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What Are The Best Romance Novels of 2019?

In our list of the best romance novels of 2019, we’ve included the latest releases, including the Bride Test, The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes, and Call Me By Your Name. Read on to see which books deserve your attention! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we’ve picked! And don’t worry – we’ll continue to update this list! You can check out our reviews of these titles below, as well.

Book review of ‘The Bride Test’

Helen Hoang’s newest novel, The Bride Test, is a charming romantic novel about an autistic man who finds love with a girl on the edge of society. This book is a refreshing departure from the norm and highly recommended to lovers of romance. It’s about a Silicon Valley accountant named Khai, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and believes that he can’t love and has a heart of stone. His mother worries that he lacks emotional savvy and decides to travel to Vietnam to find a bride for her son.

The Bride Test is a sweet romance about two people stepping out of their comfort zone. At first, Esme tries to please everyone, but she learns her worth by the end of the novel. Meanwhile, Khai didn’t think he could love, but he ends up falling for Esme anyway. This book will leave you wondering how these two met. It will leave you wanting more! While the characters are both unique and interesting, it does have its flaws.

The Bride Test is a Cinderella retelling that’s sure to please readers. It is a fun, quirky, and heartwarming story of two men. The plot of this novel is predictable, but it’s positive predictability. While there is an element of surprise and excitement throughout the novel, it’s mostly a sweet, funny romance. Despite this flaw, the book is an enjoyable and worthwhile read.

Book review of ‘The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes’

The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes by Lisa Axelrod is a contemporary novel set in the year 2021. The story follows a young Black woman trying to make it in the music industry and her reconnection with an old childhood sweetheart. This story is one that is sure to leave readers cheering. If you like contemporary fiction, you will surely love this one.

The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes is the first novel in a series that will feature different members of the Lillys. It is a sweet and thought-provoking story that focuses on the relationships between band members. The cover art features a Black woman wearing sunglasses and has music notes in the lenses. The author has left her name at the bottom of the cover of the book.

In addition to being a romantic novel, ‘The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes’ is a touching story of friendship, love, and music. Seb and Toni became close friends half a life ago, but then he mysteriously left town. Toni is still angry with him for leaving her, but when the two finally get back together, Seb has his own personal drama to deal with. Seb is a musician, and Toni is a replacement for Candi. Both characters develop a friendship and romance between them.

Book review of ‘Call Me by Your Name’

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is a new coming-of-age novel written by André Aciman. The novel focuses on a blossoming romance between two characters. The characters, both men, are in different stages of their lives and find it difficult to accept each other. Throughout the novel, the reader feels the emotions of both characters and their relationships. But there are some elements of the story that makes the book stand out from its peers.

The novel is a compelling tale of teenage love set against the hazy Italian countryside. Call Me by Your Name is a sensitive portrait of adolescent love, which explores the buried currents of obsession and fear. The reader will feel the thrill of the book as the characters experience each other’s passions and desire. But there is one thing the book does better than its movie counterpart: it’s not the usual young adult romance.

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is a romantic comedy that follows the lives of two young men. In summer 1983, a gifted 17-year-old named Elio (Chalamet) spends his days studying and transcribing music. In the evening, he goes out with his friends. Oliver (Armie Hammer) catches his attention, and Elio’s routine begins to fall apart. The romantic tension builds between these two characters through the exchange of elegant glances and gentle gestures.

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is a story of two boys. Oliver and Elio are friends, and they each call each other their names. The father of Elio has some knowledge of Elio’s unusual relationship with Oliver, and these subtle cues impact the pace of the novel forward. They both feel a sense of guilt for the other’s happiness. It’s a story about obsessive love and life-changing memories.

While ‘Call Me by Your Name’ is a highly acclaimed novel, it does have its faults. It is a literary masterpiece, but it’s a sad tale, and it is not worth your time. Whether you’re a reader or a critic, ‘Call Me by Your Name’ is one of the most highly recommended books this year. Once you’ve read it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t read it sooner.

Book review of ‘Honey Girl’

Honey Girl is a book about the ambiguity of life and finding one’s purpose. The story opens in a drunken Las Vegas, where Grace, a young woman, is drunkenly married to Yuki. She then texts Yuki, who lives in New York, to get her number. Grace, a Portland native, has trouble figuring out her career path and dealing with her father’s expectations. Eventually, she spends time in New York with Yuki and falls in love with him.

Honey Girl is a coming-of-age story that addresses issues of marginalization. The story follows a woman named Grace Porter, who is in her late twenties. She has spent eleven years working as a professor and is burned out in academia. Her sexuality, race, and identity are often considered a problem, and she struggles to find her true identity. She has to make difficult choices, and this novel does just that.

This novel has positive gay and POC representation. Despite the positive aspects, ‘Honey Girl’ lacks substance. While the plot line is entertaining, it lacks real value and truth. Readers will find themselves sympathizing with Grace and her friends, especially her roommates. This is because the author writes with an empathetic lens. The other characters in the novel are unique and believable, and the book will leave them wanting more.

‘Honey Girl’ is an excellent debut novel by Morgan Rogers. The story revolves around a 28-year-old queer Black woman named Grace Porter. Grace’s unplanned marriage to Yuki Yamamoto is played against her rigid existence as a PhD graduate. Grace is caught between two worlds, and is faced with the hard reality of having to live in both places. The book’s characters struggle with the conflict between discipline and spontaneity.