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What Is Choices Royal Romance?

For those who are into choose-your-own-adventure games, Choices’ Royal Romance books are for you. You can follow the adventures of the characters and make them your own with customizable features. This way, you can customize the storyline and character to suit your taste. These books will have you wishing for more! Read on to learn more! And stay tuned for more articles on royal romance! Here are some of our favorites!

Prince Liam

Princess Madeleine is in love with Prince Liam. However, the two are incompatible and have some serious misunderstandings. Initially, Liam is more interested in Madeleine than in his own life. He also feels that the Queen should be his best friend, but she refuses to marry him, saying that she isn’t interested in his private life. But in the second book, Liam makes her change her mind.

In Book 1, we meet Drake, King “Liam” Rys’s best friend and a potential love interest. Drake has light skin and brown eyes, and is first introduced in Book 1, Chapter 1. He becomes close to Penelope and Kiara after Penelope drops out of the competition to marry Liam. Hana, meanwhile, chooses Kiara as her maid of honor, and the two fall in love with each other.

As a child, Liam was a little boy. His parents had no idea that he was a prince, and they even let him sleep in their quarters. He was proud to help his mother microwave leftovers, and he even thought he was cooking! Liam may have learned how to drive a royal golf cart from Drake. He may have hidden the royal golf cart in a pond in the capital to teach Liam how to drive it.

Liam’s father, Constantine Rys, has a strong influence over the populace. His father, however, is an insecure and manipulative person, and his wife has a greater influence over the populace. Eventually, Liam realizes that his father’s actions are behind a conspiracy against him and orders Constantine to kill Tariq. He is shocked and determined to protect his new wife.

Liam has a good friend, Drake, who helps him cope with his burgeoning royal responsibilities. The two boys got into mischief when they were younger, causing the palace to lock down while they were playing Hide-and-Seek. They also broke a chandelier when they were playing indoor soccer. Liam also made a bet that if he won a game of push-ups, he would have to perform the same on the other person’s back. Interestingly, both Drake and Liam had tattoos in their arms.

Hana Lee

In Hana Lee and Choices Royal Romance, she is brought up to impress royal suitors and she is forced to compete for the love of Prince Liam. However, she has little exposure to the outside world, and she makes friends with a group of people at her boutique, and she aspires to be just like them. Hana finds it difficult to get over her pride, and the group’s adulation of her is contagious.

Throughout the book, we see Hana in different contexts. At first, she’s a rival for Liam, but she soon grows closer to him as the plot progresses. During her royal engagement tour, Hana surprises her character at Madeleine’s estate, and she helps her investigate a conspiracy in the palace. Later, she proposes to him on the night of the Homecoming Ball, and she gets intimate with him even though she’s engaged.

We learn that the MC and Hana have very different opinions on love. MC and Hana discuss their boundaries in detail. They both respect each other’s comfort zones and limits. During the Parisian Runway scene, Hana helps MC gain Francesco’s approval. Later, she helps MC gain the approval of his mother. After all, she’s not the only one in love with the MC.

Queen Regina

In her novels, Queen Regina’s choices for royal romance aren’t all that different from the choices of other characters in the series. She’s a competitive and proud queen, who tests women who want to impress her. However, she also keeps her cool under pressure, and expects the same from Liam’s future wife. So, how do we get to know her? We’ll explore these choices below.

In The Royal Heir, Book 1, Queen Regina is the stepmother of the main character, the European Guy. She tells the Main Character, “Leo, you’ve been making a few mistakes lately.” She believes that Leo is only with you because of his title and wealth. Regina also mentions that she never saw her sons fighting in public, despite his best intentions. However, she’s not the only one who doubts Leo’s loyalty.

Prince Liam’s reaction to Hana Lee’s marriage to Drake

When Prince Liam’s parents discover that his childhood friend Hana Lee is marrying a man he has never met, he is not only disappointed but also suspicious. But unlike his mother, Prince Liam doesn’t question his daughter’s feelings for Drake. He simply blames an outside force for spoiling her life. He calls her headstrong and implys that she is disobedient. But he does not rule out the possibility of love.

While the Applewood argument was the first time he has expressed disapproval of Hana’s marriage to Drake, the MC was shocked that his daughter would even tell him. The MC’s reaction was equally surprising. Although he is disappointed with Hana’s decision, he explains that it is her own fault that Hana got married to Drake. Hana’s parents are likely unaware of the consequences of this choice.