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Are There Christian Mediums?

Are there Christian mediums? Many people believe that the dead communicate with us, and many of these mediums also offer alleged prophecies. While the practice of mediumship has been around for centuries, biblical mediums also engage in practices such as necromancy, magic, and fortune-telling. People have been consulting the dead for knowledge, power, and control for millennia. The Christian tradition of consulting the dead is far from new.


Adrian Lee, a devout Christian, explores many of the religious beliefs that ban psychics and mediums. He explains Bible passages in historical context, challenging Christians to understand the deeper meanings. Lee also explains his own paranormal work, including working with the dead and healing people. He also explains how to safely use psychic gifts as a Christian. The book will provide both Christians and non-Christians with the information they need to practice their gifts responsibly.

The term “medium” comes from the Greek word meaning “intermediate.” This means that a psychic or medium stands between the living and the dead. He may offer prophecies or information, but this information may be from Satan. Biblical mediums, however, engage in occult practices, such as magic, necromancy, and fortune-telling. Many people have been consulting with the dead for millennia for knowledge, control, and power.

The author’s goal is to make the paranormal more realistic. His book explores the roots and causes of modern theology of the spirits and teaches Christians how to respond to the growing fascination with the paranormal. It provides an engaging, reader-friendly book on the topic that provides biblical insights to help Christians respond to the growing popularity of psychics. This book will be of particular interest to those who are interested in Christian psychology, or are curious about the nature of the paranormal.


The work of Christian mediums has long been a controversial topic. While many Christians embrace the work of psychics, skeptics and historians are unsure of how they should react. In this book, Adrian Lee, a devout Christian and historian, explores the religious beliefs of people who perform the work of psychics, healers, and mediums. In the end, the author argues that their work is just as valid as any other form of psychic reading.

The Bible is clear on what occult practices are forbidden, including the use of mediums. Specifically, Leviticus 20:27 warns against using the services of mediums and “spiritists.” The book of Deuteronomy expands on this, declaring that those who engage in divination or child sacrifice are blasphemous. While there is no evidence to support the work of Christian mediums, the Bible does warn against their services.

The Bible warns against the use of necromancers and other demonic mediums. In the Old Testament, King Saul, frustrated by the lack of guidance from God, sought the assistance of a medium to communicate with the prophet Samuel. But this practice violated God’s Law and Saul’s own command. King Saul’s sinful use of a medium conjured the prophet Samuel. However, theological scholars disagree whether the conjuring was physical or merely a communication between the dead and those who live.


Psychics and ghosts have become a popular topic in today’s culture. This book by respected biblical scholar Ron Rhodes answers questions regarding the paranormal, Satan, and the trend of psychics. This book will be helpful to anyone who is interested in the subject, and Christian believers will also find this book enlightening. Read it and decide for yourself if ghosts and mediums are real.

While believing in ghosts may have serious ramifications, you should keep in mind that they’re simply stories and personal opinion. Ghost stories have been around for thousands of years. Various languages have contributed words for ghosts throughout history. If ghosts are real, they’re simply a manifestation of evil spirits. Christian mediums, on the other hand, can channel these spirits and help people cope with grief and trauma.

Some people may believe that Christians can’t communicate with the dead, or that they’re demons. However, the Bible doesn’t explicitly prohibit the practice of communicating with the dead. The Old Testament’s prohibitions are largely myths and misunderstandings. Christians have been practicing the ministry of the dead and prayer for the dead for millennia. These prohibitions were later lifted, and it’s hard to argue that Christians are not allowed to communicate with the dead.


The Christian Church has taken a stance against the use of psychic abilities and mediums. Some Christians wrongly believe that these experiences are harmful to the person having them. Others believe that the Bible warns Christians against contacting psychics and partaking in such practices. These beliefs are not consistent with Christianity, and many Christians shun the use of psychic abilities. However, there are many Christian mediums who are not practicing atheism.

If you are a Christian, you should not use psychic abilities to contact the dead. Bible verses prohibit such activities, including mediumship. It is against Christian belief to consult such a medium for spiritual guidance. The Bible explicitly warns Christians against the practice of sorcery. In Acts, the Apostles and Christ both forbade the practice of such activities. Therefore, Christians should refrain from seeking assistance from mediums who don’t follow the Bible.

In the Old Testament, attempting to consult the dead was considered a serious offense. A medium’s utterances are prayer-like. They are often called “mediums” or “spiritists” in the Bible. Further, it is a sin to seek the guidance of the dead. This sin is reflected in the Old Testament, where such practice is called “child sacrifice.”


Necromancy is the practice of communicating with the dead to gain information about the future. It was prevalent in ancient times, including with the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Hebrews. However, because of its association with black magic, it was condemned by the church. The practice is not forbidden today, but it is not accepted in all Christian churches. Christian mediums who use necromancy must follow certain rules. Here are some of these rules:

“Necromancy” is a form of divination that involves calling on the dead in order to receive communication. While the Bible does not specifically mention necromancy, some scholars believe it was a part of ancient Near Eastern cultures. In the Ugarit culture, for instance, there is archaeological evidence that suggests that ancestors were called upon to offer libations to the dead. The evidence for necromancy in the Bible is limited, but it is clear that it existed in the ancient Near East.

Necromancy takes place at night, after fasting, and through a medium who seeks guidance from the dead. For example, Samuel gives a prophetic answer to Saul’s dilemma. This is a confirmation of the Lord’s will for Saul. Ultimately, necromancy is sinful and futile. Christians have long believed that necromancy is a form of witchcraft. But while there is evidence for a connection between the dead and the living, it is important to understand that this relationship has no basis in Christian practice.


There are many Christian mediums, but it is not uncommon to find those who practice astrology or palmistry as well. The Bible has several verses against fortune telling, including in Deuteronomy chapter 18.

The Bible is clear that Christians should not rely on fortune-telling or psychics for answers to life’s questions. God forbids sorcery and calls people to stop offering sacrifices to idols, and he also condemns fortune-tellers, psychics, and tarot readers. Christians should seek the help of the Holy Spirit, not a fortune-teller. Besides, faith in Jesus Christ means putting your trust in Him.

As Christians, we should know that the Bible condemns fortune-telling. This is because astrology was a form of fortune telling, and it’s not compatible with the teachings of Jesus. In the New Testament, Paul called Satan to leave him, which means he is behind all paranormal activity. Isaiah also warned against astrology and spiritual mediums. In the Bible, we find references to “fish bread” and “six-sided dice” in multiple places.

While Christian mediums for fortune-telling are not illegal in New York, it’s still a felony to practice fortune-telling. According to the California Supreme Court, you can’t charge money for astrology services. But that doesn’t mean you can’t practice it for entertainment purposes. Many New Yorkers believe in this practice. It’s not just a matter of religion. A Christian medium should be licensed to practice astrology in your state, and it’s legal for them to practice it.

‘Jesus Christ’

The popularity of the supernatural is well-documented, and many people have turned to Jesus Christ mediums for guidance and advice. Some of these channelers have become wealthy celebrities, counseling Hollywood movie stars, politicians, and industrialists. Other people have claimed to hear voices from the dead, including Jehovah God, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ himself. Even the apostle Paul encountered a psychic medium while visiting the pagan city of Philippi.

The first time I heard about the channeling work of Amy Schumacher, aka Jesus Christ, was a party she held at her home for clients. Amy said that she began channeling at her home, and the recordings of some of her sessions will be featured in her new book, “The Freedom Transmissions.” She also hosted a book party to let her clients learn more about her work, and I’m sure Yeshua channeled her at the party.

Some scholars claim that the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ did not use mediums, and that these people interact with demons. Often, these spirits are driven by greed, and they may have extreme psychological characteristics. To avoid this pitfalls, seek God through biblical prayer and membership in a Bible-believing church. Afterwards, you’ll be more likely to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. If you are still unsure, try these tips to discern whether or not a Jesus Christ medium is for you.