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Hidden Gems on Netflix – Three Movies You Should Watch This Month

Are you looking for the best new movies to watch this month? If so, Netflix is the way to go! Not only does Netflix offer an enormous library of movies and TV shows, but the free service also allows you to watch them whenever you want. Here are three movies you should watch this month: Hidden Gems, American Vandal, and Centurion. You might also be interested in Love, Death, and Robots, as well as a couple of other classics.

Film review of Hidden Gems

If you love watching foreign movies but have limited time, Netflix can provide you with a great alternative. Hidden Gems on Netflix is a series of short films produced by Indian directors and are available to stream on their service. There are some gems that you may not have known existed, but that you should definitely consider watching. In this film review, I will talk about two of my favourites. One is Manjari & Nandu, directed by Abhishek Chaubey and starring Delzad Hiwale and Rinku Rajguru respectively. I found this film riveting, despite its short runtime.

Another hidden gem on Netflix is Craigslist Job, a found footage horror flick starring Patrick Brice as a videographer. This film takes place in a small mountain town and features an increasingly odd client. When things get strange, he begins to wonder if everything is as it seems. This two-hander is boosted by the chemistry between Brice and co-writer Mark Duplass. The script is clever enough to make even found footage pay off.

Another film to look out for is “Hided Gems.” The Netflix original is a documentary about life in East LA and is directed by Babara Kopple. The story revolves around Allison, a rich girl from a posh Pacific Palisades suburb who gets into trouble with East LA gang leader Freddy Rodriguez. In this film, Anne Hathaway gives a riveting performance and Laura San Giacomo comes out as Allison’s mother.

Another film on Hidden Gems on Netflix is “Red Road.” A British drama with a compelling storyline, Red Road stars Katie Jarvis as a teenager who is radically changed when her mother brings home her new boyfriend. It’s a heart-stopping suspense story that is both hilarious and deeply moving. If you haven’t seen Red Road, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Review of American Vandal

“American Vandal” is a compelling satire that tackles the absurdities of social media, high school and a teenage boy’s obsession with true crime. In the show, Peter’s documentary gets hundreds of views on YouTube and fans begin tweeting theories about the murder of Dylan. Even teen-age audiences will recognize the parallels between the world of social media and real-life events. It is also important to note that “American Vandal” has a strong satirical theme.

The writing is excellent in American Vandal. The storyline is engaging and the characters are believable. The characters talk and act like real teenagers, and use appropriate slang and dynamics. That’s a nice touch that differentiates this Netflix original series from its mega-promoted counterparts. American Vandal is an entertaining, thought-provoking and engrossing watch, and I’m happy to recommend it to everyone.

The show’s writing has garnered industry praise, and there are many solid logical moments in season two. In the season two story, Sam and Peter are in the same state as “The Turd Burglar,” who terrorizes a prestigious Catholic high school with poop-related crimes. This is an Agatha Christie-style twist, but the plot is plausible. As a fan of the show, you’ll be delighted with its emotional depth.

The show focuses on three college students, Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck). Peter and Sam work off-campus to narrow down the suspects, while Sam finds a confiscated iPad belonging to Pearson. Sam also finds texts that reveal Galloway’s infidelity and dishonesty. In the end, Gabi walks out on Peter and Sam.

Review of Centurion

The film is a sweeping historical action adventure that features inventive battle scenes and sweeping camerawork. The action-packed plot does not rely on cliched action sequences and lengthy dialogue, but it does keep the focus on its main character, a Roman general named Quintus Dias. Centurion is everything Marcus Nispel’s Pathfinder tried to be, but is executed beautifully by a filmmaker who has a real gift for storytelling.

While the movie promises action, I was disappointed by the lack of character development and suspense. While Michael Fassbender is a strong choice as a Roman centurion, there are some other British actors worth mentioning, including Dominic West (The Wire) and David Morrissey, who plays the Picts’ leader. Another memorable character is Bond Girl Olga Kuryenko, who plays the Pict tracker Etain.

I enjoyed the cinematography, and the cast of Centurion is superb. Although it isn’t historically accurate, the director does a good job of turning the Scottish countryside into an eerie landscape that will leave you awestruck. The tense and gritty fight scenes are well done. However, the romantic subplot is a dud. Nevertheless, the film’s cast and director make it worth a watch.

“Centurion” is a riveting action movie with a strong cast. The protagonist of the movie is a man of honor who struggles to escape from the brutality of the Picts. The movie is a great choice for people who love historical dramas, but it may not be on Netflix in your country. To watch Centurion on Netflix, you just need to change your country. I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about whether or not to watch it.

Review of Love, Death + Robots

After watching the first season of this sci-fi anthology series, I was excited to watch the second. This season continues the series’ innovative use of violent action and cutting-edge editing. Thematically, the show offers powerful themes about greed, imperialism, and the rape of the earth. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the first two seasons of the series have been renewed, and I cannot wait to see them again!

This season is full of short stories ranging from the comically absurd to the deeply thematically deep. The series is a solid watch that delivers excellent entertainment. The series has a good mix of interesting and unusual stories, and its nine-episode order avoids bloat and the repetition of episodes. I’m looking forward to season two, and I can’t wait to revisit my favorite robots!

The show is a bit hit and miss, and it’s certainly worth watching for its innovative art and the unique storylines. Although some critics have criticized the show for being overly violent and gratuitous, I think this series is one to watch if you enjoy art and sci-fi. The visual style is a bit trippy, but the writing is very good. You’ll want to watch more episodes of Love, Death + Robots as soon as it arrives on Netflix.

Love, Death + Robots season three is a confident return to form. It’s worth watching for the series’ strong cast, but beware of spoilers – it’s not a sci-fi series for kids. It’s a psychedelic experience. The bright colors, steady pacing, and intriguing storylines will make this an excellent series for the whole family.

Review of Snabba Cash

“Snabba Cash” is an intriguing series on Netflix. The series follows a young single mother, Leya, who is involved in drug trafficking. She works at a restaurant to make ends meet, but soon finds herself inextricably linked to the underworld of Sweden’s criminal underworld through her cousin, Ravy (Alexander Abdallah). As a result, she becomes involved in the narcotics business and begins a relationship with her uncle, who is a member of a crime syndicate. In addition to their mutual interest, the gang is also attempting to raise money for a startup.

The show explores the ills of capitalism, as well as the dangers of material gain. It is a very absorbing film, with great set-piece scenes and an impressive soundtrack. It is also easy to follow and can be absorbed into the storyline. However, be prepared to watch some intense scenes of violence. Nevertheless, Snabba Cash is a great, underrated hidden gem on Netflix.