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What Are The Benefits of Meditation Stones?

If you want to meditate, you may have heard about the benefits of meditation stones. But what exactly are they? Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite? Read on to find out! Listed below are the benefits of these gemstones and how they can help you meditate. Also, learn how to choose the right stone for you! Listed below are a few of the most popular and well-known meditation stones.

Lapis Lazuli

A stone of deep blue shimmering flecks called lapis lazuli is used for meditation. It is also useful for carving. This stone is derived from the Andes Mountains, where the ancient Incan civilization obtained its stones for carving. The deposits west of Lake Baikal are another source of the stone. It is also used to make buildings, highways, and walls. However, there is a problem with this gem: it is not as durable as some metals, and can easily chip or scratch.

The gemstone helps to calm the mind and set new patterns. It also helps to remove negative energy and promotes peace of mind. During meditation, lapis lazuli is often held in the heart chakra to induce an euphoric state. The color of lapis lazuli makes the mind feel as if it is floating. This effect is said to help people achieve a higher level of awareness.

As a stone of meditation, lapis lazuli can be used for dreamwork. It can be placed near the bed or under the pillow. It helps one enter the dream realm. It can also help one clear their throat of impurities. When used in meditation, lapis lazuli can enhance communication and increase the user’s intuition. This makes it a useful stone for spiritual development.


A mystical legend surrounds Labradorite. This ancient crystal’s significance goes back to local people groups of icy Canada, where they believed that it formed from fire solidified and was an aftereffect of the Aurora Borealis. In modern times, this stone is more commonly used as jewelry, but its significance is far older. It is said to release feelings of stress, anxiety, and pain. It can protect you from evil forces.

Wearing Labradorite as jewelry can help you maintain focus while meditating. It helps your chakras develop and replenish mental energy. It also boosts your faith in the universe. It promotes clarity of thought and helps you achieve peace and contentment. It can be a very useful meditation tool for those who are looking to expand their psychic abilities. This stone will also enhance your ability to hear your intuition. The energy it gives you will allow you to experience a life transformation and gain newfound faith in yourself and the universe.

For cleansing your stone, you can use mist sprays. Mist sprays contain ingredients that are purely for the protection of your crystals. These sprays also help your crystals regain their powers and energies. They are also effective in reducing stress. When working with Labradorite, you should focus on the intention you want to achieve during your meditation sessions. If you wish to manifest your goals, visualize them in your mind.


Selenite is a stone that is used to meditate. Its calming and purifying properties can help people reduce stress and achieve balance in their lives. Selenite also helps release negative energy. Negative ions are molecules in the atmosphere that can positively affect your mental health. They are typically found in nature or in remote areas. In addition, selenite has the ability to clear your aura and bring a feeling of calm to your meditation sessions.

Selenite can be used to clear the crown chakra of any distortions. The crystal will also cleanse the stellar gateway to your soul star. Many people are spiritually active in past lives and Selenite can aid you in the process. Some people also find that Selenite is helpful for them to become more intuitive. Depending on your goals and lifestyle, you can use this stone to clear the chakras in your body and connect with your angels.

Before using Selenite for meditation, make sure to cleanse it. Its high vibration means that it will charge other crystals and also cleanse your body. Make sure you cleanse it properly with a smudge stick or dry salt, or with the sound vibrations of singing bowls or bells. You can also use it on a crystal charging plate or in a crystal bowl. However, make sure you cleanse it before use.


Amethyst is known as one of the most powerful emotional healers. Its deep connection to feelings helps it balance mood and bring you peace like never before. Ancient cultures believed that it would protect them from excessive overindulgence. It can help you avoid bad decisions, solve mental obsessions, and increase feelings of calm. If you are considering purchasing Amethyst as a meditation stone, make sure to read the following benefits to find out more.

Amethyst can stimulate the higher mind, boosting mental faculties and helping you to become more intuitive. It can also improve your intuition, helping you to assimilate new ideas and improve your focus. It can also help you with dream recall and is a powerful comfort stone. It is an excellent choice for meditation and is a popular choice among stone workers. But, it’s important to note that amethyst has only been used for a small portion of its healing powers.

Amethyst has long been used in religious practices. Romans were fascinated by its indigo hues, while Catherine the Great wore it to adorn her body. Tibetan Buddhists have long linked amethyst to Buddha, and Egyptians sent their dead into the afterlife with this gem. Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection, and its powerful vibrations help you to tap into a higher source of power.


Sodalite is a wonderful tool for meditation. When used in meditation, it purifies your mind by clearing away toxins and negativity. It can also help you connect to the present moment and inspire you to take practical steps toward your goals. Sodalite has many uses in Feng Shui, including in the areas of relationships. This stone can also assist in improving communication. Read on to learn more about this healing stone.

Those looking to improve their relationship skills may want to choose sodalite as a meditation stone. It helps you to keep your relationship on track by clearing negative energy. This stone can help you understand yourself better and develop deeper relationships. People who seek more balance and love will benefit from sodalite’s calming properties. Sodalite can also help with anger, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. This stone has a deep connection with great thinkers and can stimulate powerful thoughts.

Sodalite has been used for centuries in meditation. It has many benefits, including balancing the hormones and promoting emotional balance. It aids in reducing phobias and panic attacks, as well as reducing high blood pressure. It also helps people with constipation and other digestive problems. It also enhances self-confidence and trust, and helps them deal with negative emotions in a more peaceful manner.

Tiger’s Eye

Whether you’re contemplating the meaning of life or simply seeking peace of mind, the tiger’s eye has many uses. Among these is the ability to remember dreams and use them for spiritual advancement. This stone also promotes imagination, which is essential to understanding intuition. The energy of this stone is especially powerful for reminding you to embrace your spiritual potential and let divinity into your spiritual practice. It also connects you with the spiritual power of the sun.

Because the Tiger’s Eye is so powerful, it is wise to cleanse it often. It should have a glass-like luster, or the cat’s eye effect when held to light. It should also be harder than glass. Try to tilt it under the light. A true Tiger’s Eye should be harder than glass. To test whether a piece of jewelry is truly made of Tiger’s Eye, you can tilt the stone under a light source.

Aside from its healing properties, a tiger’s eye is an excellent meditation stone. It will remove any negativity from your surroundings and clear your mind from distractions. It is also believed to improve concentration, reduce stress, and help with emotions. It can help you cope with life’s ups and downs and overcome feelings of loneliness. So, if you’re feeling lost and stuck, this stone will be the answer.