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What is New Horizon Meditation For Kids?

If you have ever wondered what is New Horizon meditation, look no further! It aims to teach kids how to meditate in a fun and relaxing way. With New Horizon, kids can let their imagination run wild and go on exciting adventures! Here are some tips to make the meditation experience fun and relaxing for the kids! You can use the following resources to help you start. The best way to start with New Horizon meditation is to choose a relaxing music and story to listen to during meditation.

Fun and relaxing

Kids will love the New Horizon meditation app. They’ll learn how to meditate while having fun, while unleashing their imagination, and will go on exciting adventures in their new world. The app helps kids develop self-regulation skills by encouraging them to learn how to control their breathing early on. Children who are just starting out with meditation will find this app fun and relaxing, while older kids will appreciate the deeper benefits of a practice.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices, and you can download it for free. You can get a premium version for $7.99, but you’ll need to subscribe to the app to unlock the premium content. New Horizon is a collection of sleep-inducing stories and guided meditations that help kids improve their sleep schedule, reduce stress, and create a calm environment for themselves and others. The app offers offline access, too, which helps you keep it close when your kids need a quiet place to sleep.


Kids can use the New Horizons Meditation app to practice mindfulness and meditate without parents’ supervision. This app comes with three different modes that help children with different levels of ability learn to meditate. Guided Meditation sessions take children through positive visualizations and mindfulness exercises. Children can also listen to calming stories in Story mode and listen to gentle music in Sleep mode. Children can customize their playlists so that they can listen to their favorite stories, songs, or music when they meditate.

Children can also enjoy guided meditations from the New Horizon Holistic Centre. This app offers more than one hundred storybook meditations for kids, and has an app and YouTube channel. The videos and audio tracks are also available on Amazon Music. These programs are a great way to help children fall asleep and stay asleep at night. For bedtime meditations, you can choose from the cute koala and Harry the friendly shark.

Relaxing music

If you are looking for relaxing music for your next meditation session, check out the newest album from Binaural Beats Recordings, Healing Frequencies: Relaxing Spiritual Music. It features tracks such as “New Horizons” by Relaxing Mindfulness Meditation Relaxation Maestro. This song is a beautiful piece of music that will help you unwind and get ready for sleep. It also features a bedtime meditation for kids that’s half guided and half relaxing music.


The guided meditation app Dragon Storytime helps children develop their self-regulation and deep breathing. It is a great way for children to practice meditation. Children should listen to the stories to calm themselves and fall asleep. The app also includes a story about a cuddly koala. You can find more great tips for kids’ meditation here. If you are looking for the best guided meditation apps for kids, check out these three.

Bedtime meditation

If your child is having trouble sleeping, you can try a guided sleep meditation. The New Horizon Bedtime Meditation features soothing music and a half-guided segment. The second half is entirely relaxing music. It can be a great way to help your child wind down and get ready for bed. It is suitable for kids aged five and older. Suitable for children with anxiety, this meditation is a great option for parents looking to help their kids fall asleep.

Children may enjoy these meditations because they incorporate breathing techniques. The audio track encourages slow, deep breathing. The audio track features a visual aid to help kids imagine a world without worries. Other features include the ability to cut a balloon string and imagine a peaceful, grounded place. It is possible to adjust the difficulty level for the youngest participants by using different types of audio formats. The New Horizon Bedtime Meditation is a great way to get your child ready for bed.