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The first thing to understand is your zodiac sign, which explains the planetary placement of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The planets in your horoscope affect your love life in various ways. In the love horoscope for Scorpio, Jupiter creates a happy and loving family life. You may also have an addition to your family, or attend family functions to strengthen family bonds. However, you may have arguments with family members over inheritance.


This month’s love horoscope is all about relationships. Your love planet, Venus, will spend the first half of the month in Taurus, making you feel like you’re living in a dream. Take some time to contemplate the qualities you’d like in a partner. You may find yourself suddenly thinking about wedding hair inspiration. Whatever your thoughts might be, embrace them and make sure you’re aligned with the one you’re with.

In May, Venus will meet fast-paced Aries, which could lead to both great and disappointing moments. On the other hand, a Mars-Uranus sextile will encourage you to make changes in your life, which could be a positive thing if you are in a relationship. Be aware that the upcoming month could be difficult, and this can make your relationships more challenging.


The monthly love horoscope for Scorpio features the powerful planet Jupiter. These two planets combine to bring intense feelings and a passion for romance. Jupiter is also in the sign of love, while Venus is the planet of expansion. Both of these planets are active in the fire energy of Scorpio, so they are an excellent combination for love-making. Here are the best times to try these two out in a relationship.

Leo season starts on July 22, when the sun enters the third house of communication. This new moon is ripe for new projects and announcing something. That same day, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries in the second house of possessions, so be sure to be disciplined with your resources. This month, you may have to change your habits. Luckily, this month is full of exciting love horoscope events, including a new moon.


The influence of Neptune in a Scorpio love horoscope can be quite a challenging one for the person born under this planet. Intuitives, psychics, and those with similar powers are frequently associated with this planetary placement. Such people often use their powers to help others. They may also be great idealists and dedicate their lives to humanitarian causes. Unfortunately, these individuals may also have a tendency towards isolation and even criminal acts.

People born under the influence of Neptune in Scorpio have a very critical nature. This tendency can be harmful to relationships. People born under this planetary configuration also tend to place others on pedestals and think of everything in black and white terms. Fortunately, this planetary placement also helps to revive old passions and creative projects. Here are some things to consider in a Scorpio love horoscope:


If your monthly horoscope shows that Mars is in your sign this month, you should know that you’ll probably have to take some time to make up your mind. The fiery planet is best for clearing the air in your relationship, so prepare for some hot makeup sex! But, if you are a Scorpio, it’s best to let go of your desire to make things formal – you may suddenly want to stay single and start afresh.

Neptune can be fickle, especially in love, so you’ll need to be able to accept other people’s flaws. You’ve been idealizing your love life so much that you have gotten cold feet. Thankfully, Neptune retrograde is a great time to start new creative projects or passions. But be careful – the retrograde Neptune can turn your relationship into a backfire in five months.


Your relationship is likely to be challenging this month. On July 16, your sun meets Mercury, planet of communication. This aspect can lead to misunderstandings, delays in communication, rejection, and conflict. On July 17, your sun connects with Neptune, planet of faith and art. You may need to set boundaries and protect your emotions to avoid hurting your partner. During this period, you’ll be more open to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities.

The start of the month, Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio) is in forceful Aries. You’ll want to stay on track at work, as your work will suffer. Fortunately, on July 4, Mars will move into practical Taurus, the earth sign. This earth-based energy may help you prioritize your romantic issues, so you can focus on your career. You should also pay attention to your health and relationships this month, as both of these factors play an important role in the quality of your relationships.


This month, the Moon and Sun both make connection with other astrological bodies. The Moon makes a square to Venus and a sextile to Mercury. It also makes conjunctions with Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. The Moon forms a trine with Pluto on the same day that Leo season hits! You could see a career change or a new person entering your life!

In your love life, be aware that Neptune will be retrograde in your sixth house, stirring up intense feelings that you may have previously suppressed. A five-month backspin from Neptune’s transit can leave you with thin skin and quick, defensive reactions. Take steps to heal yourself and your love life. If you are a Scorpio, make sure your partner has a good attitude and is understanding.


This month brings new opportunities for both Scorpio men and women. With Venus in Cancer, you may have made big strides in your studies or your career. If you’re focusing on your art, you may be eager to share your work with the world. On May 2nd, Venus will move into Taurus. You might feel the need to travel or share your work with the world, but the fact of the matter is that the right partner is out there waiting to take the plunge.

On April 18, your relationship will be a little more focused on self-growth and vibrational shifts. You’ll be ready to plant the seeds of new endeavors and relationships. If you’re a Libra, you’re ready to make a difference in the world! The month of April also brings your sign’s ruler, Mars, into Taurus, giving you the strength and focus to achieve your goals.

Capricorn full moon

The July 13th Full Moon brings the Capricorn sign into a more serious state. Unlike Sagittarius, this lunation is not a time for celebrating. Instead, this lunation brings its own unique set of pleasures. This lunation is also not one to celebrate with other sign of the zodiac. In fact, Capricorn is less inclined to seek romance during this lunation.

During this month, love life for Scorpio is in for a wild ride. It’s been a holding pattern for the past two months, and it’s about to explode. The Sun will roar through Cancer for the first three weeks, heating up travel, study, and entrepreneurial plans. It will also stir up your curiosity. This is a good time to start new creative projects or to reconnect with an old passion.

Mars retrograde

While Mars is often the ruler of a relationship, this retrograde can be particularly difficult for the sign of Scorpio. This sign rules libido, so Mars’s off-kilter position can cause a partner to become frustrated with ambitious plans or have physical issues. Mars can also bring up a former lover. The sailor’s monthly love horoscope suggests keeping a cool head during this time.

Leo season officially starts on July 22, and the month of July is full of opportunities. Whether you’re in a relationship or seeking a career change, Leo season is a good time to make changes. The sun enters the 10th house of career, and the new moon occurs on the day of the Mars retrograde in Scorpio. The month’s new moon also happens to occur on the day Jupiter in Aries stations retrograde, so this new moon could influence your communication skills.

Neptune in fifth house

If your astrological horoscope features Neptune in the fifth house of romance, you should be on the lookout for opportunities to make a creative breakthrough. This month Venus forms a harmonious trine to spiritual Neptune, which encourages you to follow your heart instead of following a pre-determined game plan. You might meet someone mind-blowing, and your instincts will help you find an amazing romantic experience.

In July, sweet Venus enters the fifth house of romance, amplifying its lighthearted energy. This energy can help you pursue desires more easily. However, if your desires are too hard to fulfill now, you may need to leave a situation and start anew. Nevertheless, your monthly love horoscope for Scorpio shows that your attraction to what you want will be easier to manifest than usual.