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What is Happening in July in My Capricorn Monthly Horoscope?

If you’re wondering “what’s happening in July” in your Capricorn horoscope, read on. This month is filled with important aspects. Capricorns are especially lucky because the planets will be below the horizon, and this means they’ll have lots of time to focus on their personal lives. The Capricorn zodiac is known for hard work, but this month’s tone is a bit different than usual.

Full moon in Capricorn

This July’s Full Moon in Capricorn is a powerfully uplifting and motivating event. As the sun is in deeply feeling Cancer, the full moon in Capricorn can allow Aries to advocate for their values and beliefs. Introspection and inward reflection are common during this month, but the energy from the full moon in Capricorn is positive and innovative. Capricorn people are often called to act on their own behalf.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is one of the most significant astrological events of the year. It’s a sign that’s ruled by Saturn, which has an excellent rapport with Venus and Uranus. In Capricorn, both planets are in harmonious positions and can help you make smart decisions regarding your love life and career. You’ll find out if the Full Moon in Capricorn is an auspicious time to start a new project or romance.

If you want to be more ambitious, the Full Moon in Capricorn is a great time to set goals and take initiative. You may want to sign up for a serious 5K training routine or try a challenging yoga class. A headstand pose may be just what you need to boost your self-esteem. If you are a Taurus, take advantage of the Full Moon in Capricorn this month for major changes in your life.

On July 13, the Full Moon in Capricorn will occur in the ninth house, and will be emotionally enlightening. Venus in Gemini will connect with her ruling planet Saturn during the Capricorn full moon, which will be good for finances. Mercury will also align with Uranus on this date, which could result in an exciting invitation. You’ll be able to take advantage of these powerful aspects of your life to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your loved ones.

Venus squares off with Neptune

In my Capricorn monthly horoscope, it’s a good time to start thinking about your love life, because the planet of love aligns with the radical Uranus. Your desires may be more emotional than physical, but the relationship between the two can prove fulfilling. Ultimately, you can achieve whatever you want in life by focusing on your inner spirituality and making it visible to others.

In my Capricorn monthly horoscope, you might have more confidence than usual. The new moon of January 2 and Mercury’s return to Capricorn the next day can boost your self-esteem. On January 29, Venus makes an auspicious connection with Uranus, so take advantage of this. Your inner confidence is off the charts. You may need to make a change in your finances, but Venus’ retrograde will soon end on January 29.

During this month, Mars joins Jupiter in your Selfhood sector. This extra strength from Mars may increase feelings of power and self-importance, but this energy could also lead to shallow self-obsession. On the other hand, Jupiter is associated with wisdom, so you may be more generous, kinder, and more understanding than you’ve been in the past.

The June 16 full moon is high energy, but it also triggers confusion. Because Neptune is square to Venus, it’s likely you’ll be prone to getting into disagreements, especially if you’re in a relationship. Similarly, the June 28 new moon activates the house of relationships. You may be drawn to your partner or to a romantic relationship, or even just enjoy some time alone.

Mars-Uranus-North Node

This month, Mars-Uranus-North Node will connect with the North Node of Destiny in Capricorn. During this time, the Capricorn native will be more combative, and he or she may take the initiative in pursuit of goals. This tailwind will last almost two months. If you’re single, July is a good time to take advantage of your free time. If you’re married, the Mars-Uranus connection is highly auspicious.

This conjunction will create more volatility and churn this summer, and Mars will become exact on 1 August. However, the exact time of the transit will vary depending on where you live. Mars will be conjunct Uranus by degree from 22 July to 15 August, and Uranus will be within a few degrees of the north node for the rest of the year and into February 2023.

The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune will be in a friendly pattern, but the Moon will line up in a resistant opposition to Neptune, the planet of intuition and ideals. Pisces may need to get out of its own way and trust their intuition more. However, there are plenty of opportunities for Pisces to use their intuition.

The North Node will be in a position to encourage growth in areas of your life that are limiting. During the month of July, you can use your North Node to expand your consciousness and develop new understanding. While the full moon will illuminate travel and romance, Pluto will offer insight and inspiration. If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit the North Node in your horoscope, this is a good time to go.

Venus in your solar fifth house

This month, Venus in your solar fifth house in your Capircorn monthly horoscope is a potent sign for love and romance. As the goddess of love, Venus has a knack for aesthetic forms of recreation and can be very dramatic and playful. You may be especially attracted to the arts and will love your children’s sexy and playful antics. However, be sure to keep your emotions in check when dealing with partners, and avoid discussing personal matters in public.

The placement of Venus in your Capricorn monthly hororoscope will have a major effect on the relationships you have with coworkers, romantic interests, and your work. In fact, your work environment may revolve around Venus’s activities. Although this aspect can make you slack at work, Venus in your Capricorn monthly horoscope can also foster a good team spirit, a tactful relationship with coworkers, and clever love affairs.

On July 17, Venus enters Cancer, bringing support from the universe in your love life. This can be an ideal time to romance someone if you feel like it. But be careful with rushing into an agreement if you are not ready. You could be putting yourself in a position where you will be hurt or have your heart broken. So, watch out for red flags and stay focused.

The Venus in your Capricorn monthly hororoscope is a powerful sign for love, and this planet can help you reach your professional milestones with ease. But be careful – this placement of Venus in your solar fifth house can be very powerful. Your relationship with a partner can be strained and you may find yourself wishing to move on or get out of it.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces

This month, the retrograde of Jupiter will be in your second house, affecting your Aquarius horoscope. This retrograde will have mixed results for Aquarius natives. On the one hand, you’re likely to enjoy good health, but the retrograde is a bad time for risky financial activities. It will also create some minor arguments with your partner.

This month, the energy of Jupiter retrograde will cause you to think more deeply about life and your goals. You may experience feelings of guilt and shame if you have to admit that you have made mistakes in the past. You’ll probably also want to cut ties and stop obligated relationships that are not working. If you’ve made a bad decision recently, you might want to review your approach to making money.

While Jupiter is an upfront planet, this retrograde will reveal old secrets. You’ll want to make dramatic confessions, since Jupiter is so good at drama! But, make sure you don’t tell everyone first! Jupiter is a drama-loving planet! However, don’t make these kinds of decisions if your Scorpio monthly horoscope is in your sign.

For Leo natives, the retrograde will be in their eighth house. This will present a challenging time for their health and finances. They should be careful with investments and business dealings. In addition, this retrograde can cause minor disagreements with their spouse. As a Leo, you should be cautious and careful, as you may make a mistake. You should also avoid investing in your career during this period of retrograde Jupiter.