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What is the Aquamarine Price?

Aquamarine is an extremely popular gemstone. Recently, the Duchess of Sussex wore Princess Diana’s aquamarine cocktail ring, commissioned after her divorce. The aquamarine ring, set in 24 carat yellow gold, is said to have an approximate value of 87,000€. The Duchess of Sussex wore Diana’s ring while attending the New York Fashion Week, so the ring must have a significant price tag.


The most popular cut of aquamarine is the emerald. This stone can be blue or greenish-blue. It can be pale or brightly greenish-blue. The most common aquamarine is pale blue to greenish blue. Although some consumers prefer a bluer, more natural hue, most aquamarine has been heat-treated. Hence, its color will vary. However, most high-quality aquamarine will be greenish-blue.

The price of aquamarine largely depends on the size, clarity, and strength of the blue color. While small stones have a pale blue color, the expensive ones carry a deep blue tint. A small stone with an intense blue color will cost you a lot more than a large one with a faint color. However, the price of aquamarine jewelry depends on the size. As a rule, the larger the stone, the higher its price.

The most expensive aquamarine stones were discovered in South America. It is mined on practically every continent except Antarctica. However, it forms naturally in Kenya. The more expensive stone was found in Brazil. Despite its cost, aquamarine still remains a valuable gemstone. With the aforementioned factors, the price of aquamarine can vary widely. So, it is always important to shop around to find the perfect stone. There are many ways to buy aquamarine. You can visit your local jewelry store for an appointment to discuss the purchase of an aquamarine.

The price of aquamarine is directly related to its color. A saturated blue aquamarine will cost the most, while a medium or light blue specimen will cost only 1.5 to two times less. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that all aquamarines are the same. If you plan on wearing the stone every day, make sure the color is suitable. You can also choose a stone with a greenish tint to minimize the cost.


The price of aquamarine jewelry depends largely on the clarity of the stone. A high-quality aquamarine will be virtually eye-clean and have no visible inclusions. Typically, aquamarines are cut to maximize light reflection and sparkle. The higher the clarity, the higher the aquamarine price. But there are some exceptions. Even though the stone’s clarity is an important criterion for pricing, it is not the only one. Other factors that affect the price of aquamarine jewelry include the type of metal, metals, and gemstone used to create it.

Generally, the highest-quality aquamarines have no visible inclusions. Inclusions may be small liquids or hollow rods. Sometimes they are aligned to produce a star-like or cat-eye effect. Large inclusions are rare in aquamarine but can significantly increase the price of the stone. Small inclusions, however, can be very costly, so you can find stones with inclusions at a fraction of their price.

The clarity of aquamarine gemstone depends on the four C’s: color, cut, and carat weight. Its color can vary from medium to dark blue. A deep blue aquamarine is rare and highly valuable, so it will likely cost double the price of a faded blue stone. If you’re looking for a big, high-quality aquamarine, choose a gemstone with a higher carat weight.

A high-grade natural aquamarine gemstone is a pear-shaped stone that faces up to the eye without any obvious inclusions. It has a light to medium blue color, and is clean under magnification. If you want to get an aquamarine with a high-grade clarity, choose a high-quality untreated stone. Its natural clarity and color will be untreated. That means that it will be less expensive than a synthetic aquamarine.


The cost of an Aquamarine depends on its size, clarity and cut. Larger stones are generally used in private collections or interior decoration. Smaller stones are used for daily wear and can weigh from a few grams to one hundred pounds. Listed below are some factors to consider when comparing Aquamarine prices. If you would like to find the best value for your money, browse our Aquamarine price guide. To make your purchase, you must be aware of the various factors affecting the price of aquamarine.

A larger aquamarine will cost about $300-600 per carat. A rare Santa Maria aquamarine, however, can cost over $1000 per carat. Another consideration is color saturation, which should not be confused with tone. Darker-toned stones can be grayish or appear blue. A light-blue stone is much less expensive than a dark blue stone. Lighter aquamarines are more eye-catching, so consider the color of your stone before buying.

As aquamarine is the birthstone for March, it is the perfect gift for this month. It is also the traditional gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary. Many people choose aquamarine jewelry as a gift for their loved ones. They appreciate its beauty and value as a birthstone and believe it can heal many ailments. And with its blue hue, it’s the perfect stone for engagement rings. A piece of aquamarine jewelry will be appreciated for many years to come!

Although most stones in the international market are brazilian, there are some African specimens that are now becoming popular. Because aquamarine is a popular gemstone, it is also imitated in glasses, ceramic, and synthetic materials. Learn how to tell a genuine aquamarine from a fake! A good way to determine the authenticity of a piece of aquamarine is to use a polariscope to see what it looks like.


If you are looking for a quality and reliable supplier of Aquamarine Cut, you should go for a marketplace. In India, countries trading with India often use Connect2India as their source of Aquamarine Cut suppliers. When selecting a supplier, make sure that they can provide value for money, quality, reliability and a history of successful trades. This platform will help you find an Aquamarine Cut supplier in your state or city.

In the world of jewelry, aquamarine is a popular choice for many well-known ladies. Queen Elizabeth II was gifted a jewelry set containing aquamarines after her coronation. A German gem cutter named Bernd Munsteiner cut the largest faceted aquamarine in 1993, resulting in a 10363 CT stone. The faceted stone was named “don Pedro” after its Brazilian president, and weighed 10363 carats.

Many professional cutters prefer the emerald cut, which is the most popular type of aquamarine cut. This shape is based on the crystalline structure of the stone and displays the beautiful sky-blue color of aquamarine. It is available at many retail outlets. However, if you are a first-time buyer of an aquamarine cut, it may be beneficial to purchase a smaller sample before committing to a large purchase.

If you are not sure whether an aquamarine gem is fine, consider its clarity. A clear, symmetry-enhancing stone can be bought for under $100, whereas a large stone with vivid color will likely be a more expensive piece. A high-quality aquamarine cut will be eye-clear and free of inclusions. The color will make a difference – a cut that accentuates the stone’s natural hues will be far more desirable.


The cost of aquamarine jewelry depends on the color and clarity of the stone. Larger stones have a deeper color than smaller ones, while the latter are distinctly paler. The origin of the gemstone isn’t necessarily relevant for its value. Fine gems can be found in famous mines, but that doesn’t guarantee their quality. Individual companies may use quality scales or descriptions to distinguish the best gems from the rest.

Aquamarine has been found in unusual locations. The mineral’s best colors are found in Brazil, which is home to the Santa Maria mining district. In Africa, it is found in the Mkushi, Lundazi, and Itezhi Tezhi regions. Africa has been producing excellent aquamarine specimens in recent years, but is still a long way from the international market. Russia is another country with significant deposits of aquamarine, but it is often of low quality.

There are many types of aquamarine. A deep blue aquamarine is rare in stones less than five carats. Its deeper color is the result of a longer light path. The higher the carat, the higher the price. In addition, stones with a green or brown tint are worth less than those without the tint. Generally, stones without visible inclusions are the highest quality. But this doesn’t mean that the most expensive aquamarines are worthless.

If you’re concerned about the cost of aquamarine, there are several options available. While you can purchase natural aquamarine, lab-grown stones are generally cheaper and more beautiful. However, it is still important to take care of your aquamarine jewelry. Make sure that you keep it away from hard-core jewelry. Avoid cleaning, showering, and exercising while wearing it, as this will damage your stone. In addition, it will be less likely to scratch if properly stored.