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What Are the Retrograde Planets?

If you want to know about the transits of the planets, you may be wondering, “What are the retrograde worlds?” Let’s explore this question with an example: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are all examples of planets that travel backwards in our solar system. If you’re looking to travel backwards on Earth, you should know about the different types of retrograde motions, as well as the effects of retrograde motion.


You may experience communication misunderstandings when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules communication, travel, and gossip. However, astrology does not view transits as positive. Think of it as the weather on a particular day; the current condition is merely an indicator of what’s to come. During Mercury’s retrograde, you should plan extra time for travel, double-check emails, and back-up plans. However, if your plans do require making a final decision, you should take extra precautions.

While Mercury is moving backwards during this time, you should try not to speak out of turn. This will only make matters worse! You should try to avoid using the word “you” in conversations unless you absolutely must. Mercury is in retrograde from July 26 to August 19, 2018 in Leo. Mercury can be conjunct your natal planet or your Ascendant or Midheaven, and you should try to avoid saying or writing anything inappropriately during this time.

You can find your natal chart online for free. CafeAstrology is a great resource for this. If you have Pisces rising, then you may notice a negative impact on your communications with other people, especially in the fourth house of home. Gemini rules your third house of communication and Taurus rules your ninth house. Your emotional, mental, and physical well-being are all affected by Mercury being retrograde. To make sure you don’t make plans too far ahead, read the chart below.


Venus is the planet of love and romance, but the influence of its retrograde cycle is felt most keenly in the solar eleventh house of relationships and aspirations. When Venus is in retrograde, relationships may suffer, and feelings of security and comfort can be misinterpreted. Venus also makes it difficult to take up new projects, and it can make separations and reunions heave and feel shallow. But despite these potential difficulties, Venus is also an opportunity to reconsider your personal beliefs and values.

When Venus is retrograde, you might want to be cautious about making major purchases. You may feel the urge to purchase something big-ticket, but it may backfire later. Don’t buy anything expensive, as it can end up becoming a money pit. On the other hand, if you’re good at sniffing out a good bargain, you might be able to score a unique, low-cost item. Even though you’ll feel less inclined to spend money on beauty products, you may find that buying a beauty product could lead to regret later.

A relationship will be affected negatively if Venus is retrograde during this time. This is because Venus rules love and beauty. But it can also impact other areas of life, such as your finances and your creative endeavors. In addition to relationships, Venus can affect creative projects and financial endeavors, and can even affect your love life. In short, the retrograde period is a time of introspection. The time to decide on an action plan is now!


When the planet Jupiter moves retrograde, it can affect the way we view our world. We may feel a need to question everything around us, especially laws. The retrograde phase of Jupiter may also make us hold grudges and enemies. We might also question our values and worth. If Jupiter is in your seventh house, this retrograde can affect the way you deal with money. If you have Jupiter retrograde in your fourth house, you may find yourself searching for ways to make yourself happy financially.

In love and relationships, Venus rules over beauty and pleasure. People born during this retrograde period may have to travel a long way to find love and harmony in their relationships. Mars, the spitfire planet, may also affect our sex life and fitness personality. During this time, we may have trouble finding balance between our energy and autonomy. However, we should remember that Mars and Mercury are opposite signs and they are not necessarily opposites.

When a retrograde Jupiter transits the eleventh house, it can make your love life chaotic. You may be tempted to avoid a relationship with a partner who is experiencing a retrograde period, but this may result in more marriage drama. Fortunately, Shahrukh is not among the people who have to deal with retrograde Jupiter. The godfather of Indian cinema, Satya Jit Ray, had a planet in his seventh house, and both his retrograde and direct versions are in his ascendant.


In many ways, Saturn is retrograde, which means it will be affecting the whole world for months at a time. The Saturn retrograde can be challenging for us as it will cause us to slow down, reflect on our commitments, and consider how to reduce our stress. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and when it is retrograde, it encourages us to take stock of our lives and evaluate the priorities that are most important to us. Saturn is retrograde for many months each year, and this time of the year can present challenges, including a shift in motivation, delayed plans, and heavier work and health responsibilities. It can be a good time to streamline and simplify our lives.

The Saturn retrograde is particularly challenging for us when it comes to our emotional lives. It encourages us to reflect on our limitations and commitments and to adjust them, allowing us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. This transit can be extremely beneficial for our growth as we learn about ourselves and our desires. Saturn is retrograde in the fourth house of our home life, which governs our actual home, family, and inner emotional world. During a Saturn retrograde, healing work can intensify and our ability to understand our own emotional patterns can be improved. The Saturn retrograde also helps us visualize our ideal home and the down payment necessary to make it happen.

One of the best ways to deal with Saturn is to take the time to reflect on your work ethic. While it is a taskmaster and a demanding planet, it can also motivate us to create our own roadblocks. If we fail to do so, we may face serious obstacles and challenges. However, Saturn’s retrograde period encourages us to reflect on our work ethic and how we handle responsibility. You may also feel more confident and assertive in this time of retrograde.


If Uranus is retrograde, you are likely to be more rebellious than usual. Being a rebel can be an exciting and fulfilling thing, but it can also be a source of great frustration if you lack a purpose. Uranus is a force of liberation, so you may feel inclined to take up unconventional and sometimes extreme measures in order to achieve your goals. However, it’s important to channel this energy wisely.

During Uranus’s retrograde phase, Leos may be compelled to take a deep look at their career and their choices. This retrograde period also requires Leos to make significant changes and innovate in their future. While they may have been more reluctant to take action in the past, this time is ideal for making important decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Uranus is retrograde in the career sector, which means it’s a good time to have children, explore gender expression, or relocate.

Uranus is a slow moving planet, which can cause unsettling and unexpected changes. People under its influence may have a tendency to take life too seriously or to be easily swayed by others. However, a retrograde can also give Cancer a chance to clean up various aspects of their lives, including personal and political. This period can be helpful to plan a makeover, make new friends, or participate in local politics.


It is crucial to understand the implications of a Pluto in your sign. Pluto is a depressing planet that causes sudden changes in mood and behavior. Your relationships with family, friends, and even loved ones can suffer when Pluto is in retrograde. Despite these dangers, this energy can give you the clarity of vision and motivation you need to achieve your goals. So, what can you do during the Pluto retrograde? Below are some ideas and actions that you can take to benefit from this energy.

First of all, the astrological science behind the notion that Pluto is retrograde is faulty. Pluto never moves backwards, and neither does any other planet. This apparent backward motion is simply an optical illusion resulting from their different orbit speeds. Therefore, when Pluto is in retrograde, you will be able to take advantage of this energy to improve your life and relationships. Remember that you can only love someone if you have self-love.

Second, remember that a Pluto retrograde is a hard reality to face. It can lead to inner conflict, or may produce spiritual progress. Fortunately, another planet is in your sign at the same time, Saturn. While Saturn might slow Pluto’s backspin, it gives you ample time to implement Pluto’s agenda. But if you aren’t willing to make any changes, don’t worry – there are other astrological events that will slow down the progress of Pluto.