can continue to enjoy their relationships. Mercury can make things complicated, but it is also a sign of opportunity. When Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, you may be able to make plans for a travel, fulfill an educational dream, or feel uplifted. You can also use this energy to work on financial collaborations, as Mercury can clarify and support your communication styles.

If Mercury squares Mars in Taurus in your horoscope, you may be more assertive and confident than usual. You might be more inquisitive and competitive, and your words may sting a bit. But it can also help you become more intellectual. You will become more creative and dexterous, and be able to express your energy in new ways.

Mercury enters Leo on July 19

On July 19, Mercury will make its flamboyant debut in Leo, the sign of communication. You may be tempted to do something rash and brave, but you must be strong and trust your instincts. Mercury rules your third house, so you may have to make some tough decisions and face some personal challenges. You may even try something new! Here are some tips to make this Mercury in Leo a positive experience.

You may feel more attracted to the romantic sector of your life. The Moon is in Pisces, the sign of romance and the flamboyant fifth house of love, and the new sign of Mercury will harmonize with Neptune and Venus. During this time, you might be tempted to jump into an intense long-distance romance. Others might just sit around dreaming up their next creative venture.

Mercury squares with Mars in Taurus on July 26

The month of July begins with two contrasting energies. On July 26 Mercury squares Mars in Taurus and on July 28, Mercury opposes Mars in Taurus. Neither of these two planets is supportive of love, and both of these aspects can cause problems. The sun, Jupiter, and Mars are all in their signs, which isn’t ideal for love-making. Mercury and Mars will both be squared on July 26 in the Scorpio horoscope.

In the next two days, Mercury squares Mars in Taurus, while Venus and Jupiter will clash with each other. Meanwhile, Jupiter will begin its four-month retrograde journey through the core beliefs of our psyche. Mercury is most erratic in the morning, and Mars will be most combative at noon on July 27. However, this isn’t all bad. This month also features a new moon in Leo. This new moon will inspire you to focus on your own personal restoration.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

When Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces in a Scorpio horoscope, the water sign is asked to take time to focus on themselves. This retrograde highlights the fourth house of the horoscope, which represents your family and roots. As a result, you might find yourself feeling pressured to sort out family issues or to heal ancestral wounds. It’s important to look within yourself for the answers you seek, and listen to your intuition as it guides you to new adventures.

When Neptune retrogrades in your sign, it empowers you to see the facts of an ongoing situation and act accordingly. Your personal growth is heightened during this time. You may be more empathetic towards your loved ones and find the love and affection you desire. However, you might find it difficult to make the changes you need. During Neptune retrograde, you may feel compelled to ask yourself questions and get help from others.