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How to Find Gay Romance Novels

There are many ways to find gay romance novels, from the internet to Amazon to Barnes & Noble. However, it may seem like a hassle if you don’t have the time to search all these places. Here are some suggestions. You can also use your local library and even TikTok to browse for books. But remember, these tips only work if you know how to use the internet. And don’t forget to have fun!


If you’re searching for the best LGBTQ books on the web, you’ll be pleased to know that TikTok has made finding LGBTQ titles easy. This subcategory of TikTok combines the worlds of books and video, and boasts more than 13 billion views on the platform. However, be warned: this article contains minor spoilers. We recommend that you stay away from this subcategory if you are a romantic at heart.

The Prince of Wales by Laynie Rose is another popular LGBTQ book on TikTok. This new adult romance is about the son of a U.S. president and the prince of Wales. Laynie Rose ended every BookTok recommendation list with “The Prince of Wales.”

The aesthetic of BookTok videos is fast and furious, and it’s filled with fans crying over their favorite plotlines and caring for their books. Toronto-based BookTok user @groovytas has 109,000 followers. Her videos usually focus on the fantasy or young adult genre, but you’ll also find M/M romances and gay novels, despite the platform’s niche.

Another book vlogger with over two million followers, Camille Ayman, self-published 40 books in the past several years. She’s an avid reader, with a fanbase that’s grown tenfold thanks to her videos. She’s also a TikTok star herself, making it easy to discover her new titles. A few of her videos even feature a typed synopsis of her new release.

Barnes & Noble

If you are looking for a good place to find gay romance novels, consider going to Barnes & Noble. There are books about the LGBT community and books about feminism on this section. These books will be diverse in terms of themes, characters, and settings, and you are sure to find the right one for you. In the past, the LGBT section at Barnes & Noble was full of books about feminism and other topics of interest to LGBT readers.

In addition to classic romantic stories, there are new titles on the market every day. For example, there’s “D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding,” published by the Harlequin imprint Carina Adores. Another book, “Love and Other Disasters,” is about a transgender contestant on a cooking show. Several other new titles are available, and Barnes & Noble is a great place to find gay romance novels.


It is not uncommon for publishers to turn down a gay romance novel. Publishers do not necessarily care about the gay factor, but they are interested in the story. After all, what matters most is the story. It’s important for gay writers to remember that most gay romance novels are written for a female audience, which means that the main characters are women. Consequently, it’s important for writers to keep this in mind when pitching their novel.

NineStar Press is a small independent publisher in New Mexico that specializes in LGBTQ+ fiction. They publish in print, ebook, and audiobooks and aim to reach hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. Some of their recent releases include Just Like That by Clara W. Barrow, Oh, Earthman! by Berlynn Wohl, and Surreal Estate by Jea Ryan. The publisher is constantly looking for new and talented authors to publish their novels.

Flashpoint is a full-service LGBTQI novel publisher. They accept manuscripts in various genres, including LGBTQ romance, lesbian fiction, and LGBTQ teen fiction. Manuscripts should be at least 15k words long. Those longer works should be edited down and may be split into multiple volumes. It’s best to submit shorter stories for consideration. But do not forget that some publishers prefer short stories. They can be very difficult to sell.

Lethe Press is an independent publisher based in New Jersey. It has been in business since 2011. Its focus is on speculative fiction and LGBTQ issues. Many of its books have been nominated for Lambda Literary Awards and Shirley Jackson Awards. The company is open to submissions for both seasonal and general submissions. Please check their submission guidelines for more information. You can also submit your novel through email. If you have completed the submission form, the LGBTQI Book Publishing company will contact you for further information.


While many book industry executives assumed that gay romance readers are mostly women, publishing houses are now expanding their focus and looking beyond L.G.B.T.Q. audiences. For example, Alyssa Cole’s latest novel, F/F, focuses on two female characters who fall in love. In industry parlance, this is called a “female-female” romance novel. Publishers now realize that gay romance readers are an important demographic, and are willing to pay more for books that include them.

Forever executives wanted to publish pictures of models cuddling in December 2020, so they hired real-life couples to pose as the couples. This didn’t violate Covid’s safety protocol, but the book was widely sold. A recent MM novel, “D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding,” was published by Harlequin’s imprint Carina Adores. Another popular book, “Love and Other Disasters,” features an openly nonbinary contestant on a cooking show.

Publishing houses are beginning to notice this trend. Many queer romance authors are setting their narratives within subgenres. For example, historical romance does not sell as well as sci-fi, but queer romance writers are finding ways to adapt their genre to make it more marketable. By reworking the genre, publishers are able to attract new readers and increase their sales. Ultimately, this helps the LGBTQ community.

Despite these problems, LGBTQ readers are enjoying a greater number of gay and nonbinary fiction than ever. The Supreme Court’s decision to recognize marriage equality has helped make the LGBTQ community more inclusive and tolerant, and the public’s acceptance of this fact has only encouraged the growth of the genre. In short, these books are good PR for gay men. And it’s worth mentioning that the vast majority of gay fiction is written by lesbian and bisexual writers.