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Characteristics of Paranormal Romance: Definitive Guide

What is Paranormal Romance? The genre can be mixed with almost any other type of fiction, including mystery, science fiction, and thriller. It can also blur the lines between plot, setting, and relationship. Listed below are some characteristics of paranormal romance. To begin writing your own paranormal romance, read these tips! Also, remember to follow the HEA! These elements will make your paranormal romance stand out and be remembered for years to come!


The protagonist and heroine in a paranormal romance are often portrayed as different people from each other. While a man-whore can be a desirable character for the reader, a good paranormal romance will make the two characters different from each other. As a result, the reader can expect different reactions from the characters. While the two characters are often the same in a novel, their personalities vary based on their backgrounds.


If you’ve read any paranormal romance novels, you’ve likely seen vampires and hunky dragons. But what is paranormal romance, and what makes it unique? Paranormal romance takes a different approach to fantasy than other genres. In this genre, the supernatural characters live in our world. The characters are not vampires, dragons, or other fanciful creatures. Rather, they are human beings who are reborn in another world.

For example, there are fallen angels, or nephilim, which are also known as angels. Both traditional mythology and historical figures have similar concepts, so incorporating the latter into paranormal romance stories is an excellent choice. The nephilim is a particularly creepy character. Unlike vampires, angels often come with human characteristics and are much more like human beings. Nonetheless, vampires are still the most popular type of supernatural creature in paranormal romance.

Another popular novel featuring supernatural creatures is Dead Witch Walking by Rachel Morgan. This novel has divided readers, with some praising it, while others despise it. In this book, creatures of the night gather in the Hollows of Cincinnati. They prowl, feed, and worship. As the bounty hunter Rachel Morgan tries to keep order in the city, she is confronted with many dangerous supernatural beings.

Plot element

Paranormal romances combine elements from different genres and stories. While the characters may be human or paranormal, the main plot must be about love. Paranormal romances usually end happily ever after. The storyline can be quite complex with both human and paranormal characters. Here are some examples of paranormal romances:

One of the most common elements of paranormal romances is a goddess lifting a curse. The goddess had cursed a person and this was supposed to bring about larger change. When a paranormal romance begins with the goddess lifting a curse, the character must have the power to use it. If the heroine has supernatural powers, she must have a powerful protector. This is a necessary part of paranormal romances.

A paranormal romance needs a happily ever after moment to be satisfying. While paranormal romances are usually connected by an overarching plot of good versus evil, they are still romances. Therefore, it’s best to read the books in order. You may try reading one book out of order. However, if a paranormal romance does not end happily, readers will probably skip the rest of the books.

To create a successful paranormal romance, you must create a world that is realistic and credible. Try to avoid the deus-ex-machina trope. This is a common plot device that solves a book-long conflict without consequence. As a writer, you must make sure that your characters have human-like qualities and weaknesses. The more realistic a character is, the more likely they are to be liked by readers.

There are two types of paranormal romance. First, there is the world plot, which comes before the romance plot. The world plot serves as the background for the romance plot. It allows the characters to meet. The second type, the romance plot, is a subplot. Both can exist simultaneously. You can make one more or less prominent than the other depending on the situation and the characters involved. There are some differences between the two types of plot, but they are both necessary to write a successful paranormal romance.


A common theme in paranormal romance is the HEA. In a paranormal romance, the HEA will be in the first book of the series and it will continue throughout the series. Depending on the plot, the romance can be the dominant plot or a subplot. In some cases, it may be equal to the main plot. For example, the heroine may be a vampire and the hero a mortal. But whatever the case, the HEA in paranormal romance is a main thread throughout the entire series.

While many people don’t ask for HEAs in romance books, 66% of the fiction market contains this type of novel. So, if you’re looking to read a paranormal romance, you’ll want to be sure that the couple you’re reading is an adult and not a child. Paranormal romance books are also more likely to have HEAs than other genres. If you’re looking for a fun read, check out this genre!

When reading paranormal romance, you’ll probably be looking for a HEA, and this means that the two characters spend time together. They’re both prone to romance, and he/she can’t refuse him. In the end, romance happens when two people spend time together, and the hero solves their problems by helping the heroine with money problems. So, what makes a HEA in paranormal romance?

The setting of a paranormal romance novel can be a complicated matter. Whether the setting is a medieval castle or a futuristic city, the setting is important, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. For example, if the setting is set in a historical city, it is more likely that the HEA will be in a modern setting. However, paranormal romance books are not restricted to these settings, and can take place in any setting.

For an example, if the paranormal romance is set in London, the HEA is a traditional happy ending. The hero and heroine in a paranormal romance is usually the one to save the other. For this reason, a HEA should be as satisfying as a happy ending is in a traditional romance. The paranormal genre is full of HEAs. If the characters don’t share a romantic background, it will be hard for the reader to feel sympathy.