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What is Kyanite Gemstone?

If you’re wondering what is kyanite gemstone, read on! Learn about the Carat size and color of this stone, as well as its healing properties. The healing properties of this stone are well-documented, and their positive effects on our lives can’t be overstated. The following is a quick guide to the healing benefits of kyanite. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when choosing your own stone.

kyanite gemstone

The kyanite gemstone has numerous uses. It aligns the subtle bodies and chakras and promotes a friendly mood among the bearer. It has the ability to clear negative energy and release powerful positive energy, which helps with emotional healing. Though it looks like an ordinary ornamental stone, the kyanite has many metaphysical and healing benefits. There are a few ways to tell whether a piece of kyanite is real.

To clean a kyanite gemstone, it is best to use a mild soap and water solution. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth before storing it. You should store kyanite away from other gemstones and store it in a fabric lined box. If you do not have the time to cleanse your kyanite gemstone, you can store it in a jewelry box. Keep it away from other gemstones to avoid scratches and damage.

You should always buy kyanite jewelry from a reputable retailer. A variety of handcrafted kyanite pieces are available on Etsy. They can range in price and style. The best jewelry to wear with a kyanite gemstone is one that is not often exposed to stress or pressure. If you want to wear a kyanite necklace or pendant, you should choose a thin-cut piece that can be easily removed from your ear.

The kyanite is also a gemstone associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Aries, and Libra. The stone can increase a person’s telepathic abilities and help them connect with spirit guides. It also helps balance people. Kyanite is a popular choice for people with Libra, Aries, and Taurus, because it brings harmony and logical decision-making to those with astrological signs.


If you are looking for a unique gemstone, kyanite might be the answer. This gemstone is rare and can be found in only a few locations, including the Devonian Group in Canada. Generally, kyanite is blue-green in color. However, it can be difficult to identify, since it has a varied hardness that changes according to its direction. This article will explain how to identify kyanite gemstones and their characteristics.

The color of kyanite is blue, although some forms are more intense in the center of the crystal blade. Blue kyanite often changes to white or colorless, so you should look for crystals with color consistency. However, kyanite is not typically cut or polished into faceted gemstones because of its extremely variable hardness. If you do find a kyanite gemstone with color, you may wish to consider purchasing a pendant or earrings made from one of these stones.

The kyanite gemstone is a combination of grounded behavior and spiritual thinking. Wearing a kyanite necklace, bracelet, or ring will help you open new doors, heal old wounds, and keep you on the path of your true purpose. Please share your thoughts with us and share with us which color of kyanite appeals to you the most. You may be surprised by the answers you receive. You can also share with us your favourite kyanite gemstone color.

If kyanite is not available in your desired color, you can always buy a different stone. You can find similar shades in different types of minerals. If you like the color of kyanite but can’t afford it, consider green turquoise or clinochlore as a good substitute. White kyanite can be substituted with smoky quartz, while black kyanite can be made with spinel or quartz.

Carat size

A kyanite gemstone is a rare mineral and gem. This blue-green stone is sourced in the Devonian Group of the Earth and is one of the rarest gemstones. It is a popular choice among collectors for its blue hue. A faceted kyanite is a rare gemstone, with inclusions that can appear as visible flaws. It has a vitreous to near-pearl luster when polished. It is a very attractive gemstone, especially when seen in the sun.

The name kyanite derives from the Greek word kyanos, meaning “blue”. A fine ring made of a rocky kyanite gemstone will be blue, with purple or violet pleochroism. The gemstone’s hardness varies from four to seven depending on the direction and axes in which it is cut. Cuts of kyanite stones can range anywhere from a few carats to several carats. The gemstone also has cat’s eye and alexandrite effects.

The kyanite gemstone is a rare and unusual gem that is still relatively unknown in the jewelry industry. Most kyanite is mined for collectors and is not faceted. This is because it has a high degree of cleavage, is highly elastic, and can expand almost twice its volume when heated. This is why it is considered an exotic gem, but well-colored premium quality kyanite is often cut into attractive cabochons and faceted stones.

The kyanite gemstone has a hardness comparable to blue sapphire. Its hardness varies with the angle of orientation of the crystal. It is 4.5 to 5.5 Mohs when cut parallel to its longitudinal axis. If cut on its shorter side, the kyanite’s hardness is closer to seven. Another feature of this stone is its partial pleochroism. While it is rarely found in one solid color, kyanite is considered the birthstone of Taurus, whose sign is ruled by the planet Venus.

Healing properties

A deeply spiritual stone, Kyanite is found in many colours and is known to have incredible healing properties. Its cool energy is said to facilitate meditation, and to aid in the fast transition between states of consciousness. However, these benefits are not the only ones associated with Kyanite. Among them, it is said to relieve stress and depression and bring a sense of well-being. This stone is also known to provide protection against negative energies.

Other healing properties of the Kyanite gemstone include helping people reconnect with their inner purpose and helping them to gain knowledge and skills. The stone has the ability to unlock long-forgotten childhood memories and can assist with reviving lost emotions. It can be used for depression and anxiety treatment and is also said to soothe physical symptoms of migraines. It also helps those suffering from brain fog. However, it may be best suited for those suffering from chronic pain, like arthritis.

People who use Kyanite for its healing properties should cleanse it regularly. The stone’s energy is purified when cleansed and does not attach to bad or negative energies. This pure energy helps people overcome stressful situations and achieve a higher spiritual connection. If you own a Kyanite, you might want to consider wearing one. They can be beautiful pieces of jewelry and can be used to decorate your home. They can also be useful in meditation.

Aside from its healing properties, Kyanite is also considered a zodiac stone. It is linked to earth, water, and spirit, and is a good choice for those born under the Aries, Taurus, or Libra zodiac signs. It can also balance Aries’ impatience and help him to get back on track. So, if you want to connect with your inner truth, consider a Kyanite gemstone to enhance your vitality.


Despite its high rarity, kyanites are still quite popular with collectors. These rare gemstones are blue-green in color. They are formed in the Devonian Group, located near Calgary, Alberta. In fact, this gem is so rare that it has been synthetically created by scientists. This material poses challenges for gem cutters, as it can be difficult to cut. However, the stone has many industrial uses, including abrasives, ceramics, electronics, and more. Some of the kyanites in the market are so pale that heating them above 1,200 degrees C will ruin the color.

Due to its fragile nature, kyanite is extremely expensive. Wearing it for extended periods of time is not advisable, as it can split. It is important to cleanse it first with Ganga-Jal or raw Cow-Milk before wearing it. It should also be charged and cleaned thoroughly before wearing it. But don’t be afraid to wear it if you’re not sure of its durability. Just remember that it’s a delicate gemstone and should be treated with care to ensure it stays that way.

Apart from its attractive look, kyanite has healing qualities. While blue kyanite is the most common color, it can also come in green, yellow, or orange. Other colors, like green and white, are also available, but don’t expect them to have the same level of transparency. Moreover, colorless kyanite is extremely rare. So, if you’re looking for a gemstone with a higher price, it’s best to look for a piece that’s eye-clean, and with a medium level of transparency.

The color of kyanite gemstones is also a major factor in their price. A blue kyanite gemstone is the most expensive. Its color changes depending on the angle of your view. Whether you’re looking at it sideways, or from above, the resulting color will vary. For example, a blue kyanite gem may appear green or blue topaz when looked at from the side.