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What is a Spiritual Psychic?

There are many types of spiritual psychics, but you might be wondering, what is a spiritual psychic? Here are the four most common psychic abilities: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Telepathy. Listed below is a brief description of each ability. This article focuses on Clairvoyance, as it is the most widely known. Clairaudience is also a more popular form of psychic ability and involves the ability to hear and see things without having to physically be there.


Many Spiritual Psychics claim to be able to communicate with spirits and read their minds, but despite the many claims to the contrary, the Bible condemns parapsychology and tarot cards. In reality, clairvoyance is a skill that allows people to seek information using other senses. As parapsychology becomes a declining discipline, scientific methods have been developed to measure psychic abilities and answer the question of life after death.

Many people confuse clairvoyance with mediumship, but the two practices are distinct. Clairvoyants use their higher vibrations to communicate with the other side. While psychics are able to provide information about the past, present, and future, “clairs” can also see, hear, and feel a higher frequency than mediums. Clairvoyants have the ability to see, feel, and hear the other side, and they are also capable of seeing time and space.

However, when it comes to using clairvoyance, it is important to remember that a good Psychic must use a clear focus and a clear target. Clairvoyance is often difficult to use and some clients are very reticent to get a reading. Clairvoyance is not a science, but it can help psychics with their predictions. Spiritual psychics should avoid using specific details about death causes, as the spirit world can be vague, even though they have direct contact with them.

Clairvoyance is an ability that most people can’t control, and is often used by psychics and mediums. Clairvoyance is one of the most powerful spiritual abilities, and some practitioners believe they can see spirits. Some people claim to see dead relatives and friends. Other people believe they can hear a person’s thoughts through clairvoyance. Nevertheless, research has found no definitive proof of clairvoyance.


Developing your Clairaudience skills will help you to be a better listener and distinguish between messages from Higher Spirits and messages from everyday life. Sometimes a ringing sound will alert you to a spirit’s presence, but if you focus only on the ringing, you will miss the hidden message. So, how do you develop your Clairaudience skills? Follow these tips to get started.

Many contemporary writers have made the same distinction. Some consider the ‘voice’ a separate entity. But some practitioners suggest that it may be the mental perception of a higher self, which is an extension of our everyday self and just as much a part of ourselves as our ego. Astoria Brown recommends, listen to your intuitive self. Hollen coined the term ‘carnal mind,’ which is still widely used by modern writers.

Clairaudience is a form of psychic hearing that exists outside the physical sense of hearing. Clairaudience is often linked to clairvoyance. Clairaudience is a form of psychic power and is often a manifestation of inspiration and creativity. If you are experiencing any of these characteristics, you may have psychic power. A psychic reader will be able to help you use this ability to create new things.

To develop your Clairaudience, start by focusing on sounds around you. Focus on sounds in different parts of your home. Scale your body from head to toe and listen to different sounds. Once you have mastered this, you can begin communicating with spirits, angels, and departed loved ones. Clairaudience takes practice and can be learned with practice. You can start by practicing these exercises on a regular basis.


A person with clairsentience has an ability to feel other people’s emotions. As a result, they can sense other people’s needs and can provide them with guidance or solutions. Clairsentience is a gift that can be cultivated, so you can harness it for personal development. To use your psychic abilities, you need to understand the different kinds of feelings and how to set them aside. To develop your gift, you can practice meditation, talk to other clairsentient individuals, and engage in activities that allow you to express your creativity. You may even be able to feel ill, but do not worry about getting sick.

People who possess this ability are often described as overly sensitive. They can sense people’s moods and feelings without words. They can also smell things or hear music. Clairsentients have a strong intuitive sense and a high degree of spiritual empathy. They are also sensitive to toxins and can even sense the presence of carbon monoxide. Because of their high psychic abilities, it is necessary for clairsentients to learn how to cope with the energy of others. For example, some people who are sensitive to negative energy often feel anxiety when handling items that are older than their own.

If you’re feeling that someone is watching you, chances are you’re clairsentient. Clairsentient people can pick up on the feelings of spirits that they’ve encountered. Typically, this guidance comes from pure forms of energy, and it is perceived as valuable and useful. These experiences are sometimes accompanied by intense dislike for a person, which is quite unsettling for the person. It can be difficult to explain how they perceive other people’s feelings, but they’re always there.


Telepathy is a powerful tool used by spiritual psychics to connect with other people, especially friends and partners. Telepathy is most effective when people have a bond and connection. People who are already connected will have a higher tendency to communicate telepathically. If you have a bond with someone, pay attention to whether or not they also telepathically communicate. It will be much easier for you to connect if you already feel a connection with that person.

Researchers have identified a specific brain region that is associated with telepathy. These areas are responsible for the isolation of certain brain regions that may be involved in paranormal activity. Further studies using advanced fusion imaging techniques are required to further confirm the findings of this study. The findings of this study also support the validity of the ability of spiritual psychics to communicate with other people. While telepathy may seem like science fiction, the practice of telepathy has a rich history.

As the term implies, telepathy is the communication of impressions without the use of recognized sense channels. While many have dismissed the idea of telepathy as a pseudoscience, systematic research has been conducted to establish its existence. Meta-analyses of “ganzfield” studies have provided compelling evidence for the reality of this phenomenon. Telepathy has important implications in the fields of medicine, biology, and cognitive science. Indeed, intercessory prayers have been used as a form of medicine.

Many studies on “paranormal phenomena” have provided significant insight into the subject. One functional MRI study of “distant intentionality” examined the brain activation pattern of the recipient of distant thoughts. The results indicated significant activation in the frontal and precuneus brain regions of the recipient. Other research has also suggested an association between telepathy and the right cerebral hemisphere. The findings of this study provide a framework for understanding the nature of telepathy.


The spiritual psychic ability of clairgustance is a little more common than you might think, but it’s not something that’s talked about too often. You might find yourself tasting something, such as a savory snack, while not eating. This can be a sign of clairgustance because it can evoke memory or emotion. There are a number of different types of clairgustance, but one of the most common is food clairaudience.

Psychics who possess clairgustance are able to detect spirits and communicate with them through taste. They can also use this ability to understand why someone has passed away. Some highly developed Clairgustance psychics can even predict an impending illness by tasting the food. They may also suggest a good cure for a patient’s illness. Ultimately, clairgustance is a great way to connect with the divine and receive powerful messages from the universe.

As with any other psychic ability, clairgustance takes practice to develop. Developing your palate is the first step. Once you develop your palate, you can start receiving messages from spirits through the sense of taste. While it’s not a magical ability, it can help you connect with the deceased and make their presence known in a more profound way. It’s worth it to take the time to train yourself in clairgustance so you can fully experience the power of clairgustance.

The ability to detect smell and taste may be the key to developing psychic and intuitive abilities. Some people have a keen sense of smell, and others have a strong memory of what smells like. Clairgustance psychics can also pick up on the aromas of different foods and help solve crimes. People who have developed this psychic ability may notice that they like the smell of certain perfumes or even have a sudden burp.