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What is Purple Spinel?

If you have ever wondered what is purple spinel, you are not alone. The gemstone is a mineral consisting of magnesium-aluminum oxide, similar to ruby and sapphire. In fact, it was often mistaken for these gemstones, such as the sapphire and ruby. Here’s what you should know. To understand the beauty and the value of purple spinel, you must first understand what it is.

Nel’s purple spinel

In Steven Universe, Nel is a synthetic purple spinel created from fragments of a shattered spinel fusion. Nel’s job is to protect humans from gems that threaten their existence or integrate into human society. He also protects gems from being used as slaves. This article will discuss how Nel became the leader of lustrous gems. Afterward, learn about Nel’s other powers.

After two decades of searching, Nel learned about earth and its life, becoming close to Steven. They traveled to many cities, including Earth, where they encountered many humans. Unfortunately, Nel was treated with a lot of prejudice and some citizens attempted to kill her. Eventually, Nel and Steven made a deal with the diamond to make him half human and use his purple spinel as his ship. But how can he save Nel from her rage?

The crimson-red gemstone known as the spinel is set in the Imperial State Crown in England. Its rough octagonal shape is thought to have been mined in Afghanistan in the fourteenth century. It was then owned by a succession of Spanish and Moorish Kings. In 1367, the jewel was gifted to Edward, Prince of Wales. Unfortunately, modern technology has only made matters worse. Many fake gems are now available in the market.

Lavender shades noble spinel

The most expensive gemstone is the purple noble spinel, and it is difficult to find large specimens. Large specimens can fetch more than a thousand dollars per carat, while medium-sized gemstones fall within the $200-800 price range. Its price is determined by its purity, weight, and the quality of cut, which reveals the gem’s rare hue. Its origin is not critical for its cost, since different colors are mined from Madagascar, Burma, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka.

The purple spinels come in a variety of colors, ranging from violet to magenta. These gemstones are also available in light pastel shades, as well as deep saturated tones. They are the new birthstones of August, and have replaced the traditional Peridot. The source of the purple noble spinel is the same as that for rubies. In fact, the Black Prince Ruby is a purple noble spinel. Sources include Burma, Tanzania, and Tajikistan.

The light blue neon spinel is usually associated with the Luk-Yen mine in Vietnam. While its color is generally light blue, there may be traces of pink or steel gray in the gem. In any case, it is rare and beautiful and is a popular gemstone for silver jewelry. In addition to the purple noble spinel, there is also black spinel, a common but relatively inexpensive semi-precious stone. This gemstone has a high transparency and excellent gloss.

Almandine spinel

The story of the Almandine spinel begins 7,000 years ago, during Era One. The spinel was assigned to be the jester of the tyrannical and ambitious Pyrope in his court. Pyrope had an egocentric attitude and used Almandine as a trophy to brag about his position. In turn, Almandine tried to lift Pyrope’s spirits, but Pyrope was unmoved by the charms.

The mineral almandine is widespread. It is also known as garnet, and its crystal structure is Fe3Al2SiO4. Almandine is made up of iron and magnesium. The mineral’s occurrence and chemistry are discussed below. Some almandine is also found in pyrope. Although garnet is a rare gemstone, it can be obtained from the U.S. and is sometimes used for jewelry.

The most desirable type of Spinel is ruby red, but it can also be found in other colours such as purple, lavender, and pastel pink. However, the rarest and most expensive variety of Spinel is the hot pink one, found in Myanmar. Other varieties include cobalt blue, violet-blue, black, and purple. Almandine Spinel is the purest of these and the best quality.

As spinel grows in popularity, its price has increased dramatically. It is no longer considered the poor man’s ruby. Spinel has been associated with fire, power, beauty, and life for centuries. Despite its rarity, it is now a viable gemstone for major gem dealers and has begun to be promoted in jewelry and other art. Once a relatively unknown stone, the spinel is regaining its reputation as a valuable gem in the next century.

Colorless noble spinel

This study compares the color of two different gem spinel samples. Through analysis of trace element chemistry and visible light absorption spectra, the study presents the first known example of saturated purple spinel. Chromium and cobalt are responsible for the color of spinel. Sample VN from Afghanistan had a strong saturation, while sample AF was light to medium in saturation. It also contained phlogopite and amphibole, with probable fluid inclusions.

The gemstones spinel and ruby are rare in nature and only recently have they been separated into distinct categories. Although spinel is colorless when it is pure, it contains trace elements that act as chromophores, giving it a color. The most common chromophores found in spinel are iron, chromium, cobalt, and quartz. In contrast, topaz is colorless in its natural state.

The name of the gemstone, “spinel”, comes from Latin, which means ‘little thorn.’ The name was first described in 1546 and was subsequently used to refer to spinel’s shape. Spinel crystals are octahedrons or dodecahedrons. The stone has a strong vitreous luster and is easily polished. Faceting also produces beautiful results. This mineral has a Mohs hardness of 8, making it a great choice for jewelry.

Natural spinels usually contain octahedron-shaped inclusions. These inclusions may be solid spinel crystals, or they can appear as tiny rows of negative crystals. Sometimes they are filled with a foreign substance, like white dolomite, yellow phlogopite, or black hercynite. Furthermore, these crystals may have feathers or iron-stained films. Furthermore, Zircon inclusions or halos may be present in the gem. These two inclusions can occur due to stress cracking or radioactivity.

Moonstone fusion

A unique fusion between the purple and black spinels of a moonstone ring is an example of an unusual gemstone – the Moonstone. Despite its name, purple spinel and Moonstone are not identical. Unlike the gemstone, which is translucent, the spinel is transparent. This effect is possible because the two stones are closely related in color. A purple spinel ring can look stunning paired with a purple spinel ring.

The story goes that in the middle of an era two, a pink diamond shattered and all the spinels were lost. When it was no longer possible to obtain other spinels, a yellow diamond stepped in and fused these two gems together. The result was Nel. A moonstone ring made of the purple spinel was an extraordinary stone, but it was not the most desirable.

The combination of these two stones creates a powerful gemstone and is known to enhance a woman’s features. Although spinels are durable, they are also susceptible to high heat and are therefore susceptible to being damaged. They can also be damaged by light and chemicals, but they can be cleaned easily. Using a mild dish detergent solution and a soft brush will help remove dirt. Steam cleaners are usually safe, but ultrasonic cleaners are not.


Purple spinel jewelry can be expensive. While this stone is not considered a precious gemstone, its exquisite hues are worth their weight in gold. Its colors are related to other shades of purple, including pink, lavender, and bluish-purple. It is often used in bespoke jewelry and is the official birthstone for the month of August. The purple variety is especially favored for its dazzling brilliance and is available loose at many online gemstone retailers.

The color of the purple spinel is one of the primary factors that affect its value. Since purple spinel is more expensive than the other colors, its saturation should be as low as possible. Less saturated reds turn pink, so their value is different from that of more saturated reds. Finally, the tone of the purple spinel is another important factor to consider. Dark spinel is more expensive than light-colored spinel, while lighter-toned ones are cheaper than the former.

Although the purple variety is not as common as other colors of spinel, the purple one has a higher value than the other varieties. Red and blue are the most expensive, and the green variety is rare. Black and white spinels are cheaper options. If you’re looking for a purple gemstone, you may have to pay a premium. For your money, however, it’s well worth it. If you’re looking to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s a great idea to check the price before you buy it.