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Where Can You Find Relaxing Music?

If you’re searching for the most relaxing music, you’ve come to the right place. YouTube and Spotify are full of options. Other options include BetterSleep, Pzizz, and Calm Radio. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to put you to sleep. If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect sleep music, keep reading! We’ve listed some of the best places to find it on the web below!

YouTube and Spotify

A great place to start your search for soothing sleep music is YouTube or Spotify. While you’re there, you can even listen to music for insomnia. There are many options, but instrumental music is often a good choice because it has no distracting lyrics. Try an instrumental playlist for five hours if you’re having trouble falling asleep. These playlists have a wide variety of genres and are a great way to find music that will help you relax and fall asleep.

Many YouTube and Spotify playlists offer music that is the right length for sleeping. You’ll want to choose one that runs at a 528Hz frequency, which is thought to help the body and mind repair. It’s also thought to connect the listener to the divine, which is why it’s so calming. Piano music is another great choice for relaxing the mind and body before sleep.

Although sleep is a crucial part of living, the best way to relax is to listen to soothing music. YouTube and Spotify have dozens of playlists dedicated to promoting sleep. Many of these playlists have millions of followers, making them a great option for people with insomnia. However, Spotify playlists are not the only option for finding soothing sleep music. If you’re looking for a playlist that has a wide range of genres, check out the Spotify sleep channel.

If you’re interested in relaxing music, consider creating a bedtime playlist. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing the music can be. You can even find playlists on YouTube and Spotify, so you can listen to many different types of music while you’re trying to get to sleep. You’ll be amazed at how good your body feels after a good night’s sleep! Just be sure to use a sleep music app to download some great tracks and listen to them before bed.

The rise of streaming has transformed music, with many experimental artists losing their royalties. However, streaming has also made it easier to find longer works of music, such as the seven-hour Somnium by Robert Rich, which was originally released on DVD. This work has since been available on Bandcamp and has garnered millions of Spotify plays. Streaming has even made it possible for more mainstream artists to make their music available for listening.

Calm Radio

If you want to fall asleep easily, you’ll want to use sleep melodies. These soothing pieces help to balance your mind and body. Calm Radio’s collection features everything from classical to acoustic music. You can even choose to listen to nature sounds to help you sleep. There are hundreds of soothing tracks to choose from. And because Calm Radio has endless listening options, you can listen to them any time you want.

Those looking for a new way to relax can use the app’s Sleep Music section. You’ll find specially-composed tracks to help you drift off to sleep. Some tracks skip over white noise and instead include soothing voices. These tracks are designed to help you fall asleep. While you’re browsing, you can even use the app’s meditation features to help you wind down before bed. You can even listen to a guided meditation that will help you relax.

While there are many apps available to help you wind down before bed, you can try Calm Radio for free. You can choose from 500 free channels and 1,000 premium channels. Each channel will feature different genres of relaxation music, and each channel benefits from each individual programmer’s expertise. The stations are curated around the three main activities of listeners. And now, with more than 50,000 subscribers and a growing number of new channels, Calm Radio is poised to become the Spotify of the wellness industry.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated sound experience, you can purchase the premium version of BetterSleep. This app includes more sounds, including binaural beats and ASMR tones. It also features a composer tool and a wide range of ready-to-play tracks. You can also subscribe to their premium service to access the full library of sleep music. Then, you can customize your own sound profile to help you fall asleep faster.


If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, there are numerous ways to make this happen. Using an app designed specifically for sleep can be an effective way to achieve that goal. Not only will these apps play soothing music for sleep, but they can also provide you with various other relaxing activities, such as reading a book or doing a meditation. But these sleep apps are not completely fool-proof. It is possible to wake up feeling exhausted despite a full night’s sleep, even if you’ve slept for eight hours.

While there are several ways to create a soothing sleep environment, the best way is to go to a website dedicated to this purpose. Websites like BetterSleep have many options, including composer tools to help you create your own custom music. Headspace, on the other hand, offers a collection of ready-made tracks that are designed to promote a relaxed state of mind. Both services are worth checking out.

You can download an app that provides sleep-inducing sleep music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Apple TV also has the sleep function. The Sleep Radio option plays music for an extended time, while the Timer function lets you set a specific duration for the music to play. Some apps also include SOS content, which is aimed at awaking users. Those who use Apple TV to sleep can also choose the SOS content, which provides music that can help them get back to sleep.

Listening to soothing music before going to bed has numerous benefits. Music can calm the nervous system, lower your blood pressure, and even trigger muscle relaxation. It mimics the biological changes that occur in the brain as you sleep. The music you choose should be familiar and have at least sixty to eighty beats per minute. Various genres such as classical music, jazz, and folk music have these calming effects.

In addition to specially composed tracks that are designed to calm the mind, you can listen to sleep-inducing music as well. You can choose a track by skipping white noise, which is generally considered not to be calming enough. These tracks also feature soothing voices. As with any other sleep aid, music may not work for everyone, so make sure to talk to a professional if you’re not sure if it’s right for you.


You can find the best sleep music on Pzizz. It’s an app that uses psychoacoustics, a branch of psychology dedicated to the study of sound and its physiological effects. This app is designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, take a power nap, or just relax in general. The music is designed to relax your body and mind and improve your concentration and focus.

If you want to try it out for free, download the Pzizz app and log in. Once you’ve logged in, the interface will guide you through your sleep. You’ll notice the soothing voiceover and background music. You can even set the timer to pause the narration and turn off the background music if you’d rather not listen to it while you sleep. The app is free to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The app includes soothing movie soundtracks. These soundtracks fade out gradually and have an audio option to play for up to 24 hours. Pzizz features narrations in both male and female voices. Each narration is different, based on proven clinical sleep interventions. You can download the app for free, but there are in-app purchases to enhance your experience. This app is great for relaxing and recharging your batteries before sleep.

While sleep apps can be downloaded to your computer, it’s best to download specific apps designed for lullabies. These apps provide you with carefully curated music and will soothe you into sleep. But don’t be fooled by free versions of sleep music. Some apps will play advertisements in between tunes, which won’t help you get a good night’s sleep. So don’t waste time downloading apps that don’t allow you to control the volume.

If you want to experience the benefits of instrumental music, check out BetterSleep. Its composer tool allows you to select a wide variety of melodies and sounds that can help you fall asleep. In addition to these free tracks, this app also offers a sleep-inducing program called Sleep Moves. This app is available for free on the App Store, and there are optional in-app purchases.